Another shameless self-promotion

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Whoa! I see that other writers are self-promoting their own books here, so I'll do it too:
Mine is a SF short story collection called "The Latvia Station" and it's published on Amazon e-books. It got one three star review so far.
Here's the blurb:

The LATVIA STATION collection of sci-fi and fantasy short stories comprises 17 stories totalling 100,000 words. They are published for the first time. The author has contributed book reviews and articles to various SF periodicals and newsstand magazines.

The stories:
THE LATVIA STATION: A dark fantasy set in Eastern Europe, with spies and war memories.
HEAT OF THE DAY: An advanced humanoid android throws up a variety of social and legal problems. Is an ex-military android a suitable holiday companion?
HOTEL PARADISIO: Black comedy set in Portugal, about a girl on holiday with her parents, who falls under the influence of an older woman.
NORTHERN FEUD and ONE PLAYS, THE OTHER DOESN’T: A pair of swords-and-sorcery stories about a young singer and her companion. Brutal happenings in a Northern land, inspired by Icelandic sagas and my trip to Iceland.
MOTOR CITY CRISIS: A Sci-fi story about motorbikes, the lure of speed, and gang warfare, in a future USA.
MIAN ON MARS: Daily life among the less economically successful in a future Mars colony.
CENTAURUS DOME: I wrote this to see how far I could go in writing a SF story full of future slang talk, without being incomprehensible.

EASTERN MAGIC: Nine interconnected stories. In a Far Eastern country, something is loose that might be drugs, or virtual reality, or ultra-physics, or nanotechnology, or magic, but whatever it is, it’s dangerous and it worries Western Governments, who send their agents to investigate. Under cover of a games software company, the agents struggle to sort out their own life problems and understand what is really going on.

I'm interested in character, as I hope the stories show...

I hope you think these stories are worth a look. Unless one is already famous or one shouts very loud, one's book just gets buried among thousands of others that have a similar tag description. So how on earth are buyers supposed to find them?