and baby makes 3


Sep 3, 2007
Author's Note: This is my first alias fanfic so please be kind... I wasn't happy with how vaughn proposed and how sydney told him she was pregnant. this takes place on the season 4 finale just before they leave to fight Yelena and save the world. there are a few scenes from the finale that i have reworded,
this is after sydney and nadia saved irina. Oh and Vaughn never married Lauren, I'm not sure if this is going to be R Rated or not so i've just posted it here just in case.....season 4 finale spoilers

Vaughn walked into the appartment he had been sharing with sydney for the last 6 months
"Syd, You home?" called Vaughn,
Vaughn sees Sydney standing in the door way.
"hey i got your message..." begun vaughn but he stopped when he noticed Sydney's tear stained cheeks "hey whats wrong? is it Irina?"
Vaughn put down his suitcase and picked sydney up in his arms as she clung to him
Vaughn carried sydney to the couch and sat her down, he sat next to her and held her
"has something happened?" asked vaughn
"Um, the doctor called" whispered sydney
"what did he say?" asked vaughn intwining his fingers with sydney's
"um...i know we always said we'd wait to have a family...wait til Yelena, Slone, Sark, and everyone was gone, to wait til the world was a safer place... i know we always said we would look into our options of IVF and adoption when the time was right, because i couldn't have kids, because my eggs were um stolen, like so many other things, by Rambaldi. I know the world isn't as safe as we had hoped. When ever we made love we never used protection... because i couldn't have kids... i have no idea how your going to react to this... i don't want to loose you...i'm just going to say it...Vaughn i love you so much...and i don't how, but by some miracle...I'm Pregnant" said Sydney who had been looking at their hands the whole time,
"Your Pregnant?" he asked "how is that possible?"
"I don't know" said Sydney "Where are you with this, Vaughn? I just need to know how you feel. Is it something you want?"
"The truth?" asked Vaughn
"of course" replied sydney looking up at Vaughn
"your Right, What we do — the things we see everyday. Honestly, no. I didn't think this was what I wanted. I mean, bringing a baby into this world? That is so messed up. I just assumed th-that I'd wait. That we'd wait." said Vaughn
"For?" Asked Sydney
"For things to be safe, or at least safer." replied Vaughn
"Yeah i get it" said Sydney looking down at her hands, holding back the tears "Um ok, If thats what you want...but i'm keeping it...even if it means loosing you"
"Syd look at me" said vaughn. sydney slowly raised her eyes and looked into vaughn's eyes to see his reaction expecting to see fear, hurt, hatred but was surprised to see Love and Joy "You didn't let me finish; But looking at you, all I can think about is what our kid is goign to be like. I'm not worried about the world. I just ... I can't wait to meet thi-this new little person. Syd of course we're keeping it...its a miracle...syd that babies apart of you...apart of us...sure the timings not perfect but WE'RE HAVING A BABY!"
Sydney smiles
"Really? I mean it's pretty great, right?" asked Sydney
"You're going to be an amazing mom, and I'm going to be a disaster. I've never changed a diaper." said Vaughn
"Neither have I! We're going to have to call Marshall to assist." Laughed Sydney
Vaughn smiled and kissed Sydney
"i am so happy" he said "How far along are you?" asked vaughn
"about six weeks" said Sydney
"so, Our baby was Russia when we were posing as Karen and Dave" Said vaughn
"yeah, in that Pink Bathroom" said Sydney smiling
Vaughn Laughed
sydney's smiled faded
"what?" asked vaughn
"um its stupid, its just that our baby was conceived when we were pretending to be someone else, i don't know i wish it had been when we were us" whispered sydney
"syd, our alias' may have been Karen and Dave, but i was making love to you not karen, and if i remember correctly, when you climaxed you screamed my name not Dave's. i remember thinking it was a miracle we hadn't been exposed then" smiled Vaughn "we may have been posing as karen and dave but we were making love as Sydney and Vaughn. and we may not have conceived the baby in russia, we may have conceived when we were taking things "slow" after our first APO Mission, or after you posed as Charlene or after you were buried alive, any one of those times"
sydney smiled
"the point is this child was conceived in love" whispered vaughn "our little mirracle, i dont really care about when we concieved, i just care about the fact that its a little of both of us, and that it was natural, IVF and Adoption weren't as appealing to me as having one naturally"
Vaughn gently pushed sydney back so that she was lying on her back and he was above her
"i love you so much" whispered Vaughn kissing her stomach "and i love you baby...Daddy's little miracle"
sydney giggled as vaughn kissed her lips softly and gently
"syd..." begun Vaughn
"yeah?" asked sydney
"Will you marry me?" asked vaughn "wait before you answer that, i need you to know, this isn't a because i feel responsible or because we are expecting our first child, or me wanting to do the right thing... I have been carrying this ring around for weeks trying to find the perfect time to ask you, i had this ring in my pocket when i dropped you off before you died...before you were taken, what i said to you in the dealership was true... We were going to Santa Barbara, i had booked the Presidential Suite at the Biltmore, i had this whole romantic weekend planned a candle lit dinner on the cliffs overlooking the ocean. when i had told you about Santa Barbara you couldn't stop talking about the Giraffe with the crooked neck, the way your face lit up, so when i got home after dropping you off, i got home and cancelled all my plans with the intention of kneeling on one knee in sawdust and asking you to spend the rest of your life with me in front of the Giraffe with the crooked neck... of course that didn't happen... when i was packing my bag, i was staring at the ring when i got a phone call from weiss telling me to get to your appartment ASAP... and when i got there they were wheeling Will out... your appartment was nothing but a big black, wet shell.... i heard there were two bodies, i ran in there, weiss tried to stop me...but i had to...i ran over to your body...or what i thought was your body... the body was so black...i couldn't see your beautiful eyes, your beautiful hair, i couldn't believe it was you, i didn't want to believe it was you then... i-i saw the charred silver neck lace that held Danny's engagement ring, that you had worn around your neck as a reminder of what you were fighting for..." vaughn stopped and gave into the tears he had been fighting. "i took it off your neck and held it my hands with my engagement ring and cried, then i held you and cried...i don't know how long i was sitting there crying...weiss came over with your dad...your dad was crying, i never even thought jack bristow was capable of crying... we hugged each other for what seemed an eternity...dixion was there and so was marshall...dixion went to zip up the body bag but i wouldn't let him... i kissed your hand, they said we needed a photo of you to put in the bag, i put one of the ones from my wallet in there, i then kissed your head and zipped the bag up, i didn't need DNA results, when i saw the necklace i really thought it was you... "
Vaughn stopped to wipe away his tears, Sydney listened to him crying silently, vaughn had never really talked to her about that night
"i scattered your ashes off the cliff at Santa Barbara and everyday for those two years i wore that chain around my neck, with danny and my ring on it... some people thought it was weird that i was wearing two engagement rings around my neck, expecially the fact that i was wearing the ring of my fiance' and the ring that she had been given by another man... but that was all i had left of you except for a few photos that i kept in my wallet...I'm so sorry i gave up on you....and then two years later, after quitting the CIA, i got a call when i was at a bar drinking away my sorrows. to go to Hong Kong. than when you came back... i wanted so much to propose to you...but i couldn't, not until the Covenant was gone. a few weeks ago i decided it was time... i asked your dad for his permision, then i told Nadia and Weiss, i even asked will for his permission"
Vaughn took the necklace out from his pocket
sydney gasped tears in her eyes
"vaughn i thought i had lost this, with everything else" whispered sydney
"thats why i kept it, i should have given it back to you in Hong Kong but i wanted to give it to you when the time was right..." said vaughn
vaughn un did the clasp and slid his ring off, and then put the chain and Danny's ring around her neck
"sydney i want you to keep wearing danny's ring around your neck, he ment alot to you and i don't want you to forget him, i'm not trying to replace him...he was a good man, and he loved you so much...and i know a part of you still loves him and always will, i want you t keep wearing it, i just want you not to wear it when we make love... at our wedding and on a honeymoon... those are the times i want you all to myself" said vaughn
sydney smiled as Vaughn picked up sydney's left hand and went to place the ring on her finger when he stopped, he sat sydney up and knelt in front of her
"I was gonna take you to the beach, Santa Barbara. We’d go out for a walk, maybe when the sun was setting. But now we’re here, and i don't know whats going to happen in Savogda, And I may never get another chance to do this again. sydney You are my Best Friend, You are my lfe line both on and off the field, you are the love of my life, my Sole Mate and the mother of my unborn child. You were taken from me once but i promise you i will never let that happen again...i promise to love, protect and care for you and our child for the rest of my life. Sometimes I wake up before you do, and I watch you sleep. And I’m overwhelmed because. . .you’re so amazing. And I don’t know why I’m lucky enough to have you in my life, but you’re here with me. And I know I want to spend the rest of my life with you trying to make you as happy as you make me. Sydney Anne Bristow, Will you marry me?"
Sydney smiled
"yes! Yes i will marry you!" she smiled as vaughn slid the ring on her finger and kissed him passionatley when air was an issue they seperated and vaughn lent his forehead against sydney's "I love you so much"
"i love you too" whispered Vaughn
Vaughn hugged Sydney tight
"I swear to god i won't ever let you go" he whispered "God you just told me we are having a baby and then you agree to be my wife...god i am the happiest person on earth. I promise you i won't ever disapoint you, i will the token husband, I will go to the supermarket at all hours to fulfil your cravings, i will be there when the baby first kicks, i will be there for every single ultrasound, doctors appointment, i will be there when our baby comes into the world, i will massage your feet, i will massage your back nightly, i will get up in the middle of the night when our baby is crying, i will go to every single soccer game, recital, parent teacher interview, i will tell you daily how much i love you and how beautiful you are, everytime i will kiss you it will be with passion, even when our kids are teenagers and tell us to get a room, and i plan to show you every single moment of the day for the rest of our lives how much i love you, whether it's holding your hair back when you make friends with the toliet bowl, or pulling your chair out, or opening doors for you, or making you coffee, or doing jobs around the house, or holding you when you cry, putting up with your abuse when your in labour, making love to you every night, having showers with you, taking you dancing, saving your life, being your "invisible friend" when your on missions, taking you out for dinner or just kissing you. i will never let you feel neglected, alone, or unloved"
sydney smiled tears pouring down her cheeks
"that wasn't supposed to make you cry" whispered vaughn wiping her tears away
"these are happy tears, how did i end up with someone so perfect?" asked sydney
vaughn smiled and sat down next to her pulling her close to him, wrapping one arm protectively around her stomach and the other hand stroking her hair as she rested her head on his chest vaughn tilted sydney's chin with his finger and lent down and kissed her, sydney pulled away and got up and straddled him, kissing him passionately, vaughn cupped her face as licked his tongue over her lips seeking entrance, which sydney allowed, vaughn thrust his tongue into sydney's welcoming mouth, sydney sucked on vaughns toungue while vaughn slid his hand up sydney's top, vaughn looked at sydney wih such love and desire as he gently stroked her breasts she looked so beautiful from her red bruised lips to her small yet ample breasts that fit perfectly in his hands.
sydney smiled stroking his face, she knew she was having an effect on him, she could feel his hardness growing agaist her thigh
"you have no idea how much i want you right now" whispered vaughn
" I have a few ideas" smiled sydney grabbing his shaft throught the fabric of his pants, vaughn moaned
"do we have time?" he asked
"we always have time" she whispered
"we have to make it quick...are you ready for me?" asked vaughn
"i always am sweetheart" she whispered nibbling his ear
"guys you home?" called Nadia
"felgercarb" said sydney grabing a blanket and draping it over them
nadia and weiss walked in just us they were covering themselves
"Syd did you tell him...." begun nadia "oh... um sorry"
sydney buried her face into vaughns chest embarrassed
"yeah she told me" said vaughn "um can you guys give us a minute?"
"yeah" said nadia and weiss gave him the thumbsup before leaving
"syd you ok?" asked vaughn
"yeah" she said siting next to him "weiss nadia you can come in"
nadia and weiss came back in
"sorry we should have knocked, i just came to get my stuff" said nadia
"your stuff? why?" asked sydney
"i'm moving in with eric" said nadia
"really? thats great" said sydney "i told vaughn that i was pregnant and we are getting married"
nadia squealed and ran over to sydney while sydney showed her the ring
"vaughn had this before i went missing, and then he found this necklace on the body they thought was me, i wore this necklace constantly as it was a reminder of what i was fighting for, it had danny's engagement ring on it. and vaughn hade been wearing it along with my ring around his neck" said sydney
"thats so sweet" said nadia hugging sydney
vaughn shook weiss' hand
"congrats man... i thought the necklace was familiar" said weiss

ten minutes later nadia and weiss had gone with a few of nadia's things agreeing to come back for dinner the next night. sydney and vaughn were sitting on the couch vaughn wrapping one arm protectively around her stomach and the other hand stroking her hair as she rested her head on his chest vaughn tilted sydney's chin with his finger and lent down and kissed her
"i wish we could stay like this forever" whispered sydney "but we have to go save the world"
sydney had ment this as a joke but vaughn just sat there silent, sydney sat up and looked at him
"thats was a joke" she whispered "i better go get ready"
sydney went to stand up when vaughn stopped her
"syd, wait, i would be lying if i told you i was ok with you jumping out of a plane into god knows what and fighting your aunt and destroying yet another red ball, Syd i know better then to try and stop you... but promise me you'll be safe, promise me that i won't have to Bury you and our un born child..." whispered Vaughn
"i promise you i'll be ok. Vaughn i have to do this Yelena she betrayed Nadia, she used Nadia, i let the woman into my house, she's been playing mind games with us for months...she had us think my mum was dead and that you father was alive... i have to do this" said sydney "and besides your coming with me"
"i know its just..." begun vaughn when sydney stopped him
"don't say it...ok? lets go save the world then when we come back we can celebrate" said sydney
vaughn smiled as he followed sydney out the door

