Any Chinese or Indian here? In search for Chinese and Indian names for new worlds...



I am boardgame designer from Poland.

Now we are working on sci-fi game about human expansion into space.

Since Chinese and Indians will be surely amongst the first nations reaching for stars, we would like to include Chinese and Indian names of newly colonized planets into board.

So my question is: how the China and India people could name their newly colonized planets?

For example for Germans it could be Heimat, for British - New Albion, for Russian Nowaja Ziemlia, etc.

Something along the line:

shui qíu - water ball
tian wáng tu- earth of son of haven



Please post proposed names with Chinese signs as well as with international transcription into latin alphabet. Translation into english is of course neccesary to avoid stupid or offensive names.

Please take it seriously.

Thank You in advance for cooperation.


Re: Any Chinese or Indian here? In search for Chinese and Indian names for new worlds


Welcome to Cool Sci-Fi! (y)

I do know if there are any Chinese or Indian visitors amongst us... the topic does not come up very often. I do know from the visitor logs we do get a fair number of guests who browse the forums from those regions but I do not know how many registered members hail from those countries.

The idea of there being Asian names used in space exploration is certainly well merited and makes sense, especially with the recent advances in the space programs in those regions.

Sorry I could help you out today, but I wish you luck on your search. :smiley: