Season 3 Are Vaughn and Syd really in love?


I prefer to think of Syd and Vaughan as soulmates (at least Jen and Michael seem to be in real life). But, let's face it. No matter how much we analyze this, the truth is that the scriptwriters broke them up to foster continued interest in the series and it had little to do with their real character. It's an old TV formula and how irritated I get with it will determine how long I watch the show.
-Vartan- said:
Ey, guys. I've read all your comments and now I think only one thing. This is not about Vaughn and Sydney. This is about J.J. Now I just realize that it's not that I don't like what Vaughn and Sydney have done. I don't like what J.J. has done. He broke a beautyful thing (I'm still wondering what for) and now it's like...well, I don't how to explain's like a broken vase. You can find all the pieces and you can stick it all, but it will never be the same vase. Can you understand me? And when I think about that, even if this is a TV show, I feel sad.
Yeah, I agree. People say that they wil be together again, and great if it works out, but it will never be the same. The relationship they had will never be back. She will always be mad or at least sad that he married less than two years after he lost her. She will always wonder if he loved her so much, why was it so easy to move on and marry? I mean, I could understand if he got back on the dating horse after she died. But when you are so deeply in love, like they semed to be, how could he marry again so soon. I have no problem with his moving on, Sydney did when Danny died. But he MARRIED! Syd wasn't even considering marriage and it was quite apparent how much she loved Vaughn in the 1st and 2nd seasons. And she still talked about Danny all the time. Even to Vaughn. That was true love. Marriage is not something to be taken lightly, so the fact that he was still in love with Syd when he got married erks me. That is why he and Syd should not even think about doing anything until he comes to a conclusion about his marrige.
But its all up to JJ. He has a plan and as much as I am confused and at times angered by what he does, I have total faith that it will come to a beautiful and rightful conclusion.
But yeah, thats me.
I think JJ did a good thing with the sex scene. Let's face it. While Will and Syd have been mostly just friends, there has always been an undercurrent of a 'little more'. Syd has just returned to find out that Francie is dead, her mother is AWOL, her lover has married someone else, she has not a single memory of the last two years of activities and who KNOWS what she could have been forced to do during that time, Will is in Witness Protection, and Dixon, her ops partner, is now Director and that changes the dynamic of their relationship. EVERYTHING has been stripped away from her. Sex is not always about love. Sometimes it's about being alive and being needed by someone, if only for a short time. Syd needed that connection. 'Course that's just my humble opinion. :smiley:
I know this is probably a dangerous thing to say among all the s/v fans, but their relationship ending was inevitable. If they just stuck sydney and vaughn together in the second season and left it that way it wouldn't be as intresting to watch. Great shows are always about the suspense and keeping you on the edge of your seat. To keep the ratings up they have to make sure you'll stay tuned and watch to see what happens week to week to throw everything off balance. Even if they are meant to be together (please no...sark is way hotter :P), they wouldn't keep them together for good until the last season.


dragoneyes said:
(please no...sark is way hotter :P)
Talk about 'ships based on wishful thinking rather than character basis!


Sex is not always about love. Sometimes it's about being alive and being needed by someone, if only for a short time. Syd needed that connection. 'Course that's just my humble opinion. 

and Sometimes sex is just about two dogs humping!! ;) :eek:

but that's just my humble opinion. :lol: :lol: :lol:
Vaughn and Sydney is one of the best Couples I had ever seen in the TV episode. It was quite a nice episode and I really watching that episode in which they kissed each other.