Atlantis (possible) found again!


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I have reservations until an official scientific paper is published.
As of this time I found nothing on Google Scholar or any of the high end science sites


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Did anyone watch this?
Missed it but I'm sure NGC will air it again.

I'm thinking along the lines of Tim on this one... lately every time an ancient city is unearthed anywhere near water there is somebody proclaiming it to be Atlantis.

Some people just can't accept that Plato's story really is just a story.


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I'm sure there are cities and settlements buried in the surf around the globe. We are, after all, coming out of an ice age. During its peak, the water levels were lower and people built close to shore. We do that now. As the Ice melts the water gets higher.

4000 years ago they didn't build cities very high up. THe rising water levels could cover them easier. Silt then buried them from sight. 4000 years from now, when the ice is all gone and the water levels are at their highest, New Orleans and New Your will still have visible parts sticking up to show their existence.

As for Atlantis, Perhaps there was some truth to the legend but as with all legends its exaggerated. Perhaps a tsunami or the rising tides closed off and submerged a city of great commerce but I seriously doubt they wrangled technology that was very far advanced.
Electric lighting would be extreme advanced technology back in that time. Perhaps, being a city on the sea, they figured out how to harness the waves to generate electricity. Even the Egyptians had batteries.


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They built a new estate at Barlby (near Selby, North Yorkshire) on a flood plain. The architects said it'd never flood. Then the world situation changed and a classmate of mine, in her very first house, discovered that the river level suddenly up to the 2nd storey of the house wasn't quite conducive to living normally.