Reality TV Australian Idol

Title: Australian Idol

First aired: 2003-07-27

Creator: Simon Fuller

Cast: Jay Dee Springbett, Osher Günsberg, Ian Dickson, Marcia Hines, Ricki-Lee Coulter

Overview: Australian Idol was an Australian singing competition, which began its first season on July 2003 and ended its run in November 2009. As part of the Idol franchise, Australian Idol originated from the reality program Pop Idol, which was created by British entertainment executive Simon Fuller. Australian Idol was televised on Network Ten for all seven series, and was broadcast on Austereo Radio Network between 2005 and 2007.
Australian Idol


Ooo :raiseshand: I'm addicted to Australian Idol!

Funny thing: when it started I told myself I wouldn't get so invested in it because I generally don't like reality tv but they're all so talented on Idol.

Did you watch tonight's ep?? I can't believe Paulini's out! I was voting for her! Ah, I'm such a wreck because she has a beautiful voice and I really didn't want to see her go :( Ah well, I hope she capitalises on her new found fame and pursues a singing career.

Any thoughts from other Idol fans?
jess said:
Did you watch tonight's ep?? I can't believe Paulini's out! I was voting for her! Ah, I'm such a wreck because she has a beautiful voice and I really didn't want to see her go :( Ah well, I hope she capitalises on her new found fame and pursues a singing career.
DITTO!!! Im still in shock that Paulini is out!! she has the voice of an angel!!she is wayyyyyyyy better than Shannon! Shannon can't dance or sing! i hate him!

I live near where they broadcast Australia Idol and i usually go to the shopping cnetre near by there and my friend told me she saw Shannon there. ah! she told me he was trying to look the other way becuase so many people were staring at him....the price of fame!

anyways, even this is an old one im anoyed because levi and millsy are out!! they were the bombs! hehehe anyways, i wonder what happened to the pig farmer?!?!
I CANNOT believe that Cosima BEAT Paulini! Sorry, but I can't STAND Cosima! How the hell has she been voted the best female singer in the country!!!

Paulini had such a better voice than Cosima's.

p.s. Go Shannon!!!


imo, Cosima didn't do her best performance on Sunday. Compared to the rest, she wasn't as good and didn't match their calibre. As soon as Paulini walked out on the stage to sing her first song I was in awe - she was so good, she's always able to nail her performances with perfection.

Again, imo, Shannon doesn't suit the Idol image...and let's face it...they're looking for someone who can do pop songs. Shannon has the rough kinda voice which perfectly suits country/rock/blue/jazz kinda music. There's a reason why Shannon's in the the top 3 but I just can't see him as the Idol.

Darn it, I'm still moping about Paulini being out. The public is bonkers I tell ya! She has a more distinctive and graceful voice than Cosima :( Ah well...
I understand about Shannon. That's why I would put my money on Guy, but I just seem to have this crush on Shannon!!! I can see Guy having international hits. And no Paulini's gone (DAMMIT!!!) I think Guy will really win it (if that makes sense). Paulini would have given Guy stiff competition if they were both in the finals.

Cosima had better be going this weekend! Her performances just aren't as good as Shannon and Guy.

BTW, I am the Australian Idol editor at if you wanna check it out! Thanks! And I am not promoting either, cuz that's against the rules, isn't it?!



I was hoping Guy and Paulini would be in the final 2 but that has recently gone down the drain :(

Guy is really talented. Remember the Lionel Ritchie song he mixed up. That was really good. But I still in shock about Paulini :( Darn...

Millsy and Paulini are on Rove tonight which is on right now if you live in Sydney. 9:30 on channel 10
I think everyone was thinking that it would come down to Guy & Paulini, but now my heart says Guy will win, but my head says Shannon will win (as much as i hate to admit it!)
A few things i'd like to put forward...

1) Paulini was talented, much more than Cosima
2) Guy has funky hair & he is, i.m.o, only JUST more talented than Paulini
3) Shannon seems to be the "ladies man" (now that Millsy's gone...he was so damn sexy! :blush:), so that's what i think is gonna get him past the line in the end
4) I'm really starting to question if the Aus. public are voting on actually talent...
I think if the voting was free (it was in the US), I think the result would be more accurate. Cuz my dad doesn't want me to vote because its expensive. But I will vote once or twice in the finale.

Therefore, the contestants that I love (Guy, Shannon, Paulini and Levi) weren't able to recieve my vote because of the cost!

