Artificial Intelligence


. People I think it is possible
. An artificial brain to be made and rest is simple

. It is assumed that the brain is very complex, but according to me it is not such a difficult device to be made, the heart is just a pump.
What does the brain do, what comes to my mind is:

1) By its senses perceives the environment and reacts according to its knowledge
2) Regulates functions of the human body organs3)Process the information it has
3) Processes the information it has
4) Collects information by its senses
5) Remembers
The available technologies, I think, already are capable of achieving this.
I am not a programmer, an electric engineer or a medic, or any other profession, just like other people
Collect and associate things
It will not be a robot, just healthy and immortal 
I hope I have not wrote many fantastic things
It is possible to create a brain to do all those but it will probably have to be very big, if it was smaller (like the size of our brain) it will probably over heat and fry.

Apart from that you have the problem of the brain having a conscious (in other terms morality), if you have a super fast brain that will process everything logically.

The term artificial intelligence reminds me of Matrix, A.I., the robot in Alien and in 2001 a Space Odyssey (I believe the onboard computer went crazy).

Artificial Intelligence is a complicated concept in every sense. I agree in a limited A.I. but no an A.I. brain.
Artificial Intelligence and brain cell devices

It may take a long time before A. I. machines, robots etc. can be produced. However scientists today are seeking other means to create intellegent machines.