On the Plane
Vaughn walks to Sydney and sits next to her
"how are you feeling?" asked vaughn
"scared...when it's just me risking my life i'm not that nervous or scared but this times actions could put your life in danger, or nadia's or my mum's even my dad's not to mention our baby" whispered sydney
Irina who had been walking past heard this
"baby?" she asked sydney "Oh my God... are you pregnant?"
Sydney nodded
"Yes but please don't tell dad, he won't let me do this and i have to" whispered Sydney
Jack walked over having heard the conversation
"i already know, the doctor called tell me since i am director and your father....i'm not happy with you risking the life of my grandchild but i agree you have to do this" said jack
Sydney nodded
"i know your scared but you'll be ok, we won't let anything happen to our child ok?" said vaughn
sydney nodded leaning her head against vaughn's chest, vaughn wrapped his arms around her and stroked her face, kissing her forehead, irina and jack smiled before walking away
"i love you" whispered sydney
"i love you too" said Vaughn
"vaughn, this is going to be my last mission, once Yelena is gone, i'm leaving APO, The CIA i just want to be a normal mother. Besides Marshall, Nadia, Dad, Weiss, Dixion and My mum will ensure that Sark and Sloane don't get away" said Sydney " i want to be a stay at home mother, watching our baby grow, i want a house in santa barbara, but i don't want to be worring constantly about whether or not your gonna come home...vaughn lets retire, lets be normal parents"
Vaughn smiled
"Retirement sounds perfect" he whispered kissing her gently
Sydney kisses Vaughn’s hand. She fingers the back of Vaughn’s head. She takes her hand away to look at her ring and Smiles.
"I had a thought." said sydney
"Yeah?" smiled vaughn
"What if we just blow off the whole big-wedding thing? What if we just do it on the beach?" suggested sydne
"the beach?" Smiled vaughn
"What do you think?" asked sydney
"I like it. Barefoot on the beach, you’d look sexy as hell. Oh, but wait. What about your dad? He doesn’t look like the kind of guy who likes to have sand between his toes." laughed vaughn
"That’s true." laughed sydney "So. . .we won’t invite him."
"Your father?" asked vaughn in disbelief
"What if we don’t invite anyone? We just elope?" suggested sydney
"You’re serious?" he asked
sydney nodded
"I would love it." she smiled
"All right. Then we’ll elope." said vaughn "after this we'll go to santa barbara and elope"
"Have I told you that I love you?" asked sydney
vaughns laughs
"Yeah. Go ahead, tell me again."
"I love you." she whispers playing with his hair again
"I love you too." he smiled
"I know. Say it again." she whispered
"i love you syd" he whispered "i can't wait to be your husband"
vaughn lifted up her shirt ad kissed her stomach
"and i love you too baby" he says in a baby voice
sydney laughs kissing him
"when we get there and you have to dismantle the ball, i wish i could go with you" whispered vaughn
"It’s a one-person job. My mum will relay up the wiring instructions. I can disarm the device myself." smiled Sydney
"You can’t outrun the wall of water that thing’s gonna turn into." argued Vaughn
"How are you going to help me?" asked Sydney
"We’ll figure something out. You’ll run faster if I’m chasing you." Smile Vaughn
"I’ll be fine. And they need you in the bunker. If we don’t get Elena. . ." argued Sydney "and besides i don't want you with me after what happened in tapai, i know mum said the water is save, but i don't want you getting sick again and i dont want you to get caught in the water again. i want our baby to grow up with a father, a healthy father"
"syd..." Begun Vaughn "when the ball turns into water, i want you to run like mad, don't stop ok? dont stop til your with me and your safe"
sydney nodded with tears pouring down her cheeks
"i'm scared, not just about the water, but if i don't come back, i'm scared you won't be able to survive loosing me again" cried sydney
"just come back to me" replied vaughn
"Just in case, Vaughn I forgive you" she whispered
"For what?" asked Vaughn
"For thinking i was dead for 2 years for giving up, i want you to stop blaming yourself, you weren't to know" whispered sydney tears in her eyes
Vaughn wraps his arm around her and they kiss, vaughn crying into her shoulder, he had been waiting for her to say that for so long
"Come back to me safely" he beggs "both of you
"i will" she whispered kissing him
"Savogda in 5 minutes get ready to jump" said jack
Vaughn stood up and helped sydney stand up, he then helped her into her parachute then his own, as the hatch opened he held her hand as they jumped into Savogda....

Vaughn and Irina are working on the brakes.

"You shouldn’t wait." said Irina
"For what?" asked Vaughn
"I saw the ring." replied Irina
"Yeah, you know what? You killed my father. The way I see it, I don’t have to ask for your blessings." Replied Vaughn
"Despite that, you may have them. Along with some advice." Said irina
"Marital advice from you. Wondeful. Like what, don’t betray your spouse?" Scoffed Vaughn
"Yeah, that’d be one of them. But even between a husband and a wife, some secrets are acceptable. However, your activities are not." Said Irina
"i don't know what your talking about, Sydney and I have no secrets! I love your Daughter, i intend to marry her, i have been wanting to marry her for years, in fact i had planned to propose to her the night she was taken... we are having a child together. If this whole martial advice charade was some abstract way of getting information on my feelings for your daughter, like when i asked you for the cure...then you really need to work on your approach. I assure you though, i will not betray her and our child like you did to Jack and Sydney. I am willing to be civil to you, not because i like you or because i trust you because i don't, you kill my father. I am willing to be civil to you because god only knows why, but sydney loves you and thinks you have changed and if you hurt her or our child i will give you the same respect you showed my father and kill you to the point that you can only be IDd by your dental records. I Love Sydney and I will do anything to protect her" said Vaughn
"Thats all i wanted to know" said Irina smiling



Sep 3, 2007
At the end of finale

Vaughn helped sloane get Nadia's unconcious form into the elevator and then turned to see sydney running and the Muller device coming apart, she was almost at the elevator when she tripped and fell, the ball was disolving into water
"SYDNEY!!!" yelled Vaughn
when sydney didn't get up vaughn was about to go and get her when sloane closed the wire door
"ARE YOU INSANE?!" yelled Vaughn
Vaughn saw the water coming towards sydney and now knew how sydney must have felt in Tapai when he was stuck behind the door about to be engulfed in water
without another thought vaughn opened the door and ran and grabbed sydney water already up to his knees, he carried sydney's soaked form into the elevator the wall of water behind them and slammed the door shut the water crashing into the elevator as they desended down into the bunker
"Vaughn! is sydney ok? we have lost comms with her!" said Jack in vaughns ear
before vaughn had a chance to reply they reached the bunker
sloane ran nadia out and vaughn ran sydney out as Irina closed the door
"Vaughn is she ok? What happened? Is she breathing? is the baby ok?" asked Jack "put her on the table, check if she's breathing, warm her up----"
"JACK!" yelled Irina "let the boy breathe"
vaughn layed sydney down on a table and checked her pulse
"she's not breathing" he answered
vaughn begun to perform CPR
"1-2-3 Come on syd your stronger then this your stronger then rambaldi! 1-2-3" he breathed "oh god come on don't leave me again"
vaughn begun to cry and couldn't perform CPR properly
"Vaughn let me do it" said Irina moving vaughn out of the way
"1-2-3....1-2-3" breathed Irina
suddenly sydney begun to cough and she struggled to sit up
"Oh thankgod!" said vaughn hugging her
"what happened? Your wet" coughed sydney Vaughn laughed as he shivered "the device?"
"its gone, you destroyed it, you tripped and fell, i run back to get you" explained vaughn
Jack Handed Vaughn two Blankets, Vaughn took off Sydney's shirt leaving her with a Tank top and wrapped the blanket around her, he took off his jacket and wrapped the other blanket around himself and wrapped his arms around sydney
"you came after me?" asked sydney
"yep" nodded vaughn his teeth clattering as he shivered
Sloane Handed Nadia to Irina who took her over to another table to check on her
"is she going to be ok?" asked Weiss worried
"i don't know, i think i can stop the bleeding but i'm more worried about her waking up, shes still infected" said Irina "Breathe Eric"
Weiss smiled nervously
"wait who shot her?" he asked
"i did" said sloane everyone looked at sloane "she was choking sydney, i did what i had to, i shot her in the shoudler so that she would fall and be knocked out except she moved and i got an artery"
"you saved sydney then you were willing to let her die" said vaughn looking at sloane
"I'm sorry, ok vaughn i was just worried about nadia" said sloane "according to the properacy...'
"Shut up about rambaldi!!!!" Yelled Vaughn "Sloane saw that sydney was knocked out, you saw the ater was coming, it was already up to our knees! you knew i was going to go get her and you shut the god damn door! you almost killed my finance and my unborn child!"
"child?" asked sloane confused
"Sydney's Pregnant!" yelled vaughn "you have been saying for years that Sydney's like your daughter and then you are more then willing to sacrafice her for Nadia and Rambaldi! you only saved Nadia because she has a conection with rambaldi!"
"Vaughn! this is not the time, at twisted as his motives may have been i really think he thought he was doing the right thing" said Jack
"thanks to him, Sydney almost drowned, how can we be sure that we can even trust him, i mean after all he bretrayed us, thats why he's here, i don't care if he says that he did it to stop Yelena. I don't trust him... I could have been morning for sydney and my unborn child right now!" Yelled Vaughn
sydney squeezed his arm
"i'm ok vaughn" she whispered
"i shouldn't have let you go up there by yourself" said vaughn softly "i was so scared it was like..."
"Tapai all over again?" offered sydney
"yeah but reversed" said vaughn "how are you feeling?"
"i'm ok, vaughn its just a concussion" begun sydney
"Syd you werent breathing" said vaughn
sydney kissed vaughn
"i love you" she whispered
"i love you too" he smiled
"now when can we go home, i want to start retirement" announced sydney
"retirement?" asked jack
"yeah tonight was my last mission" said sydney "and vaughns"
"we're gonna be a normal family" said vaughn
"and dad before you say im walking away from my responsibilities to this country, we know you and the rest of APO will help keep the world safe" smiled sydney
"actually i was going to say, that i'm glad that your kids arent going to have the child hood you had because i never wanted that" smiled jack
sydney smiled
"Hows nadia Ir-Mum?" asked sydney
irina smiled
"ive stoped the bleeding with stiches it should hold til we get back to america i've also sedated her" said irina "eric?"
"yes um Mrs Bristow-- i mean um Miss Dervako -- i mean laura no irina, im sorry i don't know what to call you" stumbled weiss
"Irina is fine" said irina "um apparently my tactics of getting information is to abstract so im going to be blunt... How long have you been dating Nadia for?"
vaughn smiled at the fact that she had listened to him
"Um about a month" said Weiss
irina nodded
"i like you,your face is very expressive, i know when your lying" she said, Weiss looked scared "that was a joke eric"
weiss laughed and looked at vaughn
"she was joking" he laughed
vaughn nodded and looked back at sydney
"syd" he said
"yeah?" she asked
"um here's your ring" said vaughn
Sydney smiled as Vaughn presented her with her engagement ring that she had given him for safe keeping
Vaughn handed it to her
"No" whispered Sydney. vaughn looked at her confused "you put it on"
vaughn smiled slipping it on to her finger
"I love you" smiled Vaughn kissing Sydney
"i love you too michael" she whispered
"you called me Michael" beamed Vaughn
"yes i did" smiled sydney
"you never call me michael" whispered Vaughn "at least not clothed"
sydney blushed kissing vaughn
"ok Evac team is 5 minutes away" annouced Jack "when we get back to LA, i want sydney at home, Weiss to go with Nadia to the hospital, and Sloane to come with me to chase where even those your intentions may have been good, you will most likely be charged for Esponage"
"what about Vaughn?" asked Sydney
"vaughn will come back to APO with me for Debrief on what happened on the roof, and to inform Marshall on whats going on...i promise i won't keep him long" said jack
sydney nodded
"Jack no offence, but can i do the debrief tomorrow, when i clean out my desk?" asked vaughn "i'd really like to go home with sydney"
"fine" said Jack
vaughn nodded
the evac team arrived and Took Nadia into the Helicopter for medical attention, weiss followed
"who are you?" they asked
"im eric weiss her boyfriend" said weiss
"i'm sorry you can't fly with us, if Miss Santos wakes up during the flight, it could get violent, we don't like love ones seeing them get Sedated" said one of the Medics
Weiss nodded and kissed Nadias forehead
"i'll see you when you get to LA, they'll make you better then i can show you some magic tricks and make you smile" whispered Nadia "I love you my sweet Nadia"
weiss stood there crying as he watched them load nadia into the Chopper, vaughn came up behind him and hugged him as weiss cried into his shoulder just how weiss had hugged him two years ago when they scattered "sydney's ashes"
"that was the first time i ever told her i loved her, and she doesn't even know" sobbed weiss
"she'll be ok" said vaughn
"ok the second Teams here" announced Jack "sydney, vaughn and weis, get on this one" said jack "i'll escort the prizoners on the next one"
"dad, mum helped us...." whispered sydney
"i know, but she's still a furgative, i wish i didn't have to but I'm sorry Irina i have to take you in" said jack
Irina nodded
"um since i cooperated, maybe you could talk them into letting me out on day release when sydney gives birth and on sydney's wedding?" said irina
"i'll try" said jack
Sydney hugged Irina
"i love you mum" she whispered
Irina smiled
Sydney turned to sloane
"thankyou" she whispered hugging him, sloane looked surprise but hugged her back "nadia will be ok"
Vaughn led sydney and Weiss into the Chopper
"we'll see you back at LA" said jack

