Australian Addicts 5


Jun 30, 2004
Sydney, 'STRAYA!!!
Hello all,

I'm Sage, one of the many strange Aussies on this forum, here to introduce the new Aussie Addicts thread. This is the first Aussie thread since... the last one.

Aussie Addicts 4

Aussie Addicts 3

Aussie Addicts 2

Aussie Addicts 1

The list....

List Of Members:
1. PsychicAgent
2. alterego
3. Mountaineer*
4. AussieAlias
5. Frogboy Lives
6. Agent Kernaghan
7. Little Miss Alias
8. nattie700
9. FuNnYcHiCkEn
10. pacemaker
11. anji_alias
12. Legolasette
13. alias_freak69
14. Intel
15. aliasbub
16. no1secretagent
17. sexy_CIA_agent
18. SYDNeY_BRiSToW_1704
19. riSa
20. LilYani
21. wendle
22. jess
23. Gendo
24. norz
25. kick_ass
26. alias_mvjg
27. Danielle
28. aliasbristow99
29. allykins
30. DoubleJ
31. Jenni
32. sYd_n_vaughn4eva
33. Irina’s_Bodyguard
34. Aussie Alias lover
35. Alias=applepie_and_icecream
36. vaughnandsyd4eva
37. Bubbles
38. StAgEpRiNcEsS
39. Sagerian
40. aliasfanjay
41. Joey’s Pizza?
42. winter_snow
43. !n@$en+
44. Hired-Goon
45. Monstica
46. ams4alias
47. JayJay04
48. gucci_94
49. bella blu
50. winter_snow
51. syd_kicks_serious_ass
52. Natalia
53. Dani 22 01 1979
54. Jesse26
55. Wild_Child
56. Kellsawells
57. vaughnroxmysox
58. ALIAS_chick
59. sarks_princess
60. a little misguided

Enjoy, and yes I did promise to finish "Falling Down II: Fall Harder" (The Channel 7 Fan Fic) in exchange for doing the honours of opening this thread. So I best get cracking.
Jul 6, 2005
Melbourne, Australia
I shall be waiting for your ch7 story, sounds very interesting. He he.. just reminds me when u were talking about Mel Doyle, did anyone see her ages ago when audio slave were touring Aus? She cringed and said that the band was too hard rock for her :blink: Ummm... she has to be joking right?! Every time I see her on tv it just reminds me of that, he he...


Jun 30, 2004
Sydney, 'STRAYA!!!
Bugger.. Well there's no backing out now I guess.

Hehe yeah Nat for sure. She does that sorta thing all the time, she's really out of touch..

...Looks good in stockings but.


Jan 16, 2005
luce old thread said:
Baha rotflmao.gif Boston Legal....... CRAPOLA!
I like that show, glad its coming back this week down here! :D

The Apprentice, now theres a felgercarb show!
You cant even tell what season it is, its all the same :LOL:
Jul 6, 2005
Melbourne, Australia
Out of touch is putting it nicely, a little princess is more like it. I guess she's more of a human nature kind of person, or maybe that's a bit too loud for her taste too ;) Yes, uhuh, stockings, riiiiiiiiiiiiiight :)
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