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Today we have merged our sister site, A Walker Bit Me (AWBM), into Cool Sci-Fi. AWBM started life as a fan forum for the AMC TV series The Walking Dead and eventually morphed into a general horror forum. After more than a year of effort into AWBM it was apparent that the two genre forums, one sci-fi and one horror, would be best served as one community.

With the merger it means that more horror & supernatural topics will be discussed in what has been traditionally a sci-fi oriented community. It also means that more time & effort can be dedicated to one community instead of being split. (y)

All of the members of AWBM are now members at Cool Sci-Fi with the same settings and password. If your user name already existed before the merger and your email address did not match then your user name was appended with "-awbm" at the end. If you need any help with your account please let us know.

All of the threads & posts from AWBM have merged into their corresponding forums here at Cool Sci-Fi.

We are still working on bringing over the graphics gallery and the quotes from AWBM.

Welcome AWBM community members, we will make your stay here as comfortable as possible :smiley:

Below is the original announcement at AWBM about the merger.
Kevin said:
I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.

The title is a quote that is often attributed to American inventor Thomas Edison. It is in regards to the process that went into creating the light bulb and his response when asked about the many failures that came before he found a working solution. It is disputed whether the quote can be actually attributed to him but it is still a good quote.

AWBM has gone through a lot of changes over the time it has been around; some good, some bad. All of the changes were experiments to see what works and what doesn't. There is no magic formula for creating a successful forum community, no established rules for what should & should not be done, it is an organic process that needs to happen naturally. Sometimes it doesn't happen.

After finding our own 10,000 ways that don't work it appears that the time has come for us to close up shop. :bandage:

In the weeks ahead we will moving as much as we can from AWBM into our sister site, Cool Sci-Fi. If you already have an account at Cool Sci-Fi then your accounts will be automatically merged based upon your email address so make sure you are using the same email address at both sites. All of the forum content and gallery entries will be moved over.
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This week I have been working on bringing over the quotations from AWBM to Cool Sci-Fi.

Bringing over the table was pretty easy, just a matter of exporting from one database and importing to another. The fun part was cleaning up the data. The user IDs in the table all had to be changed from their AWBM values to their new CS values. No problem, a few queries and some time spent took care of it.

That was the easy part.

The problem I ran into, and the reason you don't see a "Quotes" option yet in the menu, is that the add-on has not been updated in quite some time and it has some issues with the current version of the forum software. It is unknown if the add-on author is planning on an update so it looks like I'll be having to do some tweaks to get running. :smiley:

Stay tuned, the quotes will be back soon.