Apocalypse Girl


Hello fellow geeks. For several years I've had an idea in my head. Influenced by Mad Max, Soylent Green, Superman and most of the other scifi films that have captured our imaginations as we grew up, I imagined a story about a failed superhero - an alcoholic (better than Hancock - please!), washed up former golden girl who let the world be invaded and consumed by a species of ravenous aliens. The idea was that her addictions and charcter flaws overtook her duties as a hero and she just let the aliens do as they want. Anyone who knows alcoholics or drug addicts will know that this is how they usually deal with the outside world - they don't care. Anyways, such was my obessession with the idea of an 'Apocalypse Girl' I decided to film it. I've never filmed anything before, but I went and did it anyway. it took me 10 months to complete. Its 10minutes long - but here it is - at the link below.

Please feel free to leave feedback and if it's any good pass it round to our fellow geeks. I managed to hire a very sexy actress and beg borrow and steal some special effects. Anyway its at this link:

I hope you like it!