Anti-Social meets Social


During the summe i tend to get anti-social.. my friends start to annoy me but not all the time. Im way too social in the school year.. LAO! Everyday after school i do something. Im just wondering. Are you social, or anti-social...

Sometimes i just want to be totally alone, others i cant sit still and have to be tlaking. I know if i eer need someone t talk to i cn come here.

I'm a semi-social person. What ru?

~Chanel :redhair:


Caution: Beware of Male
I'm a semi-social person too. At work, I have to be social to customers....especially the weirdos. At home, I tend to isolate myself from my family and stare infront of this monitor. If I'm tired, I'll be lazy and anti-social. Everything really depends on my mood.


i am social skoo i kick it wit my skoo friends...but after hours....i kick it wit my thugs...then we do the fun stuff...


i think thats more anti-social...wait....i think shy is almost antisocial...or in mosr cases i know of....ah never mind my ramblings


Anti-social is willingly being not social. Being shy is an almost uncontrollable feeling to hold back. For me, shyness is almost a struggle. I try to overcome it but it's hard. I want to be social, but my shyness gets in the way. ;)


I'm mostly anti social . . . but when your a close friend then I'm a very talkative and social. Then theres the internet, where i feel close yet far from EVERYONE so I'm socail. ^_^


typically terrific
i'm kinda in between. i can be REALLY REALLY social at times and stuff but sometimes i just like to sit back and watch everything and i'm not that social. in the summer especially.
i just like to call myself a "homebody." :D really, it's just too hard to go out sometimes...

i'd like to think i'm semi-social, but i'm definitely less social than my close friends. although, after working on this psychology experiment i was doing, i've gotten really good at making small talk. ;)


I tend to be anti-social, but then there are times when I'm a social butterfly. I'll be out everynight with different people each night, and usually wind up meeting even more people. But on the whole, I tend to like to just curl up with a good book, and try to forget about everything for awhile.
I tend to be semi-social. Online, I can be pretty social and offline I'm semi-social. If I know the person, I'd be more social, but I'm not apt to just go up to someone and start talking to them. I'd like to be more social offline, but my wicked shyness gets in the way. I'm trying to change that, but it's hard. I do like to be alone by myself most of the time though.
I'm not a socialite, but I will go up and talk to ppl if I have good enough reason to. A hot guy/girl or whatever. I'm actually less social onlne, but that generates from a strange case of meeting up with ppl which my friend had. I don't mind humanity, it's the ppl I can't stand! I tend to get annoyed really quickly though, so I only have a few close friends, but we hang out all the time. I also like more introverted my guidance councellor said: I'm an introverted extrovert ;)