Sci-Fi Are you imaginative?


Aug 31, 2019
Hello. im feature director in fashion magazine from South Korea. We're writing an interesting article and we find out someone who imaginative writer.
For example, "blood and electricity that keeps people and machines alive. The correlation between these two." Why do you have only one penis?" "Why are human fingers five?" lol
I think a writer can enjoy writing
without any pressure because it is 20 days to write for a size of a4.
We think there's interesting people here, and we're looking forward to it.
Our article likes many stories that have nothing to do with fashion. The more you love one thing, the better.) We are very happy to find this place and any questions are welcomed. our site is and my email
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Jack Hammer

Oct 10, 2019
Funny you should mention blood that keeps people alive. I'm working on a graphic novel where a terminally ill person is infused with nano robotic blood to kill her disease, but instead, the blood transforms her into a deadly being. We've got a pre-launch campaign going on Indegogo. Hope you find it interesting. Might find it fun to be a part of. Here's the link: INVASION NANO SAPIENS - IT COULD HAPPEN TO US!
May 30, 2019
Imagining the animistic possibilities of art and science is the bread and butter of revealence; with the help of Heavy Metal the A.R. App that with specially illustrated comics reveals what the future of interactive graphic novels can breathe into a utopia of sci-fi equations, is by far the best prominent challenge to rock the medium of where creativity in all it’s forms is going and equally important where it came from.
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