Bad Girls to the Rescue


Title: Bad Girls to the rescue
Spoiler: S/V
Summary: Three Bad girls come to help capture Lauren and Sark.
Disclaimer: None of the Alias Charters Belong to me they belong to JJ

Dixon faced the room, “It seems that the three who contacted us through various channels have information that could lead us to getting Sark, Lauren and even Sloane, they have worked free lance for many agencies in many countries for years.”

“Why do they want to help us?” Vaughn asked.

“It seems that these three women have decided that all three have done enough hurt, they want them gone, Sydney they have also worked with your mother on many occasions,” Dixon said.

“So what happens now with regards to these women?” Eric asked.

“We bring them in, we make sure what ever they say is true as much as we can and we watch them,” Dixon said.

“What are there names,” Jack asked.

Dixon picked up the remote and pushed some buttons and a picture appeared on the screen, “The Brunette on the left her name is Melanie, the red head is Gabriella and the brunette on the right is Kim, they have been working tougher since Mel and Gaby were eighteen and Kim twenty one.”

“And how old are they now?” Sydney asked.

“Kim is now Thirty two same age as you Sydney and they are twenty seven, there is a five year age gap between them,” Dixon replied.

~ * ~* ~* ~* ~*

Sydney, Vaughn and Eric sat on creates waiting for the three girls to show up.

“Didn’t Dixon say that they should’ve been here at one?” Syd asked.

Eric nodded his head, “Yeah and that was an hour ago how long are we supposed to wait?”

“I don’t know how about a lifetime, after all unlike you well I guess like you we have a lot of enemies and when one of them decides that today is the time to try and kill us makes a little late,” Gab said.

Mel laughed, “And also makes Gabs a little hormonal she has this thing about being places on time.”

“Yeah drives us nuts most of the time,” Kim laughed with Mel.

Gab turned to her long time friends and glared at them, oh please don’t even get me started on the bad habits that the two of you have, and Mel doesn’t even get me started on your taste in men.”

Vaughn watched the girls she noticed the way the one they called Gabs was eyeing up Weiss much to the delight of his best friend, “Ok then it’s time to leave, “ He noticed the way the other two slapped Gabs across the head.
“Don’t even think about it woman we are here for one reason and one reason only not for you to get lucky,” Kim advised her younger friend, “And don’t make me start with the young lady.”

Sydney stood, “Director Dixon would like to speck to the three of you and he the sooner the better.”

The three women laughed as they shared a look.

Eric watched them with an interest, “Something funny?”

“Nah just something that are uncanny that’s all,” Mel said.

“It must have been something,” Sydney said.

“Oh it’s just your take charge approach, your mother often said that it’s one thing she admired about you and your father the way you would take charge, she didn’t often see it in you but when she did she loved it,” Kim said.

“So it’s true, that you know my mother?” Sydney asked.

Mel turned to look at Sydney and then at her friends, all three of them had seen that expression on the face of Irina often enough. Kayta had often told them that Irina looked upon them as her daughter due to the fact that she got Sydney back only to loose her, they had been working on and off with Irina for almost Ten years, “Yes we know your mother, we have worked with her and your Aunt on and off for many years.”

Vaughn noticed Sydney’s discomfit at the mention of his mother, “Let’s go.”

~ * ~* ~* ~* ~**

Vaughn, Eric and Sydney lead the girls into the conference room, Jack, Dixon and Marshal sat there while Kendall stood up, the girls rushed to his side and each took turns in kissing his check.

Kendall looked at the girls sternly and they noticed this and knew that they were about to get told off for something that they had done, it was always the same with him, Kim and Mel took there seats while Gabs stood there glaring at the man that was like a father too all three, “Would the three of you care to explain the little no make that big incident in France?”

“Nope, “Kim and Mel said.

Gab stood her ground, “We didn’t do anything we never do anything at all.”

“Explain,” Kendall said.

“Please how do you even know that it was us, it could have been a number of free lancers that did that job, who is to say that it was us,” Mel said.

Kendall placed a bag on the table in front of them, “the symbol that you put on all the bombs you make maybe?”

“Mel this is all you I told you not to do that but no you had to be fancy about it,” Gabs said.

“You know these three?” Jack asked Kendall.

Gabs raised her eyebrows, “Oh yeah he knows us in every way possible.”

“Do you ever be serious about anything gabs?” Kim asked.
“Now where is the sense in that?”

“Yes I know them and have for a long time, I am the one that trained them but the FBI got a bit too much for them, they lasted a year before they were brought into the Agency and sent out as Free lancers I became there handler,” Kendall said.

“You’re Agent?” Sydney asked shocked.

“Yeah just don’t tell the whole world about it we don’t want everyone to know our little secret,” Kim said.

“Does Drevko know this?” Vaughn asked.

Gab shock her head along with her friends, “She knows that we like her have secrets that we don’t tell each other, she might suspect but she has never asked us outright if we are agents no.”

“That and we don’t mind her she’s pretty nice and taught us a lot,” Kim said.

“So you want Lauren Sark and Sloane and I must say that woman is nothing but a heartless b**** and that’ putting it mild we ran into her in Rome last year and she tried to kill Gab, the stupid thing was she tried to get fancy with a knife and didn’t make sure she was out of the way of Gab’s legs,” Mel said.

“How do you plan to capture Sloane Sark and Lauren when we haven’t been able to?” Jack questioned the girls.

“Quite simple we have something they all and even maybe you still want,” Mel said.

“And what do you have that we might still want?” Jack demanded.

Kim shock her head, “ I don’t think that I like your tone, here we are offering to help and you are acting like you’re the boss please.”

Kendall sent them a stern look, “In there heads they not only hold some very important information but they and they alone know the where abouts of the passenger, where your sister is Agent Bristow, after she was rescued I sent for them and they helped her get away.”

Everyone in the room sat there shocked, that the woman they thought had escaped had been given the chance to escape and by Kendall of all people.

“What he said,” Gab laughed, “Look we want them gone as much as you do, not only for our sakes but we have got to know Nadia over the short amount of time we spent with her, and we know what that bastard did to her, and we want revenge pure and simple.”

“And this time that son of a b**** wont get a pardon agreement I will shot him and the other two before that happens,” Kim said.

“And we will back her up,” Mel said.

Vaughn watched the three of them, he could see that they were passionate about what they did and for a moment they reminded him of Sydney in the earlier days, it seemed that they wanted Sloane Sark and even Lauren alive so that they could pay for there crimes. Because he was more than sure given half the chance that they could’ve killed them if they wanted them dead.

In a way he knew that he was going to come to like working with these three, it seemed that nothing scared them and sometimes that was a good thing, and if the looks between his best friend and the one called Gabs were anything to go by maybe they would think about sticking around.

As much as he loved Syd and loved what she did he knew that ever now and again a spy needed some rest, and maybe this was the chance Sydney didn’t have a chance to know her mother to learn from these three what they knew about Irina and Kayta, because he knew deep down even though it hurt him that Sydney had a right to know her mother or to know about her and her family.



Part 2

“Do you think she really wants to know about her?” Gabs asked as she walked into the kitchen.

Kim looked up from the lap top and noticed the serious look on Gabs face, she knew that her friend missed her family even though she wouldn’t admit it, “I don’t know maybe she does want to know the Drevko’s and if she asks me something I’m going to tell her.”

“Yeah guess that I am going to tell her too, Hey where did Mel get to?”

“She went for a run I think as much as she doesn’t like to admit this she still has a thing for Sark.”

Gab sat down on the chair, “Yeah she really fell for him before she knew the truth didn’t she?:”

“Yeah she did, I think that she’s going along with this because she wants one final chance to end this to get things right.”

