Anybody have experience with electric 'fireplace' heaters?


Code Monkey
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So I am looking at buying an electric fireplace heater but I may be going nuts looking for the specs I want.

I'm looking for a unit that...

- The heat output vent it at the top and not the bottom. A lot of the narrow 'compact' models put the heat out at the bottom but that is no good for me since the person who will be getting it has a dog (and I don't want to think about the dog laying asleep on the floor in front of the output vent).

- Has a remote control. Seems like most of the smaller units don't have a remote control. :(

- Has a cherry wood finish. Found some oak units but cherry seems to be scarce.

- Ideally it would also have an automatic shut-off setting for the heat after X amount of time.

- I have some some models that list a feature as to the type of heater inside not drying the air out; is that common for all of them or is there a particular type of heater I should be looking for in the specs? I can see the person running the heater for a few hours at a time so I would want to make sure that doesn't dry the air out like those electric exposed element heaters do.

Anybody out there familiar with them? :smiley:
If the person has a dog, get a fireguard if the dog isn't going to take to it well. But from what I know of dogs, they aren't silly enough to get burnt on fires, even real flame.