Make it free I say!!!



The voting is free in American Idol??? Darn, Telstra just wants to make a profit :angry: One of the things I'm annoyed by Aus. Idol is the lop-sided voting. There are so many viewers out there who enjoy the show but don't vote because of the price...I think its 55c for sms.

I voted after Paulini was in the bottom 3 with Levi and Kelly, and again on the latest one when she got the lowest votes :( Now my votes turn to Guy because no matter how much I love Paulini's voice, Guy is really good when it comes to interpretation and performance.

I'm going to be disappointed if Shannon wins. I don't want to see the first Aus. Idol to be a guy who beat the rest because he's hot...Idol isn't suppose to centre around that, imo. Shannon is talented but compared to Guy...its obvious that Guy is the stand-out perfomer and has been for quite awhile.

Interesting lil' tidbit. Watched a current affairs or today tonight (they're all the same) about the voting. There was this girl who sent a bit over 2000 sms votes to Idol for Millsy which totals to roughly $1100. I'm wonderin' if my parents will notice that I voted once let only 2000. Of course, her parents cut her off and guess what happens....Millsy gets booted off.

So much for fair voting.
thats just crazy! spending $1100 sms' on Millsy?? thats the craziest thing iv'e heard!i reckon that girl has got problems!

did you guys hear about that theres gonna be a world idol next year?? all i know is that the winners from allt he idol shows from around the world will face off in a compition. i think if guy wins australian idol (which i hope!) he'll have more of a chance to win world idol than cosima or shannon.


p.s did you guys watch rove live last night?? anyways if u didnt, it turns out millsy's taken!!! :(


Yeah heard about the World Idol thing as well and I agree that Guy will be a really good ambassador to show the world the great talent we have here! :D

I watched Rove last night. I was crackin' up at how Rove embarassed Millsy with his raunchy pic in the NW magazine. I agree with Paulini about who should win (Guy) and who will win (Shannon). Ah well...
In regards to World Idol, apparantly, you won't be able to vote for your own Idol winner. I.E we won't be able to vote for the Australia Idol contestant. This is to make it 'fair' cuz of the population differences in the different countries. Like I think I heard this one as an example, there are like, 1 Billion peple living in China, them voting for their Chinese Idol (if they have had one, I'm not sure actually) would wipe out all of the other contestants. Did that make sense? Did I interpret that alright?

P.S $1100 on voting! I would be screaming if I had to pay that kind of bill!!! Rob and Paulini were great on Rove. Notice how neither Millsy nor Paulini said Cosima would win?!!! Hehe!!!
lol...yeah i no!! that was sooo funny.somehow i don't think any of the australian idol contestants think that cosima has what it takes to be the australian idol.

have any of you heard any of the songs on the australian idol album?? ive only heard millsy's song on the radio and its very backstreet boy like for me.
Nah, I haven't heard the cast album. I've bought Rise Up the single, but I don't really feel like I need the album..

Yeah I've heard Millsy's song. It's ok, but I don't think that it shows off his voice skills very well...

I love dots...! Lol!



Yeah I've noticed how no one has mentioned that Cosima will win yet, somehow, has made it to the top 3.

The World Idol seems weird. The voting will be weird. As said before, its to balance out the unequal populations. For example the American Idol would have so much more votes than the Australian Idol because we don't have enough people....a small 20 mil, I think that equates to 1 state in the USA :lol:
Hi! :hi:

I have to agree that I am so surprised that Paulini got voted out, how stupid was that but I dont think that it will be the last time we have heard from her. On the cast album she sings "One thing leads to another" and it is such a great song.

I really dont know who is going to win. I thought Rebekah might have stood a chance but I was wrong about that one. Maybe Shannon but I think your all right in saying that he doesnt have a rock/pop/dance type voice.

But get the cast album it is well worth listening too!

Lucy! :hide:


Whoa, someone voted that much for Rob?!?!! Any-ways.. did any of u watch inside Idol? they were picking songs for the Sixties special, Shannon was the first one to rehearse with John and Erana, so he picked 2 songs, and then Guy came up later that day, and guess what? the song he really wanted to do was on of the ones Shannon already got!!! and Guy had this stuff planned out and everything :( :( poor guy, so he had minuts to try and find another song, which he did, but the song choice was totally coincidental because the contestants didn't really have time to discuss it with each other.
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