Politics Are you worried Bush will invade more countries?

Are you worried Bush will invade more countries?

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I am going to try and keep my own opinions out of this thread but you probably know my opinions anyway. But i would like to try and point out that I dont think any unnecessary innocents should be slaughtered and that includes soldiers for political gain.
the noise the bush administration is making about Iran and the fact that colin powell, a voice of reason, is resigning do make me worry sometimes. but there simply aren't enough troops, so i highly doubt he will invade anywhere else. but then, he's done crazy things before...
at first i thought he might add iran and N.korea to the list after iraq, but then i thought, "no, bush would not be so stupid to invade countries that actually had WMD, cos then they would just fire those nukes at us. it was MUCH wiser to invade a country where there was no chance of retaliation."

but syria could be a possibility. i dunno, with condi as the new Sec of State, anything can happen.
Hopefully not, but something does need to be done about Iran getting nuclear powers. The UN needs to get off it's ass and take action.
Leeran said:
Hopefully not, but something does need to be done about Iran getting nuclear powers. The UN needs to get off it's ass and take action.

the last time the UN tried to do something, the pompous Americans told the UN to sit down and shut the hell up.
What evidence can anyone give us to show that he WON'T? I see the "No, I trust him" option is winning, *shakes head*, I hardly believe anything that comes out of this man's mouth.

Iran is next, I'm willing to bet on it. They're threatening Israel and if they don't attack Iran, we will I'm sure. Bush and Sharon scare the felgercarb out of me seperately, but together...*shivers*
I voted for the "a huge worry" now it's tied with "I trust him."

I'm wondering why he's not ambushed Canada or Mexico, they're closer.
Bush didn't lie...you can't prove it. Plus, are you saying its okay for Sadaam Hussein to kill all those people. Regardless of the weapons of mass destruction or not. Hussein was an evil evil man. Millions died because of him. Shouldn't that be stopped?
Yes, but Bush went to war with the reason being that he HAD WMDs, which he didn't. He went to war saying Iraq was linked to 9/11, it wasn't.

I can't prove it??! Really??! Try reading the 9/11 report, there's your proof right there. Spare me. Oh and I've read the thing myself.

Trust Bush? Don't make me laugh.

Ophelia..my girl!!! Rock on girlie (y) :hug:
Oh so we invaded a country because they MAY have had WMDs and gotten rid of them in enough time? Okay. Bush is a warmonger end of story. All his talk this past week of helping the Middle East Peace Process, he's been saying that since he took office and he's done nothing. As a future Middle East peacemaker, I'd love nothing more than to believe him, but I just can't. He has no interest in peace whatsoever, if he does, he's not shown it up to this point.

When we attack Iran for no good reason, don't blame me, didn't vote for the man in 2000 or 2004, and I've never been prouder.