Oct 4, 2016
Man has finally done it. We have perfected Artificial Intelligence, an independent being that can think and emote entirely on its own. That can learn and create. That possesses, for the first time, a personal magnetism, just like a human being.

And they are called ConneXions

For a little over a year, I've been developing the visual skeleton of ANANKE: The Prologue with Illustrator, Aaron Parks. The script is complete, copyrighted, and visually mapped out with detailed storyboards, concept art, mood boards, and color palettes. We're ready and prepared to take this graphic novel to the next stage of development with more detailed storyboard paneling, inking, professional lettering and distribution. All we need now are the funds to take us there!

If you like the artwork, take a look at our Kickstarter campaign running live through the month of October for exclusive prizes, artwork, and additional project information. Any donation or feedback would be much appreciated!

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ANANKE: The Prologue

Thanks for your support,
Natalie :)