Author Stencils

$0 - B


Creative Writer
These stencils are used to create images of important figures in Speculative Fiction.

Download the file and print it out.
Tape the stencil to a heavy piece of carboard.
Cut out the black sections with an xacto knife or sharp blade.
Place on walls, roadways, trucks, or little brothers and create image with spray paint.
For dark backgrounds use aluminum or white paint.
For light surfaces use dark paint.
Be considerate. It is not appropriate behavior to damage private property

er, i suppose it makes it amusing, but we have a phantom stencillery in my city right now, i believe it is a student at our university. we have seen a plague of stencilled animals appearing in random places, getting more and more risky each time.

it's funny coming across one, but i suggest this sort of thing is done on your OWN property (hmm, "little brothers"! not sure what to make of that one though)