Another top 10 game list


..or rather top 100, but here's the top 10 of that list.

Edge magazine will publish the full list top 100 list soon, but BBC-News got a preview of the top 10.

1. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time
2. Resident Evil 4
3. Super Mario 64
4. Half Life 2
5. Super Mario World
6. Zelda: A Link to the Past
7. Halo: Combat Evolved
8. Final Fantasy XII
9. Tetris
10. Super Metroid

Five of the top 10 titles were made only for Nintendo?!

Editor-in-chief, Tony Mott:
Ocarina of Time is nearly 10 years old, but its position at the top slot in Edge's 100 Best Videogames shows that great game design does not age

Nintendo tends to get pretty high on these types of lists, are they the only ones doing most quality games?


I agree with you Pin, hype is a large part of any "favorites" list. That being said, unlike most lists I've seen, this one I can mostly get behind. Maybe about half I'd agree with being up there but not necessarily in the same order.


Super Mario 64, while good, doesn't need to be that high. I am fully behind number 8 however I would place it higher. Never played Resident Evil...

Is this just console games? Because something from the Elder Scrolls series needs to be there. Daggerfall/Morrowind/Oblivion take your pick.


Oblivion made it to nr 15 (of 100)
Its not console only Half Life 2 is a PC only game (nr4)

Edit: oh, and I really recommend Resident evil 4 (GameCube or the remake for Wii)!
Ico is one of my favorite games (and one of the lesser known good ones)

Vagrant Saga would be another (currently playing)

Saga Frontier if you can find it, although it's pretty hard and I usually gave up after a few hours (each character has their own story but they're damn hard)

Saga Frontier 2 is okay, not as good as the first though.
Well, if it was a Pinn's Top 10, it would go something like this..

1. Suikoden 2
2. Alundra
3. Tales of Destiny
4. Grandia 2
5. Shadow Hearts
6. Koudelka
7. Wild Arms
8. Echo Night
9. Grandia
10. Tie between Twisted Metal Black and Final Fantasy 7

Saga Frontier does not make the list because it has unbelievably hard boss battles that made me pound my head into a wall over and over for..But the story lines are good.


Gonna have to go with the Zelda games, all of 'em.

And Bard's Tale for pure fun crude RP

Oh and Smash Brothers. We game that as a family every night.
I like Frequency
and the sequel Amplitude

They get pretty hard though. My friend has them both mastered. I don't know how she can move her fingers that fast....