Back Monday!


Yep, im goign to be sailing and swimming and sleeping and reading and bbqing, and partying... alll 4th long! ill be having tons of fun to keep me occupied so i wont miss AA that much.. but still tons! If i can get internet ill psot if not. HAve a great fourth and see you guys soon!

i dont even have tv!!! but i ahve radio.. but i will be buying thenext couple of fearless books so ill keep up..

ill be fishing too!

maybe i'll psotr some pics! that woudl be cool! lmao..

have fun! ill miss u sooooooooooooooooo muhc1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


thansk u guys.. i think i m leaving at like 4... pm... i think.. but ill be gone til monday... or tuesday... nothing is really for sure.. we only know we are goign.. lmao!


okay heres a message to some people:

Everone who was in the random thread : Come mr. tally-man tally me banans! LMAO!

Timmy: I'll think avril everday! I ahve to go see LB2! We should go together! I'll email my self to you!

Kristen: I'll miss ya! Hope you ahd a great time in LV!

Vaughnfan13: soon u will be a super agent dont worry!

Vicki and Leah and Kate: Squirrels with Magnets on there backs, doing matrix moves say, i'll be back.. lmao!

oh i am bored very very bored
sitting on a rug
watching a dog
whose watching the birds fly by
once and awhile the dog will bark
and a bird will flutter by
but i'll keep sitting here because
im bored very very bored...

Light Traveller: 99 bottles of beer on the wall.....
Banans and wine!
creepy man = ur dad!

for all those randomers: lmao.. u can check in but u cant check out:

wlecome to the hotel california!!!!lmao!

Intel: I'm still trying to find a good Going under.. dial up is the worst ever!

Tommy and Kara: leg sprouting cds.. thats wherer the squrrels with capes and magnets all strted! with a barenaked ladies cd!

Gogo: Sloane snores... loud! Learn french so u can yell at the angry natives on ur trip!

Leah: Eminem stinks!!!!!!

Marlene: Dont worry the city is nuts.. Let's have some non- bubble bubble ice tea!

Sophie: thanks for making coucou part of my english! lmao! miss ya!

if i forgot anyone.. at all jsut pm me!

Seee you guys! i wont be gone just yet,.. but alter today! mnuhaahahhahahahahah!

im leaving on a jeett....umm.. caaaarrr..
i dont know when i ll be back again
leaving ona j... caarr.
dont know when ill be back again!

lmao! actally i do.. i ll be back monday!

I gotz to getz me some starbucks!


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Oooo I'm inspired! In honor of Chanel...

All my bags are packed
I'm ready to go
I'm sitting here on the computer
I hate to leave AA and say goodbye
But my parents are calling
'Get off AA'
The car is waiting
It's time to go
Already I miss AA and I'm not off it yet
So post me a smilie for me
Tell me you won't post too much
The random thread won't ever let me go
'Cause I'm leaving in a small car
I know when I'll be back again
But until then
I hate to go...


in love
xoxilovevaughnxox said:
Sophie: thanks for making coucou part of my english! lmao! miss ya!
in your vocabulary ?? Lmao !
I see Chanel : "Coucou mom !" "what ?" rotflmao ! :LOL:

Miss you too ! ^_^


lmao! i can see the exact scene... i said that when i came home yesterday she was like.. what the... :wtf:

leah i am so ahppy! i lvoe the song.. i might just ahve to print it out!


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Hey guys! Instead of making a whole new thread, I'm gonna keep Chanel's... since I'll be back the same day, probably. I'm going to my friend's apartment for the weekend. I will be back on Sunday sometime, but I probably won't be on here until Monday. Soooo... try not to miss me too much ;) and have a fun and safe 4th and don't chat too much on here. :D