anyone herd of spectres?

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I just herd of this scifi movie spectres from one of my friends at my internship at UMVD and he had me watch the trailor for it. It's about a girl who see ghost at her new house that her and her mother just moved into and nobody believes that she is seeing people and so her mother has her see doctors than later her mom starts seeing them it looks like a good movie. i think it's supposed to come out on DVD on the 19th. I think it's also kinda freaky because i had seen ghost at my old house when i was little. But if anyone is interested i have the link that i saw if anyone wants to check it out?


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ob_genius, welcome to Cool SciFi! :welcome:

I hadn't heard of the movie but from the link you gave it looks pretty good. You should have mentioned the Star Trek reference: Marina Sirtis is the mother! DO you know if it was ever released at the theaters or is it direct-to-DVD?


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Spectres (2004) - IMDb

looks like it was finished last year, however only just been released on dvd in the US about 5 days ago (25th april 2005)

we'll see what it's like

hmm, Linda Parks is in it. after the recent double episode of ST:E Through a Mirror, Darkly and her impish turn around the command structure, i'll be looking forward to this, rubbing my hands with glee :) (and after 3 minutes she's killed off!!! sucky sucky)