Anti-heroes. Help out a Ph.D with their research.

Hey, I'm Michael; new here. I'm a Ph.D research student in Australia. My thesis focuses on science fiction, specifically in context to its depiction of antiheroes and how they offer new insight into areas such as morality or more broadly, how we understand notions such as good and evil.

What I'm looking for is science fiction which features a central antiheroic figure for its primary protagonist. Richard Morgan's Kovacs of Altered Carbon is a good example. Alan Moore's V for V for Vendetta is yet another one, as are most of the characters in Watchmen.

At the moment, I'm looking for science fiction written in the late 50s to very early 80s. Cyberpunk chapter is already done, so not looking for much in regards to the mid-1980s. Sorry guys. Also searching for anything more contemporary, say from 1990 right up until today.

Things I have already considered in regard to the previous:
All of Richard Morgan's works.
Life During Wartime
Stars my Destination
Odd John
More than Human
Dying Earth
Man Plus

If you would like to make a suggestion, please, if you can, include authors name, title and publication date (again only if possible). Another than that, let's just talk antiheroes, limited to science fiction, of course. Cheers.


Creative Writer
A.E.van Vogt pretty much writes with human anti-hero types who have something wrong with them, disabled or different. Morality and social conditioning is questioned a lot.


Creative Writer a fun(ish) series of books written over decades from 1965-1992.