The seer Jonathan Cahn ( Harbinger 2) shows how what happened in the past is linked to the future. Hudson founded Manhattan on 9/11/1609 , they started building the Pentagon on 9/11/1941 and America's enemies took the twin towers down on 9/11/2001. Three thousand years ago the chosen Jewish people had their fortification destroyed by their enemies and on re-building quoted the exact same words from Isiah that were used at ground zero. Nineteen years after the destruction came the plague as a shaking from above, Covid19 has arrived in similar fashion.

Pastor Dana Coverstone had a prophetic dream last December where he saw inside a Chinese lab, then he saw hospitals & people wearing masks, then he saw rioting with a picture of George Floyd, this all came true. In June he had another dream where a figure in white pointed to September on the calendar, then a fist hit November where he saw worse rioting than before, with gunfire and many people sick with Covid. Here in the UK we have seen a sharp rise in infections since early September, I believe we will see a second wave this winter.