...And The Memory is All That Remains.


These Words, From My Heart...
Title: ...And The Memory is All That Remains.
Written for the FanFic Challenge– Sydney’s missing two years.
Rating: R for some sexual overtones and implications
Word Count: - 13,392
Summary: Sydney Bristow died 2 years ago, or at least that is what the covenet wants you to believe. Follow 2 yeas of Sidney's life while she was away from everything and everyone she loves.
Author’s Note: I want to offically recoginze amy lynn because I used her same intro format..so Aims.....you've been recognized! :LOL: I really didn't follow the plot layed out by the show..I followed bits and pieces but I went with my own thing.
Song Used: Hole in The Head by the Sugababes
What QT movie your quote came from: I my favorite line from
Kill Bill vol. 1 – "Those of you lucky enough to have your lives take them with you. However, leave the limbs you've lost. They belong to me now."


Thursday, 7:00 am – Madrid, Spain. Hotel Room

Ring, Ring….. Ring, Ring….. Ring, “Hello?” “Ah, Ms. Thorne. Please Report to the restaurant in the main lobby of you hotel in 1 hour.” She hung up the receiver and rolled out of bed. She was use to receiving these random phone calls at all times of the day, instructing her on where to go and who to meet. For the past year and ½, Sidney has been undercover inside the Covenet. When she was taken that night from her bedroom they brought her to the Covenet’s holdings. They tried to brainwash her into believing that she was someone named Julia Thorne but they failed. She contacted Kendell he had her stay within the organization recovering information. She looked into the bathroom mirror and saw they blonde staring back at her. She looked away and turned the shower on. The covenet had her dye her hair blonde, because Julia Thorne did not have brown hair. She got in the shower and let the hot spray hit her neck. Her mind flashed to Vaughn and the night they first made love. She remembered his touch and the way he felt when she was lying next to him. Then she flashed to the night she saw him with his wife. How she cuddled up next to him as they walked down the street, how he pressed a kissed to the top of her head. Sidney turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. She wrapped one towel around her and grabbed the other to start drying her hair as she walked back into the room. She glanced at the clock and saw that she had only a ½ hour to finish getting ready.

She entered the restaurant and quickly scanned the room. The Mater-de nodded at her and motioned for her to follow him. He brought her to a small booth in the far corner of the room where a man reading the newspaper was sitting. She slid in to the booth across from the man, while trying to glance around and make out whom he was. “Hello Ms. Thorne. Or would you prefer I call you Ms. Bristow?” The paper lowered and she was staring into the ice-cold blue eyes of Julian Sark. Her initial reaction was to reach across the table and smash his smug face in. “I’m sorry, I have no idea who Ms. Bristow is so, I do not prefer you to call me that.” “Don’t pretend with me. You and I both know that you are Sidney Bristow, CIA agent.” Sidney said nothing and just stared back at him. “We both also know that the Covenet failed at their attempt to brainwash you and that you have been deceiving them for over a year now.” “What do you want Sark?” A smile formed over his mouth when she said that, “Oh, I see…you’ve miraculously regained your you memory just now.” The waiter came over and laid 2 glasses of water in front of them. Sark had obviously informed them that he didn’t want to be disturbed. “Don’t worry, I have no desire to inform the Covenet of you deception….yet.” “Then why are you here?” Sark took a sip of water and placed the glass back down on the table.

“You obviously desire me to get directly to the point. I want your aid in removing someone.” He’s asking me for help!, she thought . She didn’t even bother to contain the laughter that had bubbled up in her. “I’m not going to help you with anything.” Sark leaned back against the seat. “Very well, but let me remind you that I am aware of your deception.” “Tell them, I don’t care. I can be back inside the CIA in a day.” Sark nodded as though her were expecting that answer. “Yes, but would you return if you had nothing to return to? I can Mr. Vaughn and your father easily removed…just as your friend was.” The last comment made her wince; he was talking about Francie. How he had Francie killed and replaced with the double. She thought of her father and Vaughn. She looked up at him, she knew that he knew she was going to say yes. “I hate you. She said to him. "What do I have to do?” Sark picked up a file that was lying on the seat next to him and slid it across the table to her. She opened the cover and when she saw the picture and realized whom he wanted “removed” she smiled. “I want your aid in killing Arvin Sloane. Sidney had to admit, she was enthralled and ecstatic with the idea of killing Sloane. If she were being forced to work with Sloane then, at least it would be over this. “For the past year Sloane has been working as a humanitarian. Trying to make the world a better place and spread peace.” Sark looked as through he was chocking those words out. “He is saying that he’s seen the error of his ways and is committed to spreading the message he received from Rambaldhi…peace.” Sidney’s stomach churned at the thought of what Sloane was doing. “I see that both you and I share the same feelings on that.” Sidney looked at Sark…why did he want my help? Was he taking advantage of my hatred, most likely! “How did you escape from custody?” Sark took another sip of water, “Shortly after you..…. died, Sloane turned me over. I was to be transported to the maximum-security prison in Nevada. On the way there the Covenet intervened and brought me into their folds. I have been here ever since.”

