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Dec 6, 2004
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Two problems with Endgame:
One they did not get the Soul Stone
and two
Thanos had way too much power to defeat the Avengers.
But... the key fracture is the Soul Stone.

The sacrifice to get the Soul Stone was Not within the parameters of the rules.
In Infinity War, Thanos sacrificed the one he loved to get the Soul Stone.
An act that could not be undone.
In Endgame, the sacrifice was no one sacrificing another but a sel-sacrifice.
Self-sacrifice was not what the Soul Stone needed.
When she pushed away from his grip - it becomes a self-sacrifice.
While it plays to the heart-throb of the audience it betrays the intent of the story.
Everything that happens after that, is invalid.
They could not have all six stones so none of the events could take place.

But, if we assume the Soul Stone event is valid.
Thanos was able to beat off the Avengers without the Gauntlent.
If you remember from Infinity War, Thanos was only able to beat the Avengers using the powers of the stones in the Gauntlet.
So, without the Gauntlent or the Stones, Thanos could not over-power the Avengers in the way that was depicted.
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An Old Friend
Dec 6, 2004
Gulf Coast
Granted it IS a fun movie to watch.
However, if you possess even a smidgen of a rational mind, given, in a suspended belief understanding, there is a bit of rationality that screams "foul" that breaks the disbelief.
I do understand the need to accept what is given.
Most will just take it as it shows but some of us are just not so oblivious to allow such blatant inconsistencies to go unnoticed.

If you think Endgame was brilliant, I wonder if Stan Lee would agree?
It seems like the "Vision' of the Avengers is taking the same road as Star Trek after Gene left the scene?
Shall we be doomed to a faded vison of Marvel that compares to the aleady faded vision of Star Trek?
Where are we actually going?


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Mar 20, 2004
I think it's playing again at the local theaters with extended scenes; I may have to make a point of seeing it, else I'd have to wait for it to hit DVD on Netflix (since streaming will be tied up to Disney's service which I'll likely not be subscribing to).
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