Asteroid collision with Earth in 2029

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Be funny if that mattered...LoL...I got a site on asteroid impacts killzones that predicts the damage after you plug in the weight and density
If i find it I'll post it in this as a reply



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skwirlinator said:
Ok So now it wont hit us? I love YoYo predictions!

First they say that they didn't announce this one right away because they didn't want to scare people like in the past where additional calculations showed that there is not a chance of an impact..... and then a few days later "Whoops, never mind!" again.

Oh, well.... I'd rather that it be a false alarm again rather than finding out that they confirmed it will hit. Besides.... in 2029 I'll only be 59.... that's too early for me to exit! ;)


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killer_kasey said:
see me act geek no the astroid will hit in 2029 on the exact date 3/9/29 3:19 a.m. when were all sleeping yeah thats right death in ur sleep
At least we won't see it coming then and we'll all go peacefully? :P