Anybody else obsessed with song lyrics?


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OK, maybe "obsessed" is the wrong word.... more like "ingrained" in your brain. For some reason whenever I hear a phrase that happens to be in the lyric of song, or even a line from a movie or TV series, I instantly think of the lines that follow. For example, at work if somebody says "It's alive!" I immediatelly respond with "... Weird Science! Plastic tubes and pots and pans, bits and pieces... my creation!" and the rest of the folks in the IT group will either start singing along or ignore but everybody else will just stare. Come to think of it... I've noticed other tech' heads do the same thing. On any day I can expect to hear song references, at least one Godfather reference, and bits from various comedians.

Maybe I just need some sleep. :P


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Its wild the way our brains work! Many people believe memory is linked to smells but I think its much deeper than that. I believe memory is linked to other memories as well as smell and taste.
A sensation can be linked to a feeling which will evoke a long past memory.
I know I remember being born, that memory is not a 'memory' as much as it is a series of sensations. Kinda hard to explain to other but if you concentrate and 'feel' back you can remember it too. Everyone does, they just don't know what it is they 'feel'. You can't link it with words or specific memories.
I hear music when I dream. Then I hear the same song or instrumental later that day. Not a premonition but mearly me recognising it.
If I think of the beginning of VanHalen's Eruption I play the whole song in my head, then in pops "Jamie's Cryin".
When I was courting back in the 70's and 80's I often found myself quoting song lyrics when I was trying to romance a girl. Not because I was geeked but because it 'Said it Best'. One of the reasons I wanted to find Mother's Eulogy from 'No Escape'. I liked the feeling it produced in me and now that my aquaintences are dying off I wish to express something wonderful to those they leave behind.
'We Are The Champions' "My Friend" brings up great memories and leads me into 'Fat Bottom Girls' and that brings up 'Girls,Girls,Girls' .
If I hear someone 'Got Milk' I say 'Where's The Beef'.

Oh yeah, When you are tired your brain uses 'other' paths to get to memories. Extended sleep deprivation can cause you to generate imagination as memories even tho you have no real memory of that item. Sleep is the control/alt/delete slash reset button for your brain. The defragmenter, cookie cleaning, spam dumper. I read where the more you task your brain with memories the less likely you are to alzhiemers. If you don't sleep you creep into the realm of the phsycotic and Freddy will get you.