Kim closed the lid on her lap top and smiled a sad smile, “You know if they find out about her history with Sark that they aren’t going to like this right?”

“Yeah and that why we need to keep them from finding out about this and also keep Ali a secret, Sark doesn’t know about her and they don’t need to know about her either,” Bri said.

Kim stood, “I’m going to take a run you want to come?”:

Gab shock her head,” Nah think that I might get some work done.”

Kim walked from the room; she and Gab knew that no matter what Mel told them that this was hurting her that she needed to see Sark behind bars but that at the same time she wanted her daughter to know her father.

~ * ~* *~* ~

Kim stopped and drank from the water fountain she turned around surprised to see Vaughn standing there, “Are you following me?”

“No I was out for a run I normally go in the morning but it was a nice afternoon so decided to take a run guess that I am not the only one that thinks this.”

Kim smiled, “Yeah I have been in front of my lap top all afternoon and needed a break, Mel is off somewhere and Gabs wanted to get some stuff done and I needed to get out.”

“Sounds like me I love running in the evenings after a hard day.”

Kim started walking Vaughn was right beside her, “Irina was right about you.”

“What did she say about me?”

“She told us that you loved Sydney more than anything and I could see that the other day at the office, I could see the love in your eyes and the way you watched her when we mentioned her mother.”

“Her mother is a sore subject for Sydney at the moment.”

“Irina loves both her daughters, that will never change one bit,” Kim said.

“How can you be so sure about that?”

“Because sometimes I wish that my parents would do anything for me like Irina would for Sydney.”

Vaughn watched as she walked ahead of him, he knew that there was something deeper goes on her and he also knew that this had something to do with the bond that the three girls shared.

~ *~ * ~*~*~*

Sydney watched as Mel logged into various websites, to someone like her at first they seemed quite normal but when the screen splashed across with the words Project Silence she was puzzled, “What is Project Silence?”

“It’s the current assignment that Gabs Kim and I are working on it was started some years ago, we became undercover agents it’s the reason we have got where we are today. It’s also the reason that we have the contacts that we do.”

“What is your specialty?”

“Kim’s is computers; she can do just about anything with computers. Also hack into just about ever single system knows. Gabs is weapons, give her a weapon or let her hear the click of a gun and she can tell you what it is. And I am the explosive expert, true we can all do a little bit of everything but that’s what we are good with.”

“so you work well as a team then?”

“I am sure that we work as well as you do with Agents Weiss and Vaughn you all have your own expertise,” Mel said.

Sydney smiled there was something about this woman that she wasn’t seeing but she liked her, she gave off some sort of vibe but Sydney wasn’t sure what it was just yet.

~ * *~ *~* ~* ~ *~*

“So why are we here?” Vaughn asked as he walked into the conference room beside Sydney, Weiss and Jack were behind them, they stopped short when they noticed Nadia stood in the room.

“We thought that maybe you all might want to see Nadia as she is going to be our bait,” Kim said.

“Gabriella, Melanie and Kim have explained what they wish me to do, and I have said yes. I wish for them to pay for harm to me. My father he hurt me and wished to work with these two, I do not wish for that to happen, I wish to be safe,” Nadia said.

Mel stood, “We will give you all time alone we have files to go over while you talk.”

“You do not have to go,” Nadia said.

Gab nodded her head, “Yes we do you deserve time alone with them.”

Kim Gab and Mel walked out of the room and Nadia took a seat to answer the questions.

~ * ~* ~*~ *~

Nadia looked up at Sydney everyone had left them alone in the room, letting the two sisters get to know each other, “you wish to know why I did not contact you?”


“Because I wished not to, I have seen our mother she is very nice and she wishes that I be safe, she sends me to the girls to protect she tells me top stay with them that they will protect me.”

“How can you be so sure that they will protect you?” Sydney asked.

“Because Miz Reed tried to attack me at my first safe house, Gab, Kim and Mel risked there lives to save me, Gabriella ended up with a broken arm and Kim a broken leg because they helped me. That is how I know that they will protect me,” Nadia said.

