Any Lucid Dreamers out there?


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Just woundering... if you want to know mare about Lucid Dreams, go to Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views

By the way, a Lucid Dream is a dream where you know you are dreaming and you can control it, cool felgercarb's going on there.

And any Dream Views users out there? My username is
When I was younger (many, many moons ago) I knew somebody who was into dream interpretations and trying to do lucid dreaming. She was able to interpret a lot of stuff that at the time of the dream seemed silly but the interpretation actually related to the real world. As part of her exploring the ability to control lucid dreams was experimented with.

These days I have dreams where I am lucid and am able to control the events within the dream but they occur naturally, it is not something that I plan ahead for. The dreams that are lucid always lead to some of the best REM sleep I get and totally relax me.

{I'm resisting temptation on a "Mad World" song reference.... must.... resist.}