Atomic Age Cinema Preview

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Atomic Age Cinema Preview

Here's a cool video of Bloomington, Indiana's local Atomic Age Cinema late-night horror show hosts: Doctor Calamari and Baron Mardi. Every Saturday at midnight these two gruesome ghouls appear at The Cinemat to present another cheesy, godawful horror movie. It's a great show and a great deal for only $3 a ticket, sponsored by Cinephile Film Arts, a not-for-profit organization that promotes independent film making here in south-central Indiana, and which also sponsors the ultimate horror film festival, The Dark Carnival.

And for kids of all ages, Atomic Age Cinema also has a 3 p.m. Saturday afternoon matinee of classic cartoons and old-time serials, hosted by The Kick, Bloomington's one-and-only superhero sidekick. This is a really fun show with features like Lancelot Link - Secret Chimp, Betty Boop, Popeye, Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, Lolick and Bolick (from Poland), and lots more. The popcorn is fresh, the cartoons are wonderful, and going downtown to see the show is always fun!


If you're in Bloomington, don't miss a chance to see the Atomic Age Cinema shows at The Cinemat, 4th St. and Walnut, just south of the downtown square.

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