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Here are some art related resources. Many are phone & tablet friendly.

Graphics & Pictures | - Portable software for USB, portable and cloud drives
CAD (Computer-Aided Design)

LibreCAD Portable - 2D computer-aided design (CAD) tool


Dia Portable - full-featured diagramming tool
Pencil Project Portable - prototyping and diagramming tool

Image Editors

AniFX Portable (Freeware) - full-featured cursor editor
Caesium Portable - image converter and optimizer
Fotografix Portable (Freeware) - lightweight image editor
FotoSketcher Portable (Freeware) - make art from digital images
GIMP Portable - Photo and Image Editor
Greenfish Icon Editor Pro Portable - icon, cursor, and library editor
IcoFX Portable (Freeware) - full-featured icon editor
LazPaint Portable - Photo and Image Editor
PhotoFiltre Portable (Freeware) - image editing and effects
PhotoFilmStrip Portable - photo slide show creator
PicPick Portable (Freeware) - screen capture, editor, color picker, and more
PngOptimizer Portable - image converter and optimizer
RawTherapee Portable - advanced raw image processor
Smart Deblur Portable - sharpen out of focus and blurry images

Image Viewers

Cornice Portable - image viewer with slideshow
DiffImg Portable - image comparison tool
IrfanView Portable (Freeware) - lightweight graphic viewer
JPEGView Portable - image viewer and processor
XnView Portable (Freeware) - view, organize and convert photos


AndreaMosaic Portable (Freeware) - mosaic image creator
Blender Portable - 3D modelling, animation, rendering, post-production, playback
K-3D Portable - 3D modeling and animation
Fyre Portable - 2D computational artwork
Hot Spot Studio Portable (Freeware) - mix light to create art

Vector Graphics Editors

Inkscape Portable - vector graphics editor

Top 16 Photo Editor Apps for Android
Photo editing on Android is still in the stages where you can do only the most basic edits. However, apps are coming out all the time that add more and more functionality and mobile photographers have more options than ever before when it comes to editing photos on your Android device. In this list we’ll explore the best photo editor apps for Android.

Best Free Image Editor for Android
As smartphones get bigger and better so do their in-built cameras and with the plethora of image editors available for Android there is now no need to transfer all those images/ photos from your Android device to your PC if you wish to edit them. Using one of the great freely available image editor apps you should be achieve pretty much any effect you desire, whether it be the usual photoshop-esque image editing like improving an existing photo by lightning it or removing red eyes or something a little more fun like creating a pop art collage out of a selfie, there is an image editor app on Android to meet your needs.

Free Graphics, Image & Picture/Photo Software Downloads
Image, Photo and Graphics Software
In this digital age, people rely more on their smart phones to take pictures than a regular camera. Part of the smart phone’s appeal is being able to capture and share moments in pictures right away with a touch of a button. It’s probably why there are quite a number of photo sharing apps in the Market.

But what about editing? Surely not all photos taken with a smart phone comes out perfectly. In fact, far from it. A mid-range digital camera is more capable of taking excellent shots compared to a phone, no matter how impressive its hardware is.

A while back, my fellow writer Paul Wilks wrote about photo sharing apps for Android. This roundup, however, will focus more on photo editing. Here are my top 10 picks:
10 Best Free Photo Editing Apps for Android
Camera on smartphones are getting better with each passing model and are approaching the quality of point-and-shoot camera. With high megapixel sensors and optical image stabilization, more and more people are taking photos with their smartphones and leaving their digital cameras behind.

Since most people use Android smartphones to take pictures, so we have listed some free but powerful photo editing apps that you can use on-the-go to take your photography to the next level.

piZap | Online Photo Editor & Collage Maker | Fun Edit Effects & Images
Fun With Photos Made Easy
Photo Editor, Collage Maker, Design Tool

Photo editor | BeFunky: Free Online Photo Editing and Collage Maker
BeFunky. Everywhere.
All the photo editing tools you could want, right in the palm of your hand.

The 15 best photo collage maker tools | Photography | Creative Bloq
The 15 best photo collage maker tools

With this simple application you can easily apply all those little changes and effects to your pictures. Simply load any image on the program's interface and choose the desired function from a quite varied menu: resize, crop, and adjust light and color, sepia effect, black and white effect, red eye removal and a lot more. All the changes you apply are saved on the window's left pane, which lets you compare the original image to the one you obtain after applying all those effects.

In all, PhotoPad is a nice alternative tool to heavier graphic apps when it comes to do some basic editing, but it needs improvement. The program seemed a bit unstable during our tests and showed strange artifacts. Also, some of its functions are not very well implemented, like the red-eye removal tool.

PhotoPad is a simpler, lighter graphic editing tool that lets you apply basic changes and effects to your photos. On the downside, it still requires further development, especially regarding stability and usability.

Open Source Image Editing Software for Small Business
5 Best Open Source Graphics Programs

Free Image and Photo Editing Software, Free Drawing and Painting Programs (
Free Drawing and Painting Programs, Image/Photo Manipulation, Photo Editing, Animation Creation Software

This page lists free programs or tools which you can use to create graphic images, edit pictures, manipulate or modify digital photographs (photos), create animations (animated graphics) and otherwise draw or paint an image. The tools often handle a variety of formats, such as GIF, JPEG (JPG), PNG, TIF, BMP, and others.

Free Graphic Software Downloads; Photo Editing, Vector, Bitmap
Free Graphic Software Downloads

Photoshop Alternatives: Another 14 Free Image Manipulation Tools
Photoshop Alternatives: Another 14 Free Image Manipulation Tools

Hongkiat Lim — Photoshop

Image editing encompasses the processes of altering images. We use raster graphics editor as primary tool to edit a digital image in terms of manipulating, enhancing, transforming, applying effects and filters, and file formats converting.
FreeSerifSoftware – Free Software Downloads
We’ve got free desktop publishing software, free website design software, free graphic design software, free photo editing software, free movie editing software & free panoramic photo stitching software.

All our free Serif Software titles are full versions, not trial software, so once downloaded they are yours to keep forever. Just click on a link below and you’ll be taken to the appropriate download page on

Download Design Software & Photography Software | Soft 32

Free Photo Editor, Free Image Editor, Photo Editing Software, Image Editing Software and Free Photo Tools
Announcement: Photo Pos Pro photo editor became a FREEWARE!
TOTALY FREE - Complete photo editing suite support everything you'll need to enhance photos and create stunning artworks. Photo Pos Pro is a totally free digital photo and image editing software allows you easily create, edit, enhance, print, and manipulate your digital photos and computer graphics, and easily create eye-catching graphics, beautiful collages, greeting cards, business cards, website designs, buttons and much more. We decided to comply with our tens thousands of satisfied users and turn Photo Pos Pro into a freeware

Free Image Editors / Graphics Editors Downloads - Freeware

19 Free Graphic and Image Editors for Designers and Photographers - Speckyboy Design Magazine
Graphic and image editors can help you create beautiful graphics and give your digital images amazing effects, but they can be expensive. What if all you wanted to do was create something simple and basic, would you pay hundreds of dollars just to do that? No, you would not.
In this article you will find a range of Free editors that can be used by graphic designers, photographers, animators, artists and even kids. Some have basic functionality, for the amateur or learner, others are very powerful and professional, suitable for the professional.

Best free photo editing software: 10 top programs you should try | TechRadar
We start off with some of the more contemporary takes on digital imaging, but if you use Windows and you prefer a traditional, no-frills image editor, you'll find those on our list too.

Free Image and Photo Editing Freeware downloads and reviews from SnapFiles