Any Anime fans?

Feb 22, 2005
Oo Anime...i love Anime my favs are
-Kare Kano
-Sailor Moon
-Fushigi Yuugi
-Card Captor Sakura
-Crest of the Stars
..thats about all i think of right now heheh ill come up with more later hehe


Mar 15, 2004
not much people here but anyways:

Kewii said:
I love Sailormoon as got me started on it all...

hey, same here, and after that, the next big hit was pokemon. gosh i hate that show. but sailor moon? (y) that's a classic

turnipcouch134 said:
My favorite character is HATAKE KAKASHI!!!!!! I love him!

AAAHHH!!! ME TOO!!! It's funny how you can have him in a sentence: I went Kakashi on you meaning, I'm late! hahaha. He's great. I especially like that epi where they tried to find out what was under the mask. hahahahaha soo funny!

Right now, I'm in epi 100 something of that and watching Tsubasa Chronicles cause i love to shout and point out OMG it's Julian or OMG it's Lee, anyone get it?? hmm and reading love hina, ramna 1/2 and inu-yasha. those last two are gonna take a while. i know.


anybody watch any anime out there..i love it
which ones do you like
Personally my faves are
Ranma 1/2
Fushigi Yuugi
Ayashi no Ceres

my mind has now drawen a blank
anyways how about some anime discussion (y)

I am also big fan of anime shows.Happy Tree Friends is my favorite anime show. I like all characters of this show. It's Awesome show....
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