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* The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5
* (CA, USA, original location of these files)
* (MA, USA)
* (Greece)
* (Sweden)
* (UK)

Multimedia resources / Software

* The pictures directory (or its much slower, but more Webbish, alternate interface.)
* The Babylon 5 Interactive demo for Macintosh and Windows users.
* The Babylon 5 quotes program for UNIX systems; see also its FAQ list. (hh) A Web interface is also available.
* A version of the episode guide for the Apple Newton. See the documentation.
* Various sound and video clips from Warner Bros.' promotions department.
* Some 3-D models, in Amiga "Imagine" format, of ships from the show.

From the horse's mouth
Information from series creator J. Michael Straczynski.

* Digests of JMS' messages (and some other information) from the GEnie, CompuServe, and America Online services and the Usenet network. (lw/dn, gm, sg)
* The JMS answers file, answers to various questions. Compiled from his messages on GEnie and Usenet. (dw)
* The Grid Epsilon log, a summary of the Babylon 5 universe, and descriptions of the show's characters. Somewhat out of date, as it was written while the pilot movie was in production. (pp)
* A transcript of a July 1994 radio interview with JMS. (mm)
* An announcement about Michael O'Hare (Commander Sinclair) regarding season two. Contains spoiler information.
* A list of other works by JMS.
* Transcripts of real-time chat sessions from America Online, Prodigy, and Delphi with JMS and others.

Text files

* Text-only versions of the episode synopses from the Lurker's Guide. (sb, sg, mu)
* The Babylon 5 Frequently Asked Questions list, with its companion documents, the news/schedule file and season-specific files for season 1, season 2, and season 3. (dw) A German version is also available. (tt)
* A quick-reference sheet listing all the episodes with brief summaries. But use the hypertext version instead.
* A chronology of the B5 universe, with and without spoiler information. The chronology has a home page as well.
* Some official press releases about the show, as sent to TV stations.
* A discussion of the parallels between B5's storyline and the works of H. P. Lovecraft. A text-only version is also available.
* A file full of Kosh quotes.
* A Babylon 5 Technical Manual. (h) Also an HTML version and an update covering the first three and a half seasons. (tc)
* The Episode/spoiler list, containing schedule information and some spoilers for upcoming episodes. (ds)
* An episode guide based on the UK air schedule. (ey)
* Digests of the old B5 mailing list. (tr)
* Text-only versions of the episode guide pages from the Lurker's Guide. (mr)
* An early 1993 talk with Harlan Ellison about his role on B5, and other topics.
* A detailed breakdown of the soundtrack CD, as well as a clue sheet to help your local record store order it if need be. A breakdown of the second soundtrack CD is also available.
* And miscellaneous other things.

Facts and Figures

* Production credits for individual episodes, as listed onscreen. (ju)
* Bibliographies for some cast and crewmembers. See also the media list. (tr)
* A brief history of ancient Babylonia, which may have some interesting parallels in B5's storyline. (sb)
* A list of Biblical references to Babylon. (mw)
* A glossary of people and places. There is a more complete encyclopedia as well. (bo)
* The Babylon 5 Actors' Other Roles list. (lw)
* Cast listings sorted by actors' names (plaintext and hypertext,) characters' names, and first appearance. (tr)
* Biographical information about members of the production crew.
* The appearances chart, listing which regulars appear in which episodes. (dh)
* A list of Babylon 5 season-two sponsors based on a survey of four early episodes.

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SB = Shawn Bayern,
MC = I. Marc Carlson,
TC = Thomas Chiverton,
SG = Steven Grimm,
H = The Harlequin,
DH = David Henderson,
HH = Heiji Horde,
Ju = Jackutis,
JK = Jason Kempnich,
GM = The Green Meddler,
MM = Maria Montalvo,
Mu = Matthew Murray,
BO = Brian O'Neill,
DN = Dylan Northrup,
PP = Phil Posner
TR = Troy Rutter,
MR = Matt Ryan,
DS = David Strauss,, REPLAYER on GEnie
TT = Tobias Teschner,
LW = Lee Whiteside,
DW = Dan Wood,
MW = Michele Worley,
EY = Edwin Yau,
MZ = Michael "The Admiral" Zecca,


An Old Friend
Babylon 5 Pictures

This area contains various images from and about Babylon 5. The images are divided into four categories:

Pictures of the people and aliens of Babylon 5.
Outer-space scenes and other effects shots.
Miscellaneous pictures (e.g. advertisements.)
Scenes from specific episodes.

Each of the categories contains its own index file as well as a pictorial index with miniature versions of all the pictures. If you're just browsing, consider downloading the index files first so you don't waste time with pictures you're not interested in.

On the other hand, if you want to waste a lot of time, there is an alternate interface to this directory with inline miniatures of the images. Getting the index file is usually faster, since it's in JPEG format and is fairly compact.

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