Sydney and Vaughn Sat in the helicopter arm in arm then when they got to the air strip, got into the jet with weiss and once again sat in each others arms, vaughn had his hand on Sydney's stomach
"i can't wait til you start to show. you'll be so beautiful" said vaughn
"i'll be as big as a house!" laughed Sydney
"You'll still be Beautiful. i mean your having our baby, i mean how is that not beautiful?" asked vaughn
"which would you prefer... a girl or a boy?" asked sydney
"i don't really mind, i mean as long as it has your smile, your dimples and my eyes and chin i dont mind" said vaughn "a boy would be good because then i could teach him hockey, but i could teach a girl too, um i really dont mind... as long as our baby's healthy and so are you, i couldn't be happier"
sydney smiled as vaughn leant into sydney's stomach
"You're gonna be just like your mom, aren't you?" said Vaughn
Sydney laughed
"Oh, I hope not. I hope she's a doctor or a teacher or just anything that does not involve wearing a wig."
"I don't know. I think she'd look pretty cute in a little pink wig. or he well Maybe not. You okay?" asked vaughn noticing Sydney wince as she moved in her seat
"Yeah, it just...I'm still a little sore, I guess. We came so close, Vaughn." she whispered
"Syd…" begun vaughn
"no i was so sure, that Sloane never changed, but he was willing to risk Nadia's life to save mine, i know he paniked at the end, but still he was willing to risk his own life just to stop yelena, to stop rambaldi's end game" whispered sydney
"lets not talk about it" said vaughn "your ok, the babies fine, nadia's getting the help she needs..."
sydney nodded
"do you know any jokes?" asked sydney
vaughn laughed
"only the grasshoper joke but thats not very funny" said vaughn
"um i need to think about something other then the fact that nadia is on her way back to LA to be put in a coma, or the fact that my mum, who is alive, prooved herself tonight, only to still be arrested" said Sydney
"i yelled at your mum today" said vaughn
"you did?" asked sydney "why?"
"she offered me marital advice, as a way of learning my true intentions" said vaughn
"your the one who told her to change her tactics?" asked sydney
vaughn nodded and sydney smiled
"ok distractions..." thought Vaughn "um where do you want to go for our honeymoon?"
"Santa Barbara" answered Sydney quickly causing vaughn to laugh
"um ok, where do you want to get married?" asked vaughn
"on the beach at santa Barbara" said Sydney "on the cliff"
vaughn nodded
"i think i already know the answer but where do you want to live?" asked vaughn
"Santa Barbara" said Sydney "in a nice house overlooking the ocean"
"thought so, um when do you want to get married?" asked vaughn
"after nadia's better, i can't get married without my maid of honor, with Mum and Dad there, your mum their, Weiss there, Will and my dad giving me away, Sloane there, Dixion, Marshal, Carrie, Francie and Mitchel there" said sydney
"before or after the baby?" asked Vaughn
"i don't mind" answered sydney
"tradional or casual?" asked vaughn
"casual but classy casual" answered sydney "me in a simple white sun dress, you in white Pants and a white shirt, everyone else in white and shades of blue - but no hawian prints or Prizon jump suits, No roses, just me holding a simple bird of paradise, no church, outside on the beach, everyone sitting on white wooden chairs, maybe two bali flags blowing in the wind, no priest just a minister in white"
"ok baby names" said vaughn
Sydney smiled
"lets have one if its a girl and one if its a boy, i don't want to find out til the babies born" said sydney
vaughn nodded
"I always liked the name Owen." said Sydney
"Owen. Sounds like something you name a Hampster" said vaughn
sydney laughed
"ok you don't like Owen... Clementine is cute." said sydney
"For a fruit." replied Vaughn
"It's also a name." smiled Sydney
"It's also a campfire song." smiled Vaughn
"well if you don't like any of my suggestions what are you ideas" said Sydney
"What do you think about Oscar?" asked Vaughn
"What if we have a girl?" asked Sydney
"I meant for a girl." Laughed Vaughn
"What about Isabel?" Asked Sydney
"Isabel Sydney Vaughn. No Isabel Sydney Bristow Vaughn" smiled Vaughn
"that's Pretty" smiled sydney Tears in her eyes "i Like That"
"me too" said Vaughn "I wish she were here already. I wanna meet her.
"You will." said sydney "for a boy, how about Micheal William Vaughn"
"no" said Vaughn "Micheal Daniel William Vaughn"
sydney looked up at Vaughn
"really?" she asked
"yes" said Vaughn "if you like it"
"I love it" she whispered kissing vaughn
Vaughn begun to nibble gently on Sydney's neck, sydney moaned quietly so that weiss wouldn't hear, vaughn looked at sydney's neck to see a bruize around sydney's neck, he hadn't seen before, from when nadia choked her with the chain, vaughn stopped biting and gently touched the bruise
'vaughn what?" asked sydney then she felt him touch her neck
"vaughn, its ok, it doesn't hurt" she whispered "keep going"
vaughn didn't hear her and kept looking at her neck, he could still see the scar from when that guy bit her, his hands trailed to her left shoulder, his fingers traced the scar from where Irina had shot her, he touched the side of her head when there was a brusie and dried blood from where she had hit her head. sydney knew what he was doing but didn't say anything. vaughn traced his fingers down her jaw, she had had 3 teeth removed by force. vaughn then traced his fingers down her right arm, the scar from when she had fought Dixion under one of her many alias'. he then saw the scar on her stomach, the stomach that ment medically she couldn't get pregnant but by some mericle she was pregnant. vaughn looked up at sydney and saw nothing but love in those beautiful chocolate coloured eyes of hers.
he cradeled her face in his hand
"You have been hurt so many times..." he whispered "how can you just bounce back so easily?"
"i'm ok" she whispered "when i'm with you i forget all about the pain, vaughn you have been hurt too, you almost drowned in Tapai, i stabbed you after i came went on living for two years thinking i was dead...your father...god i wish i could take the pain away from you"
"you do" smiled vaughn "every single day, everytime you smile"
sydney kissed vaughn then nervously smiled tucking a strand of hair behind her ear
"what?" asked vaughn
"it just struck me...this time next year we are going to be married and have a child" said sydney
vaughn smiled then his smile faded
"is that overwelming...are you having second thoughts?" he asked
"oh god no! vaughn i want to marry you more then anything and when our baby makes its appearance i will be complete" said sydney "what should we refer to the baby as?"
"what do you mean?" asked vaughn
"i mean i feel a little odd calling our child 'It'" said sydney "how about bean?"
"bean?" laughed vaughn "no how about....bub?"
"bub" said sydney "i like that"
sydney put her hand on her stomach
"are you a bub?" she asked "i think bub's a bub"
vaughn smiled, cradling her head is in his hand he kissed her, sydney smiled as vaughn begun to nibble her neck again, sydney threaded her fingers through his hair and moaned as he nibbled on her ear
Sydney begun to cry making vaughn stop instantly
"whats wrong did i hurt you?" he asked
"no you didnt you could never hurt me...its just Nadia..." whispered sydney crying softly
vaughn nodded wrapping his arms around her and letting her bury her head into his chest, her tears leaving dark grey wet patches on his light grey t-shirt when sydney's crying had sudsided she lent up and looked at vaughn
"do you want to talk about it?" he asked
"i dont know...its just that if i had gone and switched the line manually instead of her this wouldnt have happened" whispered sydney
"syd if you had got caught... Yelena would have killed you...she didnt kill Nadia because she raised nadia...also your mum would have had to destroy the device and no one would have been there to interogate would have been worse" whispered vaughn "the air strike would have happened it would have been alot worse"
sydney nodded knowing he was right
"i love you" whispered vaughn "i love you so much, i don't tell you enough, i could never tell you enough"
"i love you too" whispered sydney
sydney kissed vaughn and as vaughn deepened the kiss they were interupted by weiss clearing his throat they parted and looked up at weiss, his usual red cheeks, laughing eyes and cheeky smile were replaced by red swollen eyes, worried eyes, a grim expression and generaly sad expression
"how you coping?" asked sydney holding her hand out to him
weiss smiled saddly exepting her hand
"um you know, the girl i love is in a coma after her aunt infected her and her father shot her" said weiss, he had ment it as a joke but he burst into tears
"weiss sick down" said sydney
weiss nodded and sat across from vaughn and sydney
"um i need to know what happened" said weiss
sydney looked at vaughn who nodded
"um when Nadia tried to manually start the train on the tracks, when she got grabbed by the infected, i thought she was gone... but according to mum she somehow got away...then she was tricked by one of yelena's men, and yelena infected her...knowing i wouldn't hurt i was destroying the ball, she came and attacked me...i was fighting her off...mum was saying i had to kill her...i couldnt...i knocked her out or i thought i did...i chained her up then went back to the device...she came up from behind and begun to choke me with the chain...i couldnt breathe i begged her to stop but it wasnt nadia anymore...then sloane shot her from bewhind in the should... exept nadia moved and he gt her in the neck... he did what he had to do... if her shot her in the shoulder she would have collasped.... it was a very risk shot...he could have got me....Weiss he prooved rambaldi wrong "the passenger and the chosen will fight it out and only one will survive" one of us were ment to kill the other... weiss he went against rambaldi to save us" said sydney
"I dont blame you syd...or your mum belive it or not...i also believe that sloane thought he was doing the right thing" i blame yelena" whispered weiss
weiss looked down at vaughn's hand which was placed protectively on sydney's stomach
"how far along are you?" asked weiss
"6 weeks" smiled sydney, then sydney felt guilty and her smile faded
" syd your can be happy..nadia would want that and when she wakes up..."begun weiss but trailed off when he saw sydney crying
"i've been so selfish weiss!" cried sydney "i've been thinking about the baby and the fact that i'm getting married, i forgot you too were moving in together! how much of a bitch does that make me?"
"shhh" whispered vaughn hugging sydney again
"i forgot as well" said weiss
"are you going to be ok?" asked sydney
"yeah this is probaly just nadia's way of getting out of the unpacking" said weiss, he tried to smile but burst into tears
vaughn looked at his crying finace and his crying friend and his heart broke
suddenly the pilot's voice came over the radio
"we are decending into LA now ETA 10 minutes" he announced
"Weiss are you going to be ok?" repeated sydney "you can come home with us if you want"
"yeah weiss i dont think you should be alone right now" said vaughn worried about his best friend
"no you guys have some celebrating to do...i will be fine" said weiss
"ok but if you need anything, just drop by okay" said sydney
"okay" said Weiss
"are you going to go see her tonight?" asked vaughn
"um no i thought i'd wait to tomorrow when it was less hetic" said weiss "the truth is i dont think i can handle it. will you guys come with me tomorrow?"
vaughn nodded
"of course" said sydney
they sat in silence as the plane landed, they got up from there seats exchanged hugs and departed

Vaughn opened the door for sydney and turned on the light
sydney sighed as she walked inside
vaughn put down their bags and wrapped his arms around her from behind kissing her neck
sydney smiled and turned around in his embrace and kissed him before resting her head on his shoulder
"are you going to be ok?" asked vaughn
"as long as i am with you, and in your arms, i will be fine" answered sydney
vaughn nodded kissing her head
"you tired?" he asked
"exhausted" replied sydney "i know you wanted to make love when we got home..."
"syd its fine, we can make love another night" said vaughn
"thankyou" she whispered
vaughn nodded as he took her hand and led her to the bedroom
he sat her on the edge of the bed and begun to undress her and dress her in her pjs and the same himself, sydney smiled as
he kissed her head and stroked her hair out of her eyes
"I love you....your so beautiful, so strong, so brave, so inteliligent, so sexy" whispered vaughn
to any body else these would have been nothing but incoherent ramblings but to sydney they made sense and spoke volumes
sydney kissed vaughns chest
"nadia's going to be okay right?" asked sydney " i mean you survived the red ball"
"that was a little different that was the liquid inside the ball, nadia was effected by the water effected by the red ball..." vaughn decided to change tatics "she'll be fine...shes strong, she's young...she's healthy"
sydney nodded but couldn't fight the tears, vaughn held her as she cried
"i know i've only known her a little over a year, but i can't imagine my life without her, i dont how i survived 30 years without her in my life...without a sister" cried sydney "because of Sloane and his need for power, rambaldi, I lost Danny, i lost 2 years of my life, Will was kidnapt, diane was murdered, emily died, Francie was doubled...i don't think i could handle it if i lost nadia too, i know sloane did what he had to do but still.... Rambaldi scares me, even though he's been dead fr years, he still influences our live, his followers, what if they target us? or bub? vaughn i want them all dead or in jail...i can't handle it"
"look at me, i told you before... i won't let those people touch you! okay? we will have the best security system, your father on speed dial, we will get apo to keep our security clearance so that we know what threats there are... we will move to santa barbara"
suddenly there was a knock at the door sydney wiped away her tears as vaughn kissed her forehead before he got up to get the door, sydney slowly followed him into the lounge to see him open the door to reveal a very tired, exausted red eyed weiss
"weiss" said sydney
"i'm sorry i got home, and saw some of nadia's stuff and just couldn't stay, i was wondering if i could crash here tonight?" asked weiss trying not to focus on the boxes of naida's stuff that was still to be moved to his place
"of course" answered sydney
"um i did find this at my place" said weiss handing sydney a envelope addressed to her in nadia's hand writting
"it was on the table, nadia must have wrote it while i was in the shower, i havent read it, i just thought you might want it" said weiss
sydney nodded tears in her eyes
"thankyou, um im going to go to my room and read it" said sydney vaughn looked up at her concerned "i'll be okay, set weiss up, there are fresh sheets in the linen press"
"i'll just sleep in nadia's bed it's ok... i need to feel close to her right now... i know that sounds insane" said weiss
"it doesnt" said sydney, hugging weiss and squeezing vaughns hand
Her feet took her to the bedroom door, the lump in her throat finally releasing the pent up tears from hours previous, hours of avoiding Vaughn and Weiss' concerned eyes and held out hands. She deserved no comforting, no release from the threshold of guilt sydney found herself in. The one time she needed nadia the most was the one time she couldn't.
She pushed the heavy wooden door shut behind her and sat on the edge of her bed, tucking her knees to her chest
as she unfolded the letter and begun to read

Dearest Sydney,
having grown up in an orphanage i was never very good at voicing by feelings, instead i would write them down, i had no one to share them to except for sophia but we all know now that that was a mistake. I have always wanted a family, a father with a normal 9-5 job, a mother who stayed home cooking, cleaning, a mother who was like a best friend, a sister who i could share everything with, a two car garage, a white picket fence and maybe a dog. what i got was unexpected. a father who is struggling between good and evil and an obsession with a dead inventor, a mother who was KGB and came over to seduce an american, killed several people and is now working with United states to help us, two aunts, one who is remorseful for her sins the other who betrayed me over and over, i also got a sister who was even better then i could have ever imagined, i still remember the first time i met you, i was pretending to be brain dead yet we still managed to kick ass! You were right being cautious in trusting my father i only wish i had put aside my childish fantasys and listened to you. I also got more then i ever wanted, great friends You, Vaughn, Eric, Dixion and Marshall, i also got a great father like figure...your dad i know you two dont have the best relationship...but sydney he's still your dad all he wants to do is protect you. i also got weiss, he's so funny, perfect and romantic... i feel like i'm falling in love with him- hard. and then tonight i find out that not only am i moving in with weiss. but i'm going to be an aunt too! i'm so excited and happy for you and vaughn!

Okay weiss is out of the shower now
I love you so much sydney
Love your sister

Sydney folded up the letter finally allowing the silent tears of pain and guilt to flow freely down her cheeks. Sydney brought her hands to the side of her face and cradled her head, feeling her heart steadily beating the blood round her body, and hating herself and her destiny. Her blood, her "chosen one" prophecy and rambaldi were the reasons why nadia was fighting for her life right now.

Sydney had given so much over the last twenty four hours. So tired, and yet she couldn't bring herself to sleep. There was still so much left unsaid. She wanted to thank nadia, for saving her life so many tines. Apologise, for ruining and losing hers. to tell nadia she loved her and just to hug her. And the tears came thicker and faster, harder and stronger.

Then finally a lifeline came.

In the midst of blurred vision and blood pounding to her ears, the faint sound of a door opening and closing It broke through the grief and pain, piercing her conscious, and she knew he would be there for as long as she needed him.

Vaughn sat down on the edge of the bed, and silently, feeling the pain emanating from her, wrapped his arms around Sydney's frail, shaking form. The tears flowed over her hands, and she bundled her body closer to his, needing the protection his arms offered, needing the comfort he held within his form. Vaughn wrapped one arm around her quaking back, and held her elbows with the other, encircling her completely.

He wanted to sob the tears she was weeping, feel the hurt she was drowning in, take away all the pain that crowded her head. He wanted to stop the hurting and crying, the pain emanating from her, the guilt she was collapsing under unnecessarily. He wanted to whisper to her, that it would be okay, that things would be all right. That it wasn't her fault and never had been, that fate had simply seen it's chance and snatched at the air.

But instead he simply held her, wrapped his arms tighter around his Fiance's form, trying to block out any more pain entering, trying to relay his strength to her. Vaughn rested his head atop Sydney's and allowed her tears to fall, watching dark spots of navy appear on his midblue sweater. He permitted her every whimper and opened his arms wider as she tightened her grip on his sleeves and crawled further into his chest and torso.

She didn't need to be strong, she didn't need to put on a brave face, or smile and put a mask over look of pain. She'd been strong for too long, held on to the frayed edges of sanity and hope for hours on end.

