Babylon 5 Calenders


I was wondering if anyone might have Babylon 5 1998 and 1999 Calenders I might be able to buy !!!:smiley: I would really like to have them to add to my B5 collection!!!(y)
Tracking down 1998 & 1999 calendars is really some dedication!

I have to admit... I had not previously thought of calendars as something to be part of in a collection but I will certainly be taking note now of the calendars when I see them.

Were '98 & '99 the only years for the B5 calendars?
Yes,1998 and 1999 are the ones that I need!!!,I have wallpapers,paper back books,comics,action figures,cards,games,magiznes,all 5 seasons and movie collection,and calanders!!!,I can't help it I love B5,OH if you get the chance I also am looking for a magizne(DreamWatch#30 Feburary 1997),Thank You So Much for your help:smiley:(y)
I'm a big B-5 fan myself. I have all the DVDs, movies, and the lost tales.
The only collectibles I have are a multiple (probably 4/maybe 6 of each(set made)) micro-machines.
No they're not still in the packaging. Same for Starship Troopers.
I did have the calenders (same story as baseball cards), but they are Gone with the Wind.
Yea I did that with my micro machines too !!!,their not worth anything once you take them out of the box ,But who cares !!!,it has been driving me crazy not putting the B5 models together yet !!!!.:smiley: