Asimov's Foundation series terrible ending

So, I just finished reading Asimov's Robots/Foundation series. I liked it very much up until the last two books, which kind of retroactively ruined the whole series for me. The ending was heavily foreshadowed throughout the last two books, but I kept hoping there would be a twist at it would end in an unexpected and clever way. No such luck.

Throughout the whole series I was rooting for the First Foundation, but I wouldn't have minded so much if the Second Foundation won. I wasn't expecting the Borg to win.

So, yea. In the end, the entire galaxy is going to be assimilated into a hive mind/group consciousness that includes not only humans, but also trees and furry forest creatures. And not only life forms, but humans would share consciousness with rocks, dirt, walls, and poop.

Asimov must have been a peculiar guy, since he apparently thought this was a happy ending.