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An Old Friend
Babylon 5: The Memory of Shadows

(Updated 13 February 2005)

A Babylon 5 feature film, is on the way. The title is Babylon 5: The Memory of Shadows. The film is in preproduction in near London, England. Offers started going out to participants in late January 2005.

Techno-mages will be involved in the story, and there should be some tie to Crusade.

Straczynski had to rewrite parts of the script because of the death of Richard Biggs (Dr. Stephen Franklin).


An Old Friend
B5 was one of my favorite shows and I hated seeing it end. Crusade was getting interesting and went blank. I'm looking forward to this new movie.


Didn't the sudden end have something to do with TNT wanting more violence and sex, and Straczinski saying no? TNT figured to bully him by not renewing, and he simply walked, surprising everyone?

Was it something along those lines?

I miss it too. I loved B5.


An Old Friend
I never did know why B5 went BYE-BYE. I wish SciFi channel would dedicate a day of the week for that series run. They ran the old Incredible Hulk today. B5 beats Bill Bixby hands down!