Saturday, 11:30 pm – Club Novue – Paris, France.

Sidney slinked over to the bar, she saw him sitting on a stool at the far end. The techno music was pumping through the whole place. Sidney could feel her heart pick up the beat of the music and start to mimic it. She was wearing her skintight purple vinyl dress. It was cut low in the front to revel cleavage and it stopped mid–thigh. She had her blonde hair loose and had purple streaks in it to match her dress. “Vodka on the rocks.” He shifted on his stool so his body was completely facing hers. He finished his drink and placed the hot glass on the bar. “That’s a very fetching dress you have on Julia.” She took a sip of the vodka that was laid in front of her. She needed the liquid courage tonight. If Sark’s plan didn’t work...her whole cover would be blown. She turned back around, “You like it Simon?” She pressed herself closer to him and purposely brushed herself against his erection. She leaned over his shoulder and whispered in his ear, “I wore it just for you.” Sidney could feel Sark’s eyes boring in to the back of her. He was watching from the balcony, Sark told her that her former partner with inside the Covenet was working for Sloane now. Assisting him in recovering more Rambaldhi artifacts. “You called me love, are you in need of……. assistance?” He asked with a smile on his face. She grabbed his hand and pulled him off the seat. “No. I’m in need of you.” She pulled him across the dance floor and towards the DJ. The music was getting louder and they neared the back of the room. They walked behind the DJ and into a small closed off room. When they entered it all that was in there was a long couch a table and two chairs. Sidney pushed Simon on to the end of the couch and straddled him. “I know you’ve wanted to do this since we first worked together. She leaned in and kissed him. He grabbed her butt and pressed her closer to him. “Well, I think I’m about to turn my wish in to reality.” He began licking and stroking her, the combination of the both was making her sick. She knew she couldn’t keep doing this, for another 5 minutes, before Sark arrived. She grabbed the knife that was strapped to her thigh under her dress and pressed the tip of it into Simon’s neck. “Oh..so you like to play do you?” “Keep your hands off me or I’ll jamb this into your throat.” She saw when the realization hit him she was serious. She braced herself for a struggle but her caught her off guard when he punched her. The knife flew out of her hand when her head rolled back. He took advantage of her being dazed and pushed her to the floor and stood up to look for the knife. Sidney smacked her head against the pole behind her when she flew to the floor. She saw Simon’s mouth moving and knew he was speaking but, she could only her the song playing from inside the club.

Ooh, Boy’d you miss like a hole in the head
Because I do boy, and it’s cool boy
And ooh, bet you never thought I’d get out of bed
Because of you boy, Such a fool boy.

She turned her head and saw the knife lying on the floor across the room. She stood up and ran over to it. Simon was bending down to pick it up when she kicked across the face. She went to grab the knife when he fell to the floor but was stopped when he pulled her leg out from under her. With his hand still wrapped around her ankle she flipped over and kicked him in the face again.

I’m through with it, Over it
Not having it, this crazy s***,
Not feeling this, Can’t deal, I quit,
No more, No more.

She saw Simon start to roll, “I wouldn’t do that.” Sidney looked up and saw Sark standing over Simon. He had his gun aimed at Simon’s face. “I definitely wouldn’t do that.”

Sidney and Sark picked up Simon and together the three of them walked out the back door entrance and into the waiting car. They threw Simon in the truck and Sark and her got into the car. Sark drove them to old building that was no longer being use. They tied Simon’s hands and feet to the only chair in the middle of the floor. “What the f**k do you think your doing, Julia? And Sark? I’m going to turn both of your ass’s over to the Covenet…after I finished beating the sh*t out of you.” Sark pistol-whipped Simon. “We don’t have time for your ideal threats. Where is Sloane keeping the artifacts your recovering for him?” “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Sidney punched him in the face. “Don’t lie. We know that you’re working for Sloane. We know that your recovering Rambaldhi artifacts for him. Tell us where they are.” Simon looked over at Sark and then back at Sidney. “ So, you found out about that did you. Then is that what this is all about? The Covenet is after me because of some side work I’ve been doing? No one said I could only work for them!” Not wanting to miss a beat and allow him to think otherwise Sidney took advantage of the situation. “Yes, they’ve known about your work for Sloane for some time now. And, they shouldn’t have to tell you not to work for anyone else…you should automatically know that.” “Julia, you’ve got to believe me, I had no idea…I just wanted some extra cash.” “Well, that extra cash has now cost you. Where is the warehouse?” Sark pressed his gun into Simon’s temple. “OKAY...OKAY!! The main warehouse is located in Berlin. That’s where he is keeping all of the artifacts I find. It’s a black warehouse next to the abandoned church in what use to be the dead zone of East and West Berlin. Sidney nodded to Sark. She knew where he was talking about. “Thank You. Your services are no loner needed.” “Wai….” The shot from Sark’s gun echoed through the building. Sidney and Sark left through the same door the came in.