And through the hazy light of shimmering tears, her hand slipped into his and her first words shook his soul. In the blackness of sadness and turmoil, she had found the light in him and held on.


Vaughn responded in kind, by simply releasing her from his hold and tucking strands of Sydney's hair, wet from tears, behind her delicate ears. Softly, he brought two fingers under Sydney's chin, lifting her head so the red of her eyes matched his saddened pupils. His heart thundered in the pride he held for her.

"I'm here. I'm right here. You don't have to be strong now Sydney."

She knew she didn't. She knew she didn't have to be someone she wasn't with Vaughn, or try to look on the bright side of things. At the end of the day he was there for her, to crawl into his arms, to laugh and smile or sob for hours on end. Her lifeline, to whatever held her to this earth. To love, to hope, to a glint of light in the never-ending sea of black. To allow her to cry, a luxury too few people had ever permitted.

six years old, her own mother's funeral. Taken out of the church as her tears fell, the opportunity to mourn a loss taken away. Not maliciously, not intentionally. But still disallowed. Her tears wiped dry, strong, reassuring words uttered. But not permitted to cry.

thirty six years old, Danny's death. Grief had overwhelmed her, but there were all the arrangements to be made, the hymns to be chosen. Even what kind of wood she wished the casket to be made of. Each decision left to her, the burden of making the right decision resting upon sydney's shoulders alone. And each distraction would keep her from bursting into tears, each fit of hysteria from the other mourners allowed Sydney's mind to drift to their grief and not her own. Her only tears, she had stopped herself. Not allowed to cry or grieve, halted by her own sense of conscious and guilt. Why should she get to cry? Why, when she had tried to make others stop doing do, claiming that danny wouldn't want to see them cry. should Sydney herself be permitted the luxury of release?

But now, Vaughn simply held her. Tightly, so Sydney felt as protected as she needed, but loose enough to allow her to wipe the occasional tears tickling her nose or licking their way down Vaughn's neck. And he allowed her tears and permitted her utter grief, despair and helplessness. Because she deserved it, because she had been strong for so long. Because he was her lifeline, and in another time and place, she would be his, be it in this lifetime or another.

When vaughn felt sydney's tears subside he pulled away just enough so that he could look at her, wiping away her tears
"you ok?" he asked
"not really but i will be" said sydney
vaughn nodded kissing her forehead
and they live happily ever after....
Just kidding TBC

FEEDBACK? Will isn't in Whitness protection, Francie was doubled but wasn't killed, they found her after sydney went missing and Francie and Will live in a CIA safe house in Santa Barbara


Sep 3, 2007
Vaughn Held Sydney close as she calmed down before looking at her
"are you okay? i mean you and the baby?" he asked
sydney smiled at his concern
"we are both fine" she whispered
"ok well i want you to be checked out bu the doctor tomorrow just in case" said vaughn
Sydney nodded
there was a knock at the door
"i'll get it!" yelled Weiss
sydney smiled as Weiss answered Her door
suddenly there was a knock at sydney's bedroom door
"come in!" called sydney
weiss opened the door and peeked in, when he relised they were both clothed he opened the door fully
"uh vaughn, mr Bristow is here and he has his i'm-not-happy-and-I-may-just-kill-you face-on" said weiss
Vaughn sighed and kissed Sydney on the lips
"Ok, will you be okay?" he asked
"i will be fine" smiled sydney "love you"
"love you too" said vaughn "i won't be long"
vaughn stood up
"can you stay with her?" asked vaughn weiss nodded "ok when i come back i don't want to walk into an Oprah tear fest"
sydney laughed
"doctor phill's more our style" said weiss
vaughn closed the door behind him and saw jack standing right in front of him
"Woah! ok you scared me a little there. um would you like to sit down, or a drink?" asked vaughn nervously
"i am not you high school prom date Mr Vaughn" said jack
"um ok what can i do for you Agent...i mean Jack...i mean Mr Bristow" said vaughn
"What are you intentions with my daughter?" asked jack
"i think i've made my intentions pretty clear, I love sydney very much, we are engaged and we are having a child together" said vaughn
"yes but is this a marriage of convenience, because sydney is pregnant or what? it seems a little hasty" said Jack
"this is not a marriage of convenience, i did not ask sydney to marry me because i felt responsible! i had plans to ask her before i found out she was pregnant, remember i asked you for your permission but you just shot me down, so you have lost any say in our engagement or the events of the wedding..." said vaughn
"we were interupted" said jack "how long have you wanted to marry my daughter?"
"ever since i met her, i knew i wanted her in my life, then the night she was taken, we had been making plans to go to santa barbara, i was going to pop the question then we found her... well those plans didnt work out...then when she came back...i didnt want to get hurt again...even though it wasnt her fault i pushed her away...that wont happen again...even if sydney wasnt pregnant we would still be having this conversation right now... we both know you dont like me...." said vaughn
"thats not truth i'm sure your a fine man but i dont believe you are good enough for my daughter, if you ever hurt Sydney or that child i will kill you, and if i dont kill you, you will wish i had" said Jack
"ok i won't hurt sydney or our child but not because you have threatened me but because i love her so much and i would never be able to forgive myself if i hurt her, and i assure you just the thought of hurting sydney or our child is worse then anything you could ever threaten. I love her more then anything in this whole entire world!" said vaughn " i am going to marry sydney, jack and i would like a bit of respect, i have learnt from my past mistakes, i have risked my career and my life multiple times to protect sydney, i am not going to hurt her! and frankly you scare the felgercarb out of me, can you please just try to show me some respect even if its just in front of sydney?"
"fine, it takes a brave man to stand up to their future fatherin law and say what you just said....i used to believe that you had no back bone..." said jack
"and has that assesment changed at all?" asked vaughn
"you remind me alot of your father, he was a good man" said jack "you retired from the CIA today, how are you going to support sydney and your child?"
"well i have an appartment that i just sold, my fathers inheritence that i haven't touched, my savings and i plan to teach french in santa barbara, i already have a job there actually, and put a deposit on a house in santa barbara on monday, i dont know what sydney plans to do but i'm going to try and stay at home while she is pregnant because this is a high risk pregnancy" said vaughn
"ok well i guess welcome to the family in order" said jack shaking vaughns hand
"now go back to sydney she needs you, tell her i'll see her tomorrow" said jack
"ok good night" said vaughn
with that jack left and vaughn returned to sydneys bedroom
"and he returns, we didnt here any yelling or the sound of things breaking...did you kill him?" asked weiss
"No, i just stood my ground, he gave me the whole I'll-kill-you-if-you-hurt-my-daughter-and-if-i-don't-kill-you-you'll-wish-i-had speech you know Maffia style" said vaughn
"and what did you say?" asked sydney
"i basically told him he didnt scare me and that i would never hurt you and demanded respect, in a tiny little squeek" smiled vaughn
weiss laughed
"ok i gotta go back to bed, cya syd, cya mouse boy" laughed weiss leaving
sydney smiled
"you stood up to my dad!" she smiled
"hey i guess i did" smiled vaughn

Jun 9, 2004
JAck is a very scarey person, but I am glad that Michael stood his ground. Can't wait for more.


Happy Thanksgiving


Sep 3, 2007
the next morning
Sydney woke from her peaceful sleep to the sound of the phone ringing, sydney looked at her stomach to see vaughn's hand wrapped around her stomach and then saw the sun shinging on the silver band on her ring finger that was her engagement ring, sydney smiled remembering that she was pregnant and that she and vaughn were engaged, then sydney remembered nadia, and her smiled faded, sydney's thoughts were interrupted by the constant ringing of the phone, sighing sydney lent over and answered it
"Hello?" she whispered not wanting to wake up vaughn
"hello sydney? its doctor harris from the cia hospital...Nadia's doctor" said the doctor
"oh yes, is everything okay?" asked sydney worried
"uh no, there were complications last night with nadia, the infection she had, when we tried to put her into a medical induced coma, she had a cartiatic episode...we tried to revive her...i'm sorry but Miss Santos Passed away" said the doctor
sydney tuned out, she barely made out what the doctor was saying, something about arangements
"sydney? are you there?" asked the doctor
sydney tried to fight the tears
"um yeah i'm here, was she in pain? did she..." trailed off sydney
"she wasn't in any pain" said the doctor "i'm going to let you process this, our father will be informed so he can make the nessary arangements" said the doctor "i'm sorry for you loss"
sydney hanged up the phone and then begun to cry
hearing her sobs, vaughn woke up
"syd?" asked vaughn "whats wrong?"
vaughn sat up
"um that was nadia's doctor, nadia, died last night, complications" cried sydney
vaughn hugged her tight
"shhh, its going to be ok" soothed vaughn
"how? how is it possibly going to be ok? i just lost a sister and weiss...oh god i have to tell weiss" said sydney
sydney got out of bed and put on a gown
"wait syd, you have to have time to process this..." said vaughn getting up
"he needs to know" said sydney
sydney walked out the door with vaughn following close behind
vaughn knocked on nadia's door
"Yeah?" came a muffled voice
"Weiss, can you come out, i have to tell you something" said sydney
vaughn held her hand as she fought the tears, weiss came out in boxer shorts
"is this going to take long? i need to have a shower and visiting hours start in half an hour, and i want to see nadia...." when weiss saw the look on sydneys face he stopped "whats wrong?"
"'s N-Nadia" sniffed sydney "uh the D-doctor just called...Nadia"
sydney begun to cry
"ok i need you to finish your sentence, i think i know what your saying, but i need you to tell me, i need you to tell me i'm wrong, that nadia's alive that she woke up..." said weiss but sydney just kept crying "vaughn?"
"nadia died last night of complications eric" said vaughn gently
"what kind of complications?" demanded weiss
"she had lost a lot of blood, they tried to stabalise her, put her in a medical induced coma but because of the rambaldi infection...she had a heart attack, they tried to revive her but couldn't...she wasn't in any pain" sobbed sydney
weiss had to hold on to the door frame for support
"this can't be happening, no i mean we were moving in to together...this can't be happening" said weiss as he begun to cry
weiss hugged sydney tight
"oh god, syd what are we going to do?" asked weiss
there was a knock on the door and vaughn went to go answer it
"jack" said vaughn
"Michael, how is she?" asked Jack worried
"pretty torn up, she's with eric" said vaughn
jack rushed over to sydney and hugged her
"i'm so sorry sweetheart" said jack
"mum...has she been told?" asked sydney
"yes she's on her way over and so is sloane, i got them day release" said jack "can i get you anything?"
"uh no, i'm just going to get a coffee, does anyone else want one?" asked sydney
"i can do it" said vaughn
"no i need to keep busy" said sydney walking over to the kitchen and turning the ketle on, she went to get the milk and as she was closing the door she saw a picture of her and nadia on the door, sydney dropped the milk
"felgercarb!" she cursed
the door bell rang and the phone begun to ring, sydney felt like her head was spinning, she begun to fall
"sydney!" Yelled vaughn running up and catching her
he lay her down on the couch
"syd you have to rest" he whispered "Ok, this stress isn't good for you or the baby"
"michael's right, you need to take care of yourself" said jack
sydney nodded as jack answered the door and let Irina and Sloane in
"i've got it from here" he said to the armed guards
irina came and hugged sydney
"Oh sweetheart" she cried
sloane just stood there akwardly when sydney hugged him
"don't blame yourself no one does, you did what you had to do" she whispered
"i blame him!" yelled weiss walking over to sloane "Naida was right about you! you never changed! and because of you Nadia... N-Nadia isn't coming back! this may be sydney's house but i want you to leave"
"Eric...." whispered sydney
"Syd nadia is dead because of him! i don't how you can even look at him!" spat weiss "by letting him stay here you are basically saying that you don't care that nadia is dead! god ok fine, she was infected but if you had done your job right and shot her you would have got in the shoudler and stunned her you wouldn't have missed like He did! so you know what its your fault she's dead!"
sydney just looked at weiss shocked before slapping him in the face
vaughn took a deep breath before continuing
"Eric Do you really think nadia would want to see you like this? eric we are all here united by greif, none of us are perfect. if you had been told to shoot nadia you wouldn't have been able to do it. i don't want to kick you out, but if you continue i will, sydney is pregnant and needs to calm down, she doesn't need this" said vaughn
eric walked over to sydney and hugged her
"i'm so sorry, i dont know what to do." he cried "i feel so powerless! this is not your fault, its no ones fault, god i'm so sorry, if you want me to leave i will"
"your not going aywhere" whispered sydney "do you need ice for your cheek?"
"no im fine you slap like a girl" whispered weiss
weiss let go of sydney and vaughn hugged her
there was another knock on the door and sydney answered it
"hi are you sydney bristow?" asked the florist holding a large red rose bundle
"yes" said sydney accepting the flowers before closing the door
"who are they from?" asked Weiss
sydney felt around for the card and prick herself on the thorn
"ow!' she whinced before finding the card
"dearest sydney, my thoughts are with you and your loved one's in this emotional time, perhaps this is all part of rambaldi's end game. and remember blood is thicker then water regards Julian Sark <o>" read sydney "how the hell did that bastard find out?"
sydney felt her blood boil, she walked over to the kitchen and turned on the garbage disposal and watched as the flowers were shredded
"are you ok?" asked vaughn
"no, i want my sister back!" she cried
vaughn held her as she cried
suddenly the phone rang
"hello?" answered Jack
"Hello Mr Bristow, can i please speak to sydney, its francie" said francie happily
"Uh francie, now's not a very good time...." begun jack
"No dad i want to talk to her" said sydney
jack nodded handing her the phone
sydney walked out onto the porch and sat down
"hello?" she said
"Sydney! i just got your email, coz you know i never check my email, I can't believe your pregnant! did you tell vaughn? what was his reaction? did he ask a cetain question? are you still going to work for the cia? oh you need a baby shower! please let me cater it! are you there?" asked francie (francie knows about the cia and APO)
"um yeah, when can you guys come down, its an emergency" said sydney
"whats happened are you okay? is the baby ok? is it michael?" asked francie
sydney heard will ask what was wrong in the back ground
"uh Nadia, my sister, she died last night" said sydney
"oh my god! how? are you okay?" asked francie, "will nadia died"
"there was some complications on a missions, some top secret things i can't tell you, im sorry, at least not on the phone, can you guys come down?" asked sydney
"wills ringing the travel agent right now... are you okay?" asked francie
"not really" cried sydney "i have to go, um can you call vaughn when you know what plane your on?"
"of course, ok bye love you" said francie
"love you too" sniffed sydney before hanging up
sydney walked back inside
"uh will's going to call back, he and francie are flying over next plane." said sydney
sydney looked around in the five minutes she had been gone, 3 flowers lots of flowers had arrived, Director Chase, Marshall, Carrie, Mitchell, Dixion, Dianne (dianne was never murdered by francie's double), and dixons kids Steven and Robin
Dianne and Carie came over to sydney with a basket
"we made this for you yesterday, congratulations on your pregnancy" whipsered carrie, " i know its probaly the last thing on your mind right now but you have to take care of your self, there are some cracks, some booties, a rug and a baby book"
"i also made you some Caseroles for you theyare in the fridge, if you need anything just give us a call" said dianne
"sydney will jsut called their plane is in 15 minutes they should be here in 3 hours (i have no idea how long it takes to get from santa barbara to LA by plane!)" called Dixion
sydney felt like the room was spinning again
"i'm sorry i can't do this" she said running into her room

Sorry! i had to kill off nadia! i didn't want the whole sloane-goes-evil-to-save-his-daughter-but-kills-her-anyway storyline
next is the funeral


Sep 3, 2007
Authors Note: Vaughn and Lauren never got married, but lauren had always wanted vaughn and over the two years sydney was gone, lauren had tried to seduce vaughn on several occassions, but never succeeded, she never died, never worked for the covenent, but she is a manipulative,attention seeking bitch. i always found lauren's needy nature to be sickening
Vaughn who had been talking to marshall saw sydney leave in tears he went to follow her but irina stopped him
"vaughn do you mind if i go after her?" asked irina
of course vaughn minded but he knew that irina and sydney needed to do this together
"sure, go ahead, if she needs me, i'll just be out here" said vaughn
irina nodded and followed sydney
vaughn went out side for some fresh air when someone threw their arms around him
"lauren? what are you doing here?" asked vaughn less then impressed
"i'm so sorry about what happened to Nieve" cried lauren "I'm sure you must have been close working together and all"
"Her name was Nadia" said Vaughn
"right nadia, she was so nice" said lauren
"how would you know, you never met her, and yes we were close, she was sydney's sister" said vaughn
"ah yes sydney i heard you two were back together, i dont why you bother, she left you for two years and then came back changing her mind, and you just threw yourself at her" laughed Lauren
"The covenent faked her death" spat vaughn
"yes but today's not about sydney todays about you, how about we go back to my place and i help you forget all about Nina?" suggested lauren kissing vaughn's neck vaughn pushed her away
"todays not about you. sydney just lost her sister! grow up..." begun vaughn but was cut off by laurens lips crashing against his
"you talk to much" she smiled kissing him again, vaughn pushed away again but the damage was done, he saw sydney behind lauren, as well as everyone from inside
"syd, its not what it looks like..." said vaughn
lauren turned around and smirked. before kissing vaughn again she started squealing as sydney drenched her with the hose
vaughn couldn't help but laugh
"My mistake, i thought wicked witches melted i guess that just means your a cold blooded ice bitch" said sydney "get off my land, and get your slutty paws off my fiance"
"i was just giving my condolences." smiled lauren
"i'm sure you leave, i've punched you before, i'm more then willing to do it again" said sydney
"fine, he's a terrible kisser anyway" huffed lauren before turning away
"oh lauren. your dad may be senator, but i'm still your senior, don't bother coming to work on monday, your fired...sexual harassment and tresspassing!" called carie
lauren sulked off
everyone walked back inside except, sydney and vaughn
"syd, i swear to god...she kissed me...i told her not to..." vaughn was stopped by sydney kissing him
"its ok i know...i trust you" she smiled saddly
"do you want to go inside?" asked vaughn
"not really can we just sit on the porch swing under the tree for a while, i just need you to hold me, to tell me verythings going to be okay" whispered sydney
vaughn smiled leading her to the proch swing and sitting with her, he wrapped one arm around her shoulders and lay the other one on her stomach, and kissed her forehead
"everythings going to be okay.... eventually, yes things have changed and its only natural to fight change, but as long as we are together, our baby is healthy and nadia is no longer in pain, then everythings going to be okay" whispered vaughn
"Nadia Laura Bristow Vaughn" whispered sydney
"what?" asked vaughn
"if bub is a girl, i want to name her Nadia, Laura Bristow Vaughn" whispered Sydney "in honor of her aunt and godmother"
"thats perfect" said vaughn "speaking of godparents, i was thinking weiss could be the god father and i know you had planned for nadia to be the godmother so how about nadia is the spiritual godmother, and bub has two god fathers Will and Weiss and another god mother Francie?"
"thats perfect" whispered sydney "i still can't believe she's gone...i'm worried about it okay if he lives with us for a while? he can stayed in nadia's room...will and francie can stay in the spare room...and the study can be turned into the nursery"
"i thought you wanted to move to santa barbara..." begun vaughn
"i did...i still do...and we will but right now i really need to stay here" said sydney "do you understand?"
"yeah i understand" whispered vaughn "i love you sydney"
"i love you too michael" whispered sydney
" and i love you bub as does your mum" whipsred vaughn to sydney's stomach
"and bub loves us too" smiled sydney "vaughn"
"yeah? asked vaughn
"do you really believe nadia's at peace?" asked sydney
"yeah i really do, her whole life had been interfeered by rambaldi and i really think she's at peace now" whispered vaughn
sydney snuggled into vaughn


Sep 3, 2007
vaughn and sydney sat there in silence for a few minutes before sydney begun to cry
"i'm trying to be strong i really am, but i can't believe she's not coming home, that she'll never wake up. how can i walk into APO and resign, and walked past her desk...her desk with a picture of her and i on it, her desk that was always so neat and tidy that i teased her about it, the corridor where we would hug before missions and tell each other to be safe, or the breifing room where we have sat opposite each other. i keep thinking that this is some weird mission, where we have to pretend she's dead, i keep waiting to here her voice in my ear. I walked past the study before and burst into tears, just yesterday i had sat nadia down in the living room and told her i was pregnant, she had squealed and hugged me, i almost fell of the coffee table, then she started getting excited saying she had to go to the local wool shop and learn to knit straight away, then she dragged me into the study and started pointing out where the cot and the change table should go...i still remember what she said 'the cot should be in the middle of the room, like an island so that it is central, the change table should be infront of the window so that the baby can focus on the world outside when getting changed, the chest of drawers should be against the wall opposite the crib, there should be a rocking chair in the corner, the walls should be white with a baby noah's ark border, the linen should be Yellow and green because thats neutral, and no clowns! or else aunty nadia won't come in' she than said we shouldn't find out the sex of the baby until it's born or else it will ruin the suprise, and when i told her that you and i would probaly be decorating the nursery she begged me to let her help saying that boys know nothing about decorating and i agreed that her and i would do it together, and you would do the furniture assembling and heavy lifting. how can i decorate the nursery now? how can it be that just yesterday nadia was sitting in front of me healthy talking about the future and then today she's dead and we have to bury her. i mean we never even talked about whether she wanted to be burried, cremated, where she wanted hers ashes scattered, if she wanted a big service, what song to play or anything. how can i do this without her, i keep expecting her to walk in" cried sydney
"look at me, Sydney you can do this. i will help you" said vaughn
sydney nodded looking at vaughn
"i'm still in my PJ's i should go get dressed" she whispered
"i'll come with you i'm still in my PJ's too" said vaughn
sydney nodded and accepted vaughns hand when he offered it and they walked into their bedroom
sydney went to her wardrobe and picked out some of baggy sweat pants, an old shirt of vaughn's and put on some flip flops, she tied her hair up loosly and put on an old hooded jumper of vaughn's
vaughn just put on some faded jeans and a faded kings shirt that he loved, he looked at sydney and even though she was dressed in her "shut-up-i'm-depressed" clothes as she called them he still thought she looked beautiful
sydney and vaughn walked out to where everyone was, and saw francie and will
"sydney!" cried francie wrapping her arms around sydney "how are you holding up?"
"i'm not really, i'm more of a crying wreck" smiled sydney "thanks for coming
"where else would we be, we may not have met her, but she's your sister, and besides we had spoken to her a few times on the phone" said francie "i'm so sorry syd"
sydney begun to cry
"oh come here syd" said will hugging her as she cried into will's shirt "i'm could tell you your going to be okay and get through this, but we all know you will, your strong syd. I'm so sorry"
sydney sniffed and laughed sadly
"i've ruined your shirt" she smiled
willed laughed
"i never liked this shirt anyway" he smiled
"your michael right?" asked francie "i met you when they debriefed me over the whole you have been doubled thing"
"yeah you did" said vaughn hugging her "its good to see you again"
"yeah i just wish it was under better circumstances" said francie "syd do you need anything?"
before sydney could answer the phone started to ring, no one got it and let it ring out. then the answering machine message kicked in
"Hello, you have reached the residence of Nadia Santos" said Nadia's Voice
"and Sydney Bristow" came Sydneys Voice
"unfortantly we are not home right now" said Nadia
"if you could leave us your usual details" said sydney
"we will call you back!" said nadia "thankyou andhave a great day"
everybody looked at sydney sadly
"Hi sydney this is the doctor at the CIA hospital..." said the doctor
Sydney lunged for the phone
"hello? yes... yeah thats right...excuse me? what do you mean mistake? how could that happen?" demanded sydney "thankyou for letting me know"
sydney hang up the phone and smiled
"that was Nadia's doctor, Nadia just woke up" she announced
"what?" asked everyone
"she was in the morgue and she woke up, the people in the morgue were very alarmed" smiled sydney "i have no idea how but she's alive!"
everyone looked at her like she was insane
jack called the hospital and then came back with a smile on his face
"its true, she woke up, she's alive with no signs of infection they are keeping her under close monitoring just in case, but she's asking for you sydney" beamed jack
sydney smiled and looked at vaughn before hugging him
eric just looked shocked before smiling
"she's alive!" he grinned
everyone started huggin each other crying tears of joy
irina looked at sloane strangly
"it was you wasn't it?" asked irina loud enogh so that everyone could here
"yes" said sloane "I knew about the rambaldi prophecy and so many of his predictions had come true, and i knew that sydney and naida would fight, i just didnt know how or when. all i knew was that i couldn't loose either of them, and that they needed to prove rambaldi wrong, and that his followers would keep setting them up against each other... i had a feeling yelena would have something to do with it, so when yelena was revealed to be plotting something and we begun investigating her, i got a bullet and coated it with a chemical that would send the recipient into a cartiatic arrest and kill them, and as long as the bullet was still inside the body i would press a button on my watch which i insited on keeping and not handing it in last night, it would then release a serum to wake them up 10 hours later, so when i followed sydney up to the roof and saw nadia attack her, i fire the gun at nadia, i did miss, but it still worked. rambaldi's followers believe that nadia is dead and that rambaldi's end game was reached. I'm sorry that i have all put you through hell but it had to be convincing, then when sark sent the flowers i knew it had worked and when they sent lauren who i have known to have been the mole in the cia agency and actually sark's cousin who's real name is Julia Thorne i knew that that just confirmed that Nadia was dead"
Sydney ran over to sloane and hugged him
"you saved her life, sure it didn't go to plan but you saved her!" she beamed "thankyou so much!"
eric walked over to sloane tears streaming down his cheeks
"i'm so sorry i yelled at you" he cried hugging sloane
Sydney looked at vaughn who smiled
"i'm going to go to the hospital eric, vaughn, mum, sloane can you come with me?" asked sydney "dad can you stay here with everyone?"
then sydney relised that will and francie had come all that way for nothing
"i'm so sorry you guys came all that way for no reason, can you guys stay a few days?" asked sydney
will and francie nodded and congratulated sydney

sydney, vaughn, weiss, irina and sloane walked into nadia's room
"NADIA!" squealed sydney running to her bedside and hugging her "i'm so glad your ok"
"what happened?" asked nadia
"basically you and i were fighting on the roof top, sloane shot you, you died, but as usual sloane had thought ahead and spike the bullet to fake your death" said vaughn
eric walked over to nadia and stroke her hair
"my sweet nadia, god i love you" he whispered
"i love you too" smiled nadia
"i don't ever want to loose you again...if it's okay with sydney, and she probaly wont want to let you out of her sight ever again, you are moving back in with sydney and if you want me to i will move in with you and if not i will just camp out on the lawn" joked weiss
"Your moving in" said nadia and sydney in illusion
weiss kiss nadia's forehead and held her hand
"nadia, the last 24 hours have been hell, i want to spend the rest of my life with you, i dont want regrets nadia will you marry me?" asked weiss "i dont have a ring, but...i do at home, i was going to ask you on our first night moved in together, but michael asked syd and then..."
"yes i will marry you" smiled nadia "Mum?"
"i'm right here sweetheart" said irina standing next to her when eric moved, he refused to let go of nadia's hand
"i'm sorry i scared you all" she whispered
"i just relised something" said weiss "all 3 of you have faked your death, not by choice, but at one time or another we thought each of you had died, all incidents involving guns"
every one smiled
"what happened to yelena?" asked Nadia
"she's gone, she can't hurt you agian" said irina
"where's dad?" asked nadia
"right here" said sloane stepping foreward
"you saved my life?" she asked in disbelief
"yes" said sloane
"thankyou" she whispered horesly
a nurse walked in that minute
"i'm sorry Ms Santos needs her rest, can you all come back tomorrow?" said the nurse
irina and sloane said goodbye to nadia, leaving sydney, vaughn and weiss with her
sydney hugged nadia
"we will see you tomorrow" she said
vaughn squeezed nadia's hand and kissed her cheek
weiss kissed her hand, lips and forehead
"i will be here first thing tomorrow" he whispered "i love you so much"
"i love you too" smiled nadia "cya guys"

sydney and vaughn walked out of the hospital holding hands, sydney smiling vaughn couldn't help watch her
"what?"laughed sydney
"your smile i've missed it, it had only been 24 hours but i didn't know when i'd see it again" smiled vaughn

all five of them walked into the house and everyone stood up and started asking questions
"how is she?"
"is sloane still going back to jail?"
"when is she coming home?"
"was she awake?"
Sydney laughed
"who needs a media circus when you have the friends and family" joked sydney
"my FIANCE is coming home in a few days, we are moving back here, she's tired, sore but alive and she loves me!" announced Weiss
"Langly just called, arvin Sloane has been released from US custody and all charges dropped ditto with irina" annouced jack
everyone cheered
"i don't mean to be rude, but its been a long day and everyones been so great and we will keep you updated but could you all come back when nadia comes home, i'm sure she'd love to see you all" said sydney everyone nodded
"will, Francie, Mum, Dad, Arvin, Eric and you of course vaughn can you guys please stay"
everyone who was leaving hugged sydney and the remining party before leaving.
Sydney flopped down on the couch and sighed
"god its been a long day" she smiled
vaughn sat down next to her and lay her head on his lap stroking her hair
"vaughn, and Will can you guys help me move nadias stuff back in here and mine?" asked weiss
vaughn and will both nodded
"agh about that eric can i please speak to you" said sloane
eric gulped dramtically before following
"i'm sorry i didn't ask your permission before i asked her, i just ouldnt help it, i couldnt wait another minute. and dont worry, i plan to buy a house near sydney and michael, and provide for her, but i am going to quit the CIA, the agency and encourage Nadia to do the same, maybe i will coach PeeWee hockey and fulfil my dream of owning a magic shop" said eric
"i have no doubt that you will take care of nadia, i just wanted to say that if i could choose anyone, to spend the rest of their life with my daughter it would be you, welcome to the family" said sloane
"thankyou arvin" smiled eric shaking his hand

