Sci-Fi Anyone Seen the New MST3K? (I haven't)


1963, 1899 called they want every thing back....
Jul 20, 2017
anyone seen any of the new MST3Ks yet?

is any channel replaying the old ones? I never see them listed.
Im not sure where to find it either? I know back in the day, the funny mstk-5000 was on regular cable channels, sometimes pbs plays it on sat nite, but the new series is an unknown, heck, they even said they would bring back Space 1999, well sir, im a still waiting.....


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Sep 29, 2011
I saw the new season of MST3K on Netflix last year. I quite enjoyed the episodes. There's a bit too much riffing in the first one or two, but it settles after that. You can buy them from your favorite online store or buy them from Rifftrax if you want to own them. Same with certain episodes from Seasons 1-10.

Until Memorial Day weekend selected episodes were airing Sunday nights on the over-the-air channel Comet. This summer Comet is airing monster movies in that slot; I'm not sure if MST3K will come back when the summer's over. Then there's Club MST3K, which has links to where almost all the episodes are posted online (mainly YouTube). The quality of the video of posted episodes varies, but for some where the owners will never allow streaming or purchase, it's your best bet.

There will be a Season 12. No news on whether it will be on Netflix or somewhere else. For info check the Kickstarter update page.
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