Monday, 9:00 pm - Berlin, Germany – Sloane’s warehouse

Sidney and Sark were looking over the main warehouse’s floor through the skylight. They both had worn all black and ski masks to hid their faces. Sark nodded and cut the wire for the security alarm. He opened the window and Sidney threw done the smoke bomb. As soon as it went off Sidney and Sark pulled on the Smoke Masks and threw down the line. Each one slid down the rope. As they went down they shot the guards that were rushing towards them through the smoke. One of the guards had managed to get of to the switch for the exhaust fans and switched them on. But, by the time he did, all of the guards except about 15 were already dead. Sidney turned towards them and said, “Those of you lucky enough to have your lives, take them with you. However, leave the limbs you've lost. They belong to me now.” She and Sark headed towards the lab. They entered the lab and saw a small box being scanned by several different computers. “There it is, that is the latest artifact Simon recovered for him. Sark and Sidney were standing on opposite sides of the box; Sark went to take the box when Sid pulled her gun. “I don’t think so.” “What are you doing? We’re in this together. Will pull all of the artifacts he has collected and then go after him.” Sidney lifted the box and held it close against her while still holding the gun to him. “You and I both know that we will never be able to tie Sloane to this warehouse. And, I know this box must be extremely important. So important that you would come to me for assistance in helping you retrieve it.” Sark looked at Sidney; she knew that she was on to his game. “Do what you want Sidney, but I still know about you deception.” She watched him standing there looking smug…”Not for long, you don’t.” Within seconds of her saying that agents appeared out of the darkness, surrounding Sark and Sidney, pointing their guns directly at him. Kendell came from out of the darkness. “Take him away.” Sark was removed but he never took his eyes away from Sidney. “Here’s the box…I’ve upheld my part of the bargain. Now uphold yours.” Kendell took the box. “The Dr. is waiting for you at the facility, we can take you directly over there. Your memory of the two years will be completely erased.” Sidney nodded. “Are you really sure this is what you want?” She looked back over at him. “I’ve done horrible things over these 2 years, I do not want to remember any of it. You gave me your word.” “Yes, and I’m not stopping you. Both you and Sark will have your memory erased. He will lose the events of the past week and you will lose the past 2 years.” “Good……I don’t want these memories anymore.” She said out loud as her and Kendell walked out of the building. I want my old life, Will, Weiss, my dad, …….and Vaughn. I want Vaughn, she thought to herself as the van carrying her and Kendell drove away and into the night.

amy lynn

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Mar 23, 2004
:LOL: I've been recognized...hee hee :LOL:

Oooh! Interesting...

Sark and Sydney both had their memories erased...thats a nice twist.

So, she couldn't stomach Simon for even 5 minutes and they just had to fight, eh? ;) What I wouldn't give to have 5 minutes with him...or Sark... :shamefullyembarrased:

Nice job tying in certain elements and not others. It's always fun to write/read fics where you twist the Alias-world around a bit!

Thanks for sharing that with us :)

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First of all, j'adore the title to this. It reminds me of a Counting Crows song with a similar name, but I can't remember it. Just know that I love the title! :LOL:

And :o Sark and Syd had both their memories erased? Bittersweet, hon, and a nice twist-y.

The paper lowered and she was staring into the ice-cold blue eyes of Julian Sark. Her initial reaction was to reach across the table and smash his smug face in.
One of my favorite lines... Cute. I'd like to have seen her tried. ;) I liked the song you used and I liked the Syd/Simon interaction. Too cool, babe. :cool:

Serious thanks for posting that. I much enjoyed and good luck with the contest! :)


These Words, From My Heart...
You guys are too sweet Amy and Dita!! The three of us are always swapping reviews!! :LOL:

Personally I think this is not one of my best fics :thumbdown:...and like I said in Amy's fic..I posted really to help hers :D (and the all the other good ones):notworthy: stick out.

You guys are the sweetest for reviewing so nicely!! :console:

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Mar 1, 2003
that was really good! thanks for sharing this story with us!
good luck in the contest!
((i really like this fic because it wasn't sarkney. :D you were able to add subtle hints of s/v... which is always appreciated! :D )
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