back in the lounge
francie and will sat opposite sydney and vaughn
"syd, we have some news" said francie "will and i are engaged!"
"wait what?" asked sydney sitting up smiling
"Will you FINALLY popped the question?" she asked
will nodded
"yep!" he beamed
"when?" asked sydney
"he asked me a week ago, i wanted so much to tell you, but there was a security breech at the safe house....and thats not all" beamed Francie. "we got told its now safe to move back here!"
"oh my god really?" asked sydney "You guys can stay here, you don't have any furniture, you guys can stay here we have room, i mean as long as it's ok with vaughn, eric and nadia"
"its fine with me" said vaughn
"and me!" said eric " and i'm sure nadia won't mind"
"that settles it, tomorrow, when the boys are moving erics stuff here and nadia's stuff back here you and i will move your stuff in here" said sydney "oh and eric since your moving in, no Pornography of any kind, no dead animals, mounted on the wall, any weapons of any kind are going in the Basement with all of ours, except for one pistol, a clip, a knife and a tazer which will be kept in your bedside table, which is the same for e everyone one, 4 ex agents, and 2 former covenant victims mean we are targets, security is tight and weiss if you clip your toe nails do it in the bathroom along with all personal grooming, and you are not bringing in your arm chair, that diseased thing is going in the garage"
everyone laughed
sydney stood up and went and got a change of sheets and towels for francie and will
"will, vaughn can you go make up the spare bed, francie can i please talk to you in the kitchen? i want to have a nice dinner for when nadia gets back. Weiss, sit relax, get to know the future inlaws and my dad" said sydney "oh and will, when you give vaughn 'the talk' be nice"
"she knows us all so well its scary" commented will

will and vaughnwent into the guest room and will closed the door
"don't worry, i'm not armed, i don't know how to torture you. i'm sure jack's talk was much worse" said will "ok sydney is my best friend, i love her, she's like me sister, i've known her my whole life (author's note: in this story, will and sydney had grown up next to each other and francie lived accross the stree, will and sydney dated briefly in high school but decided it was to weird, if i end up doing another fanfic, it will be a companion to this story of when sydney and will and francie were teenagers called forever young but i don't know if i'll do it yet depends how many people like this one), and i'll do anything to protect her, i'll admit it when i first heard about you i was jealous, not because you were dating sydney but because she had someone else to talk to other then me, and if you do mistreat her in anyway, whether it's hitting her, putting her down, cheating on her, or just not treating her right, i will dig up your past and magnify what ever flaw i find a million times and write an article about it, i won't kill you but i will make sure no one ever trusts you again. now that the threats are over and done with. i know you won't hurt her, your good for her, when she's talking about you, her voice cahnges, she gets this look in her eyes, a look of love, helped her when danny died, you helped her destroy SD-6, you saved my life. you are a good guy. in fact just after i found out the truth bout the ciaand sydney when ever her phone rang i knew she couldnt tell me who is was so she would say babd guy if it was sloane, god guys if it was cia, dad if it was jack, if it was you she would say good guy very good guy. so basically don't hurt her and as i said when you asked me for my blessing, treat her right" said will
"i will trust me i will treat her right Will, i will never hurt her" said vaughn
"good, now lets make this bed" said Will

back in the lounge, eric was sitting opposite jack and sloane and irina on the side of the couch, Jack and sloane, we staring and glaring at eric, trying to make him uncomfortable and it was working, what weiss didn't know was that this was a game sloane and jack used to play when they were younger, a staring competition with a twist, if the victim (weiss in the case) was to single one of them out, and tell them that they are freaking him out that person would win and if either of them laughed that person lost. irina knew what they were doing and threw a cushion at each of them and laughed
"Arvin! Jack! stop it leave the poor boy alone!" laughed irina
sloane and jack burst out laughing
"ignore them, its a game for them, they used to do it, to me all the time, but i never was intimidated" smiled irina
sydney and francie walked back in, sydney saw eric's uneasiness and that jack and sloane were laughing
"they were doing the staring thing weren't they?' asked sydney weiss nodded "i meant to warn you about that sorry, i warned vaughn and will"
vaughn and will walked back in
"what did you warn us about?" asked vaughn hugging sydney from behind
"Sloane and dad's staring game" said sydney
"agh was eric their newest victim was he?" asked will smiling
everyone laughed


Sep 3, 2007
Later that afternoon, everyone was sitting around the loungelaughing and exchaning funny stories. weiss was sitting on an arm chair, sloane was sitting on the couch, jack was next to him, with irina sitting on the arm of the couch, her legs crossed over his lap and his arm around her, will was sittin on the couch with francie on his lap, sydney was sitting next vaughn, her legs tucked up and playing with the back of his hair they were all drinking cheap whine and beer.
"so we walked into this club, vaughn decked out in leather, me in leather pants and a mesh top that was see through and blue hair, and this guy tried to dance with me or something, and vaughn just shot him this look like "shes-with-me-pal" and shoved him away. even back then he was protective" smiled sydney kissing vaughn
everybody laughs
irina passes jack a bottle of wine and he purs a glass as he's drinking they both smile
"I know what you're thinking." said jack
"Do you?" asked irina smiling
"The toaster." said jack
irina laughs
"what are you guys talking about?" asked sydney
"We used to have this toaster at home. It was broken and using it one night, I started a small fire." remembered jack
"We had something like this to drink and we both had a little too much. " laughed irina
"I forgot about the toast I was making." smiled jack
"When was this?" asked sydney
"You were... four years old." smiled irina "There was so much smoke, we had to move out for a week. We stayed in that hotel."
"The Summit. " recalled jack
"yes The Summit." said irina
"W-wait was that the hotel with the sundaes?" asked sydney
"Mm-hmm." said irina
"Yeah. I think you had one every night." smiled jack
sydney smiled
"i just thought of a funny mission" said weiss "nice"
sydney and vaughn groaned
"we were in the bunker, and having just experienced a near death experience, i talked vaughn into asking sydney out and telling her how he felt and when she accepted..." begun weiss
"weiss did this little victory dance" laughed vaughn
"anyway they went to this restraunt, and vaughn has comms so i could tell him if they had been spotted and give him tips, anyway vaughn started telling sydney this lame story about how he got his call sign, and went i told vaughn his story sucked, vaughn turned me off, then the owner offered them a key thanks to me... and they were consideering it when i called them to tell them they had been spotted!" laughed weiss
"wait you got the owner to give us the key?" asked sydney
"i was just helping out my man vaughn" laughed weiss who vaughn threw a cushion at, everyone laughed
"i've got one.... " said sloane "jack remember our first CIA mission?"
jack smiled
"yes the surgery cart" he remembered
"what?" asked sydney
"we were tasked to go to germany, to retrieve a chip from a comatosed patient, anyway we were disgised as doctor, and we were removing the chip, and we had to be quiet, and the chip was in the guys knee, so i was removing it, and even though he was a vegatble his reflexes still worked, so i tapped this guys knee, to try and get the chip, and the guys leg hit, sloane who tripped over and fell on to the surgery cart making lots of noise, except he fell on a syringe full of drugs that make you numb and drowsy, and we triggered the security and ihad to drag sloane away coz he couldn't walk straight" laughed jack
everyone laughed
"ok i dont have funny mission stories, but on will's first day as a bus boy at the restraunt, he was clearing tables, and thinking he could do it quicker, he carried every single plated and glass and cutlery except he didnt see the sign saying the kitchen floor was wet and he slipped and dropped every single plate and glass and they all shattered, and we had only just opened, and that was all the dished we had and we had a huge booking so he went to every shop and brought as many plates as he could, and got all the plates from home and his sisters place...thinking i wouldn't know" laughed francie "it was priceless when he served up the minister of food and tourismn his meal on a plastic plate, that had winnie the pooh on it"
everyone burst out laughing
"oooh i have another one" smiled francie "syd do you remember when we let charlie, will and danny go pick up the food for amy's engagement party?"
"yes!" laughed sydney
"don't you dare!" warned will
"yes please do" encouraged weiss
"ok anyway the boys went to go pick up the supplies, and everything was going fine, except they didn't look at the cake, the flowers or the ballons...anyway they got back and relised there had been a mistake, i mean for starters the cake read 'happy 100th birthday Amy" and so did the balloons and the flowers was a wreath that read happy 100th birthday...i mean as if i would order a wreath! anyway the boys didn't want to look useless, so instead of going back and fixing up the order, they scraped off the writing and decided to take up cake decorating, and they wrote congratulations Amy and Mark on the cake. and they blew up their own balloons and removed the baner on the wreath, everything was fine, until when it came time for the cake, and amy and her fiance Tom saw the cake. Will didn't even know his owns sisters fiance's name he had written tom which had been her ex! and then the party shop called and told us there had been a mistake with the order and that we had got given some 100th year old lady's cake and decorations" laughed francie "it was so funny expescially when will and danny were giving each other felgercarb about it, and will goes to danny at least i know how to spell congratulations...danny replied i save lives i dont need to know how to spell!"
everyone laughed and sydney got up and walked outside, vaughn followed her
"Oh god danny" said francie remembering feeling really guilty
"its ok" said will

outside, sydney was looking at the sun setting when vaughn walked out
"you okay?" asked vaughn
"um yeah. i was just thinking about what danny said to me after that...he said to me "don't worry when we get engaged i will let the proffesionals do the cake and make sure its the right one." then he put his hand over his mouth and goes "oops! i didn't just say that! that wasn't a proposal...not yet anyway" and then he yelled out "i accidently proposed to sydney and now she looks scared! oh the heartbreak! quick i need a heart transplant Stat!'." sydney laughed at the memory "he was a funny guy and i loved him so much, but i love you more and that makes me feel quilty"
"syd danny would want you to be happy" said vaughn hugging sydney from behind
"i know" whispered sydney, "and i am happy, but i just can't help think what if... i mean if i never told danny the truth, he would still be alive, but i wouldn't have known the truth about SD-6. i wouldn't have met you, or weiss, or nadia i wouldnt have a relationship with my father and i wouldnt have known my mum was still alive.... and i can't imagine my life without you. i'm not saying im glad danny died, but i accept that it was a necesary step in my journey to find you...that sounded weird" laughed sydney
vaughn smiled and kissed her neck
"i know what you mean, if my dad hadn't died, i wouldnt have joined the cia to find the truth" said vaughn
sydney turned around and kissed vaughn
'we're getting married. we're having a baby" she smiled
"yes we are" smiled vaughn kissing her
"and nadia's alive" smiled sydney


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Sep 3, 2007
is the story too predictable? i felt that everytime something bad happened, i fixed it and every chapter ended with a happy that bad? this is my first alias fanfiction and feed back? Critisim? Comments? tips?


Sep 3, 2007
vaughn and sydney stood out side wrapped in each others arms. watching the sunset for a few more minutes
vaughn kissed sydney's head and sydney looked up at him and kissed his chin and vaughn kissed her lips, sydney snuggled back against vaughn and smiled contently
"its been such a hectic 24 hours...i just relised that we are engaged and expecting a child...and we havent celebrated yet" smiled sydney
vaughn laughed then got an idea
"wait here" he said letting go of sydney and going inside

"francie...can i speak to you?" asked vaughn
francie looked up at will then a vaughn and nodded, getting up and following him into the study and he shut the door behind them
"i need to ask you a favor" he begun
"of course anything" she smiled
"ok well um the last 24 hours have been hell for syd, and um well, yesterday she told me she was pregnant, and i proposed and then we went off to save the world, not exactly romantic, i mean i always thought i'd propose to her at a romantic dinner, or that at least we'd go to dinner afterwards and have night of...romance" explained vaughn
"i think i get it, how about i take sydney shopping for "tea" and you guys makes te house all romantic, rose petals, candles, soft music, etc. and then i take everyone else out for dinner? give you guys the house to yourself for a few hours?" asked francie
"perfect!" smiled vaughn
vaughn and francie went back out into the lounge area
"sydney!" called francie sydney came back in "i just looked in your cupboard you have dried can i make dinner with out fresh herbs?"
sydney laughed
"i'm sorry if i had known you were going to grace us with your presence i would have stocked you want me to go to the store?" aksed sydney with a smile
"yep, i'll come with you" said francie
sydney grabbed her coat and bag and kissed vaughn on the cheek
"we'll be back soon" she smiled
vaughn kissed her fully on the lips
"i love you" he smiled
"i love you too" she grinned
francie kissed will quickly
"love you" she smiled
"love you too" replied will
sydney and francie walked out the door, and once vaughn heard the car drive off he turned to the remaining guests
" you all know, we have all been through hell the last 24 hours... and yesterday i popped the question to syd, but not the way i had planned...i had planned to take her out for tea in santa barbara and do it...but it didnt work out that i got francie to take sydney away while we made this place more romantic...." explained vaughn
"i am not helping you get laid" joked weiss but shut up when will and jack glared at him
'weiss its not about that, its about giving her a better memory of the time i asked her to marry her" said vaughn
irina smiled
"what do you want us to do?" she asked
"well the empty bottles have to go" begun vaughn "um, weiss in the bar fridge in the garage there are 3 containers of rose petals, and a bottle of champagne, strawberries and chocolate, could you get them?"
weiss nodded getting up and walking to the garage, sloane picked up all the bottles with jacks help and took them to the recycling
"irina, there's a box of candles in the hall closet and a lighter in the first kitchen drawer closer to the door" said vaughn
irina went and got the candles
"what about me?" asked will
"um could you start the fire?" asked vaughn
will nodded
weiss walked in with the thing from the garage
"where do you want these?" he asked
"um just over their on the ottomon, wait um irina, can you get out the red throw and table cloth from the hall closet?" asked irina
irina passed him the blanket and table cloth, vaughn put the table cloth over the coffee table and lay out the champagne and the crystal bowl of starwberries and chocolate, and the flutes he then grabed one large candle and put it in the centre, weiss helped him scatter the rose petals around while irina place lit candles around the room
"what music?" asked will
"cold play's god put a smile on your face" replied vaughn "on repeat but turn it down so its just quiet enough to here the lyrics...thankyou"
"uh weiss can you destract jack so he doesn't kill me while i'm decorating the bedroom?" asked vaughn
weiss laughed but agreed
vaughn went and got some pure white satin sheets and walked into the room, irina followed
"uh what are you doing in here?" he asked
"i thought i'd help" she offered
"i'm sorry even if you han't killed my father i would still say no, you helping me decorate the bedroom i share with sydney, so i can make love to your daughter is just plain weird and this is an intimate thing, and i would prefer to do it alone" warned vaughn
"i was just going to offer to hel you change the sheets, it would be quicker, francie can't keep her away all night" said irina
"fine" said vaughn knowing she had a point
irina helped vaughn strip the sheets and remake the bed with the satin ones, then helped vaughn with the doona and the red satin comforter and the pillows and cushions
"thankyou" said vaughn
"your welcome and don't worry i won't tell jack what you said about tonights activities" smiled irina
vaughn blushed
"i'm sorry i yelled at you, i meant what i said, sydney may have forgiven you, but i will never forgive you for what you did to my family, but for sydey i am willing to act civil to you even if its only in front of sydney" said vaughn
"ok, i hope tonight goes well for you" smiled irina before leaving
vaughn scattered rose petals over the bed and floor and lit candles around the room, he then got got changed into a white button up shirt and kaki's he left the last two buttons of his shirt open and dimmed the lights before walking out into the louge, it looked so beautiful, the fire was flickering the amber glow reflecting off the champange flutes and the light from the candles glowing and dancing, around the soflty lit room, the pink, white and red rose petals were scattered around the room, a trail from the door to the lounge, there were red and white cushions scattered on the couches and it looked so perfect
sloane, jack, will, eric and irina stood there watching him
"i think its so romantic, proposing on the 1st of october, at the start of the month" irina told jack
"wait... todays the 1st of october?" asked vaughn
everyone nodded
vaughn ran and got his fathers watch and put it on
"i met sydney 6 years today, i didn't relise" explained vaughn
"thats even more romantic" sobbed weiss
"are you crying?" asked will
"no! its the rose's i have hayfever" lied weiss
"he's crying" said vaughn
"well its just so romantic!" said weiss rubbing his eyes
everyone shutup when they heard a car door slam shut
"I',\m just saying SYD, what kind of 24 hour fresh produce shop doesn't stock fresh Thyme?" asked francie loudly, clearly letting them know that her and sydney were home
"that one?" laughed sydney
vaughn hearded everyone around to the back deck and they starte talking loudly
"i think they are out the back" said sydney walking around the back to where everyone was
"hi girls" said jack
"hi dad, where's vaughn?" asked sydney
"um he's inside, lying on the couch, he hit his head, there was blood but not enough for medical attention" lied weiss
"yeah, we were just saying that we should al go out for tea, but we can't leave michael alone" lied will
"oh my god is he ok? i'll stay with him, you guys go and have dinner, i'll just heat up one of the meals carrie and dianne left us" said sydney
"are you sure?" asked sloane
"yeah i mean we can stay if you want" said irina
"yeah i'm sure, besides francie couldn't find the herbs she needed, yu guys go and have fun" said sydney
everyone left and said good bye to sydney
sydney begun to walk in to the lounge
"hows your head? i leave you for 5 minutes and i come back and your bleeding..." sydney stopped what she was saying when she saw the candle lit, rose covered longue and vaughn standing in front of her
"whats going on? your not bleeding..." she begun
"i'm fine, i never hit my head, you know for a spy your very gallable" laughed vaughn then her turned serious "i need your ring"
"what?" she asked
"your engagement ring" he explained
sydney took it off and handed it to him, vaughn knelt on one knee
"last night was almost perfect, i mean you told me i was going to be a father and then you agreed to be my wife, but then instead of celebrating and making love we went and saved the world and you and nadia almost died...and thats how your going to remember it, and i know you have a hard 24 hours, i mean we have both been distracted and didnt even relise what day it is today" said vaughn "today is October the 1st, it was today 6 years ago, when you came into the cia with that bozo red hair and in serious need of a dentist, and that was also the day my fathers watch stopped working... sydney i know you already agreed to be my wife, but i'm going to ask you again...sydey anne bristow, i want to wake up every single day, with you next to me, i want you to be the 1st thing i see in the morning and the last thing i see before i go to sleep, i want to be there to protect you, even though you can protect yourself, i want to be there, everyday to prove to you just how much i love you, how much you mean to me, to be the perfect father, the perfect husband, i want to experience everything with you, i want to grow old with you...syd will you marry me?" asked vaughn
sydney grinned
"yes! of course i will marry you!" she laughed throwing her arms around him, vaughn lost his balance and they fell over laughing
he kissed her grinning
"that was the best second marriage proposal ever" smiled sydney
vaughn smiled
"do you want som champange? chocolate? strawberries? he asked but was cut off by sydney's lips crashing down on his
"no i want you" she smiled
vaughn stood up and helped her up
sydney kissed vaughn passionately and when they parted they smiled breathlessly

he leaned in and placed one arm around her waist then softly kissed her lips gently licking them until she let him in and he entwined her tongue with his. He slowly and delibrately brought his free hand to her face and through her hair.
she moaned into him and he felt her give into the kiss. sydney slowly undid dannys necklace, as per her agreement with vaughn and put it in her pocket.
Vaughn's hand drifted down Sydney's back and slid smoothly under her tshirt onto the small of her back and her bare warm skin. sydney felt the blood rush back to her face colouring her cheeks and down her neck wildly. Vaughn bent down and catured her earlobe between his teeth gently and whispered in her ear
"god i want you so bad..." vaughn ws planting soft teasing kisses down her neck and onto her collarbone by now, his words sweducing sydney and embarrassing her because she knew it was true.
with that he leaned in and kissed sydney again but more passion, and his hands roaming under her top and running over her breasts. sydney couldn't help but lean into his touch, her nipples hardening under his gentle caress over her bra. vaughn lifted the top over her head and pulled her in close to him, so they pressed together, never stopping the kissing in case. He removed his own shirt quickly showing his muscular torso and pulled them together , skin to skin this time.

His hands wre running up along the sides of her arms and hips bringing heat to her skin ....and other places. He captured her mouth in another kiss and snaked his hands down to unlatch her bra, taking her wrists away from her chest and running the straps down her arms. He grasped one of her small breasts with his warm lips before she could shield them again. sydney let out a deep breath despite herself tristan moaned against her making her feel like jelly.

He bought his face back up to hers and teased her nipple, circling the wet bud with his fingers. He held his mouth just and inch away from hers, challenging her will. He saw the moment she gave in, her eyes glazed over and she resigened herself to the fact she wanted him and kissed her willingly. It was all the affirmation he needed. Suddenly their hand were everywhere, discovering what made each other squirm and moan. Fingers playing over their torsos , backs and arms. Vaughn slowly but firmly moved them in the directionof their room
He pulled her to her the kiss almost bruising her lips as he claimed her mouth with tongue and teeth. He sucked and bit gently at her neck and shoulder blades, marking her as his. Their clothes fell about them quickly and their skin slid against each others heatedly seeking friction. his mouth slid over her breasts teasing them mercilessly with his tongue then twisting them with his teeth making her cry out his name. he liked the sound of it tumbling helplessly from her lips he slid her up against the closed door and down onto his hard cock drving all the way in on one stroke.

Sydney gasped and clutched at his neck kissing him demandingly as he fucked her slow and deep against the door for as long as he could hold her, then stumbled back so he landed on the bed with her on top of him. sydney tensed a little at the new angle as it stretched her. vaughn sighed as he felt her clenched around him. She was so tight, so wet and hot. he ran his hands over her hips and lifted her showing her how to control being on top until she took over and he could put his hands to better use. He circled her clit with his thumb grinding down as she pushed down onto him and releasing as she moved back up. she came quivering around him and he pulled her down to kiss her as he came, not able to hold on any longer.

He held her to him while they came down, lazily stroking her skin and feeling goosebumps rise over sensitive spots, that he had memorized. sydney glanced up at him and stared into his intense green eyes.

vaughn turned them over so he was lying over her and nibbled his way down her body gently. he delibrately left a small bruise by sucking at her inner thigh, smiling as he thought of sydney finding it later. he licked at her clit still sensitive from his earlier ministrations and circled it with his tongue spreading her wide with his hands he exposed her cunt and slung her legs over his shoulders. vaughn laughed softly. his tongue slid into her tasting the remmants of his orgasm but not worried about it. he tonguefucked her slowly and teasingly hitting every nerve ending he found repeatedly until she was begging, literally. he loved the sound of her pleading, his name becoming a mantra on her lips. he kissed her breathlessly
"i'm going to go get a drink, do you want one?" asked vaughn
"mmmhmm" whispered sydney, still coming down from her orgasmn

When she came to a minute later vaughn was gone. she pulled the sheet around her self consciously and bit her lip. He came in seconds later bearing sodas. He smirked and handed her one. She blushed accepting the can from his very naked self. apparantly he wasn't selfconscious then. He sat on the bed beside her and lowered the sheet so he could admire her a little more, he loved the way she sqirmed under his gaze and he smirked as he stared into her eyes. sydney went to cover herself again when vaughn stopped her
"hey...dont ever hide from me...your beautiful" whispered vaughn

she drank nervously. how could he make her feel nervous still? after all of that? he stood up and sydney found herself staring at his still erect cock. she leaned forward and took the tip into her mouth sucking down and tasting them both. She sucked and licked hollowing her cheeks knowing this is what he liked. vaughn moaned, threding his fingers though her hair and encouraging her to go harder, waiting for her to get enough confidence, he looked into her eyes, never breaking eye contact as she sucked him. he took her wrist leading her hand towards his balls and drawing her fingers around them gently. she stroked them softly taking the hint and was rewarded with a throaty moan from vaughn. She decided to be bold and drew back from his cock removed her hand from his balls placing it where her mouth had been and drew his tight balls into her mouth carefully with her tongue.


vaughn bucked forward into her fist and she took that as a sign he was enjoying this exploration of hers. she licked his sac alterating between firm and soft licks and stroking her tongue just behind them, still sliding her fist up and down his length. She felt him thrusting more urgently and increased her speed before sucking him back into her mouth. She continued to suck him, growing bolder and exploring him with her tongue, dpping it in the sensitive slit making him jerk towards her. Finally he firmly but gently grasped her hair and began to create a rhythm up and down. she looked up at him with wide eyes seeking his approval and that was enough to send him over the edge. He came in her unsuspecting mouth and she swallowed reflexly, cum dribbled from the corner of her lips as he pulled her up and kissed her feircely melding his tongue with hers. he lay back on the bed arm thrown across his face and shaking his head. he licked his cum from the corner of her lips and smiled. suddenly he relised something and his smile faded
"oh felgercarb, how could i be so stupid!" he said sitting up
"what?" asked sydney
"Your pregnant...and i was so rough and hard...oh felgercarb...did i hurt you? did i hurt the baby?" asked vaughn
"no you didnt hurt either of us" smiled sydney
vaughn kissed sydney and just as syd was deepening the kiss they were interupted by gun fire in the other room
vaughn jumped up and quickly got dressed handing sydney her clothes and grabbing a gun
"syd, call your father...tell them we are under fire, get dressed and just stay here" said vaughn kissing sydney softly
"Vaughn! you need back up" she hissed getting dressed
"call your dad" said vaughn "i'll be back in a minute"
"be careful" she whispered
vaughn left the room quietly while sydney put dannys necklace back on and dialed her fathers number
"dad, its syd, you all need to come here right now, call dixion, we need back up now" whispered sydney
"what is everything alright?" asked jack
"no, we have shooters in the house, vaughn is out there trying to fend them off, he needs back up, he wont let me help" said sydney
"syd stay where you are, we are 5 minutes away" said jack

out in the lounge vaughn held his gun up and his behind the wall as two intruders trashed the lounge looking for something
"i dont know, i think we have the wrong house" said one of them
"No mr sark said it was this house and besides look at that picture, shes the splitting image of the chosen one" said the other "we need her to fulfil rambaldi's legacy"
"So the eggs were destroyed remember?" said the 1st one
Sydney ran into the rotunda tears streaming down her face, she ran into weiss
"Weiss have you seen vaughn?" she asked
without even looking up from his desk weiss answered
"Syd, he needs space if you cant find him then chances are he doesnt want to be found...what happened?" asked weiss noticing her tear stained cheeks
"where's vaughn?" she asked
weiss pointed over to the hall, sydney ran in that directions in tears, only to crash into vaughn
"woah slow down syd! wait whats wrong?" he asked catching her
"i-i met with Kendal and he told me...w-what happened...scar...eggs...ramabaldi" She sobbed
"wait slow down...what happened" he encouraged
"Kendal kidnapped me, then told me the truth about my missing years, i had told him and taken away my own memories...the prophecy about the chosen one...they extracted my eggs" she cried
"Who did?" asked vaughn "why?"
"the covenent did" sobbed sydney "This woman here depicted will possess unseen marks, signs that she will be the one to bring forth my works: bind them with fury, a burning anger. Unless prevented, at vulgar cost, this woman will render the greatest power unto utter desolation."
then it all hit vaughn, the covenent had stolen sydney from him, and he had just got her back and now they had stolen her eggs, their plans for children dashed
"Oh god syd" said vaughn hugging her
*end flashback*
that night they had been ordered to bring in the test tubes for anaylysis, but vaughn and sydney couldnt do that, vaughn had held sydney's hand as she destroyed the lab with a flame thrower
vaughn turned his attention back to the intruders
"yes, but the chosen one is pregnant, so we have been told to do recon, so we can put the house under surveilence and come and take her at a later time" said the other
"why not just take her now?" asked the 1st one
"because those werent our orders" snapped the other "our orders are to take her once she's 4 months pregnant, hold her against her will, torture her until she speaks about everything she knows about rambaldi, once she gies birth, we kill her. i reckon we should send her back to the cia limb by limb in exchange for the rambaldi artifacts!"
the other one laughed
vaughn felt his blood boil, he walked out from his hidding spot and shoteach of them in the back of the head killing them, once he had done a quick yet thorough check of the appartment he ran back into their room
"Pack as much stuff as you can" He whispered
"what?" asked sydney
"they were from the covenent, they were here to do recon so they could kidnap you, and take the baby...syd its not safe here anymore, pack as much as you can" said vaughn
sydney begun to pack
"VAUGHN! SYD!" Yelled jack
vaughn ran out to see jack, weiss, will, francie, irina, and sloane
"What happened?" asked jack
francie looked around and saw the dead bodies and screamed
weiss and sloane dragged them into the garage so she didn't have to look at the bodies
"they were covenent, they were here to do recon, so that they could kidnap sydney, torture sydney, take the baby and kill sydney" said vaughn "its not safe here anymore, i want sydney, and i moved into APO til the babies, born and maybe nadia as well"
"vaughn..." begun jack
"no jack! they broke into our house, talking about kidnapping sydney, holding her to the babies born, torturing her, keeping the baby, killing her and sending her back to us limb by limb in exchange for rambaldi artifacts! its not safe here for her anymore, and not for nadia, they may kidnap nadia and hold her ransom until we give them syd... i dont know! all i know is that its not safe here not anymore, and after everything we have done for the CIA and APO..."
"vaughn i agree with you... but you said they were bugging the house...have you scanned the place for bugs?" asked jack
"no, but if there was any bugs or survelience equipment we would have been alerted" said vaughn pointing to the alarm system "we need to get syd out of here"
"i agree" said jack "francie, can you help sydney pack, Weiss can you pack nadias things and will can you pack up photos, valuable and weapons?"
everyone nodded and walked off to do there duties
"irina can you get any thing that looks sentimental?" asked jack
"the alice in wonderland books on the book case, theirs a photo frame on the mantle, emily's seed box is in the hall closet, and a shirt of danny's is in there can't throw it out it means alot to her" said vaughn when everyone looked at him confused
"have you packed?" asked jack
"i'll pack once she's safe..." begun vaughn
"no once we leave, you are not coming back...the house will be burnt down" said jack
"oh ok" said vaughn getting a shoe box out of the closet, donovan out of the laundrey, donovon's bowl, his hockey things, a picture of his parents, some clothes and a box marked childhood and handed them to arvin
"Oh felgercarb dad!" said vaughn going into the hall closet and grabbing his fathers ashes and without thinking handed them to irina
"um..." said irina not knowing what to do
jack took them and put them in the car along with everything else
vaughn walked into the bedroom to see sydney and francie packing
"syd grab everything, we're not coming back" said vaughn
sydney nodded

10 minutes later everyone was all ready to leave, the cars were packed, all personal, photos, bills and other identifiable things were packed
sydney looked at vaughn sadly
"you okay?" he asked
"um yeah...well no, i was just thinking last time my house got burnt down, i never had a chance to pack anything" said sydney
vaughn hugged her
"i know, but at least your not in there when it goes up in flames" said vaughn
sydney nodded


Sep 3, 2007
vaughn and sydney walked into APO following Jack
"it's not much, but it's safe" said jack walking them past the debrief room, the desks and into the back where there was an appartment
"wow ive seen safe houses more decorated then this" said vaughn
sydney elbowed him
"its great dad" she smiled
jack nodded and went to leave
"oh, uh there is a personal alarm button on either side of the bed, in the bathroom, at the door, in the kitchen and near the cot. to come in and out simply press the green button and punch in a 7 digit code of your choice, and a finger print recongnition, Dixion, Weiss, Nadia, Myself and marshall have access to this room, you can let people in as well. Nadia and weiss will be in the room next to you and will and francie, the room next to you on the left" said jack
"wait why will and francie?" asked sydney
"the covenent could kidnap them in order to get you to turn yourself in" said jack "now what code would you like?"
"2827268" said vaughn "its BUB-SB-MV on a telephone keypad"
sydney smiled
"ok" said jack "uh theirs food in the fridge, the casseroles and meals from the other house have been divided between the three of you, if you need anything just ring"
"thanks dad" said sydney
once jack had left sydney and vaughn took a good look around
there was a couch, a queen bed, a cot, change table and rocker on one wall, a wardrobe, a kitchenette, a small kitchen table, and a bathroom
sydney and vaughn begun to unpack their things
suddenly there was a knock on the door
sydney saw that it was an apo officer and let him in
"Hello agent bristow, agent vaughn, my name is agent grace but you can call me tom, if you need anything at all i will be just out side" said tom
"um, ok this place is a little bland, and we are not able to leave the building, can you please get a potted plant, some flowers, a few cushions and throws?" asked sydney 'and could you get the same for the other 2 rooms?"
tom smiled
"i told them it was bland, i spent six months in a safe house in africa, one of the poorest countries and the safe house was more exciting then this!" smiled tom "any color?"
"as long as they co-ordinate with the rest of the furniture, i think red" said sydney
"Ok" said tom "is there anything else?"
"um the tv does it get ESPN?" asked vaughn "theres a king game on"
"yep it does" said tom
"im sorry if we seem demanding?" appoligised sydney
"not at all! if your stck here for the next few months you should at least be comfortable" said tom before leaving
sydney opened up the closets to see, that there were clean sheets, baby clothes in green, yellow, blue and pink, as well as baby wraps. there were also dvd's and in the kitchen there was plenty of food and ingredients and in the bathroom all of their brands of toiletries
vaughn put his clothes in his side of the wardrobe, and sydney's in hers. while sydney put the pictures out and put the books on the small bookcase
sydney looked up when she heard someone knock on the door and smiled when she saw francie and will and let them in
sydney hugged them both
"how are you going?" asked francie
"i'm okay how bout you guys? im so sorry you had to be dragged into this" said sydney
"stop...its fine" said francie "our place looks like this, very plain, but we dont have anything to decorate it with"
"tom, an agent is out getting cushions, throws and plants" said vaughn
"Oh good" said francie
there was another knock at the door followed by a bark
"is that? donovan?" asked vaughn going to answer the door to see jack not looking very impressed, holding donovons lead
"you are to clean up all of, he is not aloud out of this room, he's not aloud outside which i think is cruel but apparently my opinion doesn't matter, apparently this dog will bring a new sense of comfort to your lives. the vet will be here once a month" said jack letting go of the lead
vaughn laughed as donovon ran to him and licked his face
"tom just called, he has gone and brought, cot linen, cushions, plant life, rugs, throws, lamps, vases and artwork...why is one of our agents acting like he's about o quit the cia and become a decorator? he is here to help you in your transition and help you feel safe not decorate!" said jack
"dad, look at this place, its white! ive seen dentists more comfortable then this!" said sydney
"fine...ok nadia is coming here tomorrow" said jack
"dad has the house been destroyed yet?" asked sydney
"no it will be tomorrow, after we have explained everything to nadia incase there is something there she wants" said jack before leaving
vaughn, sydney, francie and will sat at the table when there was another knock at the door
vaughn went and answered it to see tom with boxes and bags all around him
"Mr tippin Miss Calfro, there is all of this waiting at your door" said tom,
francie and will left excited
"tom you didnt have to go to all this trouble" said sydney
"no trouble" said tom hanging up a painting, putting the cushions on the couch, the rug on the floor, the vases and candles on the bookcase, the plant in the corner the lamp on the side table, the cot linen in the cot, the doona cover, cushions and blankets on the bed. and the table cloth on the table
"there you go" he said happily
"wow thankyou so much" said sydney
"i also got you some wool, in case you wanted to start knitting, some dvd's some books and a camera, so yo can take photos for the baby book which is also in the bag" said tom
"thanks man" said vaughn shaking his hand
"your welcome" said tom "anyway i should get going, its late, thankgod for 24hour shopping huh?"
then tom left
"wow" smiled sydney
"i know" said vaughn
vaughn got one of the cushions and put it on the gorund for donovon to sit on
"vaughn!" hissed sydney
"what? its a Montreal Canadiens cushion!" said vaughn
"vaughn! they bet the kings 14 years ago! get over it!" said sydney
"yeah and we havent had a chance to win the stanley cup since!" said vaughn (authors note: I am from australia so i don't know about hockey just AFL - aussie rules football, Soccer and Tennis to an extent so all the hockey info is from wikipedia! i hope its right!)
sydney rolled her eyes
"well you said you were a hockey fan and sorry but the kings cushion wouldn't match the color scheme honey!" laughed sydney
vaughn hugged sydney
"are you okay?" he asked
"yeah i mean, we thought the covenent mere dead, but they were just dorment, and now there back, they wont to take me away again" said sydney
sydney felt vaughn tense up
"your scared" she whispered
"no, we're safe here, its just that..." begun vaughn "the things those guys said, about what they were going to do to you...they said they were going to kidnap you...i just got you back...they were going to torture you...take our baby...and they have taken so much from us already and then they said they would kill you and send ou back t-to us limb by limb in exchange for rambaldi artifacts"
sydney gasped
"but we are safe here...its just what they said it affected me" whispered vaughn "syd i know being locked up in here for the next 9 months is going to drive you insane, but we need to stay nned to promise me, you will stay here"
"of course, i mean your going to be here too...right?" asked sydney
"syd...i cant just sit here" begun vaughn
" are not going to go after them, bub needs both sets of parents" said syd yawning
"Ok i promise i won't leave...except for debriefs so i know whats going on" said vaughn "now you should get some sleep it's 5:30AM! felgercarb should get some sleep" said vaughn "agents will be coming in soon...more anyway"
sydney smiled then looked around
"blinds" she mutered
"what?" asked vaughn
"we asked tom to get everything but blinds!" said sydney "i guess you wont be getting any for a few months"
"syd...we can get blinds tomorrow...then i will get some, lots of some" laughed vaughn
"uhuh right, with my father probaly never leaving, and ohh not to mention the security which is probaly video us right now" smiled sydney
vaughn handed sydney her clothes so she could change in the bathroom and then grabbed his own and followed her
when they came back out they climbed into the bed
vaughn kissed sydney
"night babe" he smiled
sydney grinned kissing him back
"night yourself" she grinned
vaughn kissed sydney again, and sydney deepened the kiss rolling on top of vaughn. when they were interupted by a knocking on the door
vaughn groaned getting up and opening the door to reveal weiss
"uh hi" said weiss "um i just thought you'd like to know, the whole of APO can see everything, so you may want to think twice before doing it...althought i doubt you havent already done it already here..."
"weiss! we know, i was just kissing my fiance goodnight, who has had a pretty bad couple of days" said vaughn "now is that it?"
"um...i also wanted to know if sydney still wanted to come pick up nadia" said weiss
"eric she can't she's here because its dangerous for her to be out there" said vaughn
"Oh right, um ok...i'll bring nadia over here later then" said weiss before leaving
"vaughn why did you yell at him?" asked sydney as vaughn got in the bed
"because...i dont know...coz he was there?" said vaughn
"oh thats great justification for yelling at your best friend" said sydney
"fine ill appoligise to him tomorow" said vaughn
"good" said sydney kissing him before turning off the light, vaughn wrapped one arm around sydney and the other around her stomach protectively before drifting off too sleep

AUTHORS NOTE: okay i wont be able to update for about a week as im going away on holidays...


Sep 3, 2007
ok next chapter...

sydney woke up to the sound of people working, yawning she sat up and looked around confused then she remembered theevents of the day before, thinking nadia was dead, finding out she was alive, her romantic night with vaughn and the intruders who ruined it all.
"your up!" said vaughn who was sitting at the table with Will, Francie and Weiss
"im telling you she smelt the pancakes... their brillant francie" said weiss
"thankyou" said francie
"howd ya sleep?" asked will as sydney walked over to them
sydney lent down and kissed vaughn who fed her some pancakes
"mmm thanks. um i slept ok considering" she replied sitting down
"ok so nadia, iscoming here in about an hour, your dad's picking her up... she doesn't know whats going on...jack wants us to tell her. he's going to take her by the house so she can pick some things up" said weiss
"and syd Dr Jenkins is coming over to make sure you and the baby are okay" sad vaughn letting sydney sit on his lap "i know you are gonna say your fine, but the stress of the last two days and the fact that you almost drowned isn't good for bub"
vaughn kissed sydneys stomach then her lips
"I agree with you" said sydney
"wait i'm sorry, i need our witnesses to confirm that you just admitted i was right" joked vaughn
"shut up" said sydney having some of his pancakes
"dude she's already stealing your food" said weiss "i hope nadia never does that...i mean i love her but my food...its mine"
"its different, i'm having his kid which means i get food privilages" said sydney
"she stole my food long before she was pregnant" said vaughn "and weiss i think your safe with nadia and the food...i dont think nadia's into tomato sauce drenched meat pies"
everyone laughed
"thanks for breakfast francie" said sydney "It was....sorry"
sydney ran off towards the bathroom, holding her mouth... vaughn followed and as she emptied her stomach into the toliet vaughn held her hair back
"right morning sickness... we need crackers and ginger...wheres that tom guy?" asked francie
a few minutes later sydney returned holding her stomach with vaughn next to her
"you ok syd?" asked will
"yeah i think im going to lie down" said sydney "vaughn can you lie down with me?"
vaughn nodded
"you guys can stay for a while if you want" said vaughn
vaughn sat on the bed leaning against the bed head, and sydney lay her head on his chest and curled up holding her stomach while vaughn stroked her hair, vaughn kissed her forehead and rubbed her stomach
francie stuck her head out of the room
"is agent tom here?" she called
a blonde haired girl came over
"sorry tom...i mean agent tom is out...i'm rachel can i help?" asked rachel
"um yeah...tom was getting things if we needed them, and sydney bristows in here and she's rpregnant and shes got mornming sickness... can you get..." begun francie
"electrolite drinks, ginger, crackers, ginerale and a bucket?" suggested rachel "my sister just had twins"
"oh ok...yeah if you could do that that would be francie" said francie
"ok francie i'lkl go and get that stuff" said rachel
"thankyou" said francie
"your welcome" said rachel before leaving
francie back inside to see will and weiss looking at vaughn and sydney
"their so cute" whispered francie
"yeah i'd tease vaughn about it but their just so sweet" said weiss "i mean in a sickning sort of way"
"are you ok?" asked Vaughn "do you need anything? a heat pack? a bucket? Asprin?"
"i'm ok...i guess i have to get use to it" said sydney
vaughn kissed sydney gently and smiled
"your still beautiful even though you smell like off eggs" joked vaughn
"nadia" said sydney "francie, will can you guys wait here for a minute?"
sydney, vaughn and weiss ran out to see nadia half out of her wheel chair yelling at jack
"woah! sit down" said weiss running over to her and sitting her down
"whats going on?" asked nadia
"weiss maybe you could wheel her in to your room and you guys explain?" asked jack
weiss nodded, wheeling nadia into his room, sydney and vaughn following and shutting the door behind them
"what the hell is going on?" asked nadia
"Um ok, yesterday, after we found out you were alive, vaughn decided he wanted to propose again so he organised this huge romantic evening and we kicked everyone out and afterwards, we were lying in bed and we heard some people in the house, vaughn went out to she two covenent people, bugging the house, they were talking about, coming and kid napping me when i was further along, torturing me for information, keeping the baby, killing me and um sending me limb by limb back to the cia in exchange for rambaldi artifacts, vaughn shot them dead, and dad decided to destroy the house, and us all to live here until the babies born then vaughn and i will leave the cia and go and live in santa so sorry you got dragged into it" whispered sydney
"dont be stupid... im just glad your ok" said nadia hugging sydney "so who else is here?"
"my friends will and francie, came down when we thought you were dead so they are here too" said sydney "do you want to meet them?"
nadia nodded and followed sydney out and into their room with weiss and vaughn close behind
francie and will stood up
"nadia this is Will and Francie they are my two oldest friends, Will and Francie meet nadia my sister" said sydney
"its nice to meet you" said francie hugging nadia
"you too, i here you are a brillant cook" said nadia
"its good to finally meet you" said will hugging nadia
"so your will" said nadia
"yeah...i am ... wait what did you tell her about me?" will asked sydney
"she didnt tell me much, i just read your file, your kinda a legend around here, making one of the worlds best torturers wheelchair bound" said nadia
"Cool im a legend" said will
sydney laughed and became dizzy she went to hold on to a chair for balance but knocked it over
"syd are you ok?" asked vaughn when sydney suddenly collasped in aheat on the ground
"syd!" said vaughn running towards her "syd, baby wake up"
weiss ran over to get jack
'is she ok?" asked nadia
"i dont know, shes breathing but shes not coming to" said vaughn
suddenly sydney woke up and went to sit up when vaughn stopped her

ok thats it for now, sorry its so short...
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