Arts exhibition in the heat


Creative Writer
I attended a cross arts exhibition at my uni today, listened to a few performance, wandered the exhibits form all the arts department degree courses.

When one of my short stories came up on the massive powerpoint screen at the end of the hall I was amused. It was just the covering synopsis and first page worth of the story (which was so much bigger) but it was up there for everyone to see (and a lot of people were astonished to hear in the run up to the exhibition I had a piece shortlisted, can't think why!)

I have to go back soon and staff the hall for a few hours and help clear up afterwards, then attend a lesson and a social group right up to close to midnight, then get back in for a lecture at 0900hrs!!!

I'm totally off kilter as the heat has meant cycling back and forth across town is making me feel like I've been dodging lawn sprinklers of warm water! Hope I don't start smelling......