“So you trust them?”

“With my life, they protect me and will continue too and they do not care about the prophecy they are not like my father, they also protect me from him.”

“He saw you?” Sydney asked worried.

Nadia nodded her head, “Yes I was with Mel we were shopping and saw him, he came towards me, Mel got me out of there fast the wound that he has to his leg mel gave him.”

“The last time we meet I noticed that on him.”

“They protect me they also will protect you, they want to end this they want my father they want Sark and Lauren gone, as much for their safety as mine,” Nadia said.

Sydney wrapped her arms around her sister, the woman she had never known she hoped that her sister was right and that she could trust these woman she knew that Eric and Vaughn and everyone else was already starting to trust them she hoped that they weren’t all wrong.

~ * ~* ~* ~*

Gab sat in a chair she looked up as Eric walked towards her, “Hey.”

“Hey it’s almost lunch do you want to get some lunch?” Eric asked.

“Um Eric I am not sure if….”

“Mel and Kim can join us if you want that’s ok with me I was going to ask Mike to come anywhere get out of here for a couple of hours.”

Gab stood and smiled, “Sure thing but Mel is taking Nadia back to the house so it will be just be Kim and I if I can get her away from her work that is.”

“You get Kim and I will get Mike,” Eric said as he walked off.

Kim and Vaughn walked behind the two to a local café.

Kim laughed, “Am I the only one that seems to think that our friends like each other?”

“Nah Eric gets like this when he likes someone and I can see that he likes Gab,” Vaughn laughed.

“So you and Sydney are what?”

“Couple or at least I think that we are.”

“It must be hard given everything that you went through the both of you, her missing two years being a double Agent you being married to Reed?”

Vaughn smiled, “Yeah it was hard but I think that no matter what I will always love Syd and End up with her she’s my life line.”

“It’s nice that you have someone like that.”

Vaughn looked at her and noticed the slight sad expression that crosses her face, “And you don’t have that?”

“Yeah I guess that I do, but not in the same way just for a long time Mel and Gab have been my life line, they are the people I count on time after time, and they don’t ever let me down,” Kim said.

“So you three never thought about ending this thing and settling down in one place?”

Kim smiled, “We will one day but until that day our lives are good as they are right now.”

“I can see that, I can also see how much you depend and count on each other,” Vaughn said



Part 3

Kim sat on the edge of Sydney’s desk, “Is he always like that?”

“Who always like what?” Sydney questioned.

“Your father that’s who, he thinks that his boss and that no one else matters.”

“Yeah guess that he is.”

“You remind me so much of her, that must be hard.”

“Sometimes it is, but other times I think that it’s good. So what about your parents what do they think of this carefree nature of yours?” Sydney inquired.

Kim stood, “My parents are a topic I’d rather not talk about.”

Mel walked up as Kim walked away, “She doesn’t like talking about her parents, she went through some bad stuff with them and prefers to leave that in the past.. Gabs is the same she went through some rough stuff too, but she still talks to her parents. Kim wants nothing to do with hers.”

“Wow, it must be something bad for her to be like that,” Sydney said.

“I think it’s more about the fact that she never did anything that was good enough for them.”

“What about you and your parents, are they happy with your carrer choices?”

“The less they know the better they feel. Whose parents would be happy that you’re an Agent who works freelance for a lot of people hey?” Mel questioned.

“You and Nadia seem to get along alright, and she trusts all of you.”

“Over time yeah she came to trust us, but it did take some time. When we first had us with her it was strange but we got over it,” Mel said.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

“So when do we tell them the truth, tell them everything?” Kim closed her lap top and looked at her friends.

“Telling them the truth now won’t change anything, let’s wait till we get Sark, Sloane and Lauren behind bars and then do it,” Gab said.

Mel starred out the window, she watched as Nadia played with the blonde haired blue eyed girl.

“Mel you ok?” Kim walked towards her.

“Yeah I am fine, guess that on some level I want this but then on another level I don’t,” Mel said.

Kim stood and mentioned for Gabs to follow her, “Um Gabs and I are going out for a while will you be ok here?”

“Yeah I will be fine.”

~ * ~ * ~ *~ * ~

Mel walked through the market; she had left LA some hours earlier leaving Kim and Gab a note telling them that she had something to take care of. She had to give him one chance at least.
She owed him that much.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~*

Kim walked out of Mel’s bedroom with the note in her hand.

Gab looked up, “Hey was she asleep?”

“Uh she wasn’t there.”

“What do you mean she wasn’t there?”

“She left some time last night, pretty much after we took off out for the night,” Kim said as she handed Gab the note.

Gab looked down at the note,” Why would she do that, why now we are so close to getting them.”

“In some ways she will always love him, we knew that I guess we just didn’t think that she would go after him,” Kim said.

“So what do we tell them about where she is?”

“For now I think that we just keep quiet about it and if they ask where she is. Then we just tell them that she’s taking care of something,” Kim said.

“What if Kendall asks us what she’s taking care of what do we say then?”

Kim grabbed her jacket,” We do our best to avoid Kendall till she comes back.”

“If she comes back,” Gab followed Kim out the door.



Dixon looked up as Kim and Gab walked into the conference room, “Where is Mel we need all three of you on this.”

“Kim and I can handle this; Mel is following up some leads right now. She left last night,” Gab sat down.

Sydney looked up, “What’s the information that Mel is looking into?”

“Uh just some stuff for other cases that we are working,” Kim said.

“Your supposed to be focused on this case at the moment not on others,” Kendall walked into the room, “Now would you care to tell me where your partner is, or do I need to guess.”

“Actually Dixon was just about to tell us something that needed our attention,” Gabs said.

“Where is Mel,” Jack questioned.

Kendall looked at Kim and Gabs and he knew the answer, “Assemble a team now I want her back here and back now, and then she won’t be a part of this anymore.”

“We don’t know that she’s with him for sure,” Kim pointed out.

“She has twenty four hours to be back here and if she isn’t then I send a team after her got it,” Kendall said.

Kim and Gab nodded there heads, agreeing with him.

“What is going on here?” Jack demanded.

“Agent Bristow, What is going on with Agents under my command is none of yours concern you will be told if I feel that it’s any of your business,” Kendall replied.

Jack sat there shocked.

“This mission can be done with two of you, but we need Information from Drevko and Kendall tells me that through unofficial channels you can contact her,” Dixon said.

“We won’t bring her in, if this is what it’s for then count us out,” Kim said.

“That goes without saying for all of us,” Gab added.

Dixon looked up, “As much as it pains me to admit this, we don’t want you to bring us in we feel that she can help us with regards to contacting someone that she used to work with.”

“Who is the contact?” Gabs asked.

“His name is Carlo Bendritti, he worked with Irina some long years ago, they worked tougher often till she cut all contact with him it seems,” Dixon replied.

Kim stood,” Excuse me.”

Gabs watched her friend as she walked out then turned and caught Kendall’s eye who nodded his head, she got up and followed her friend out.

Sydney watched them go before she turned back to Kendall, “What’s going on?”

“Kim is the reason that Irina and Katya no longer work with Bendritti,” Kendall said.

Vaughn shock his head, “Why would Irina stop working with a man for that reason?”

“He played Kim she feel for him, and he played her used what information he could get from her about Irina’s operation to use against Irina. It shocked Kim that she could be played like that much like you were played Agent Vaughn,” Kendall said.

“So your saying that they won’t be able to do this then, That Irina won’t do it?” Dixon asked.

Kendall shock his head, “Oh no they will do it and they will bring you Bendritti but don’t worry if there are a few marks on him, even though it happen eight years ago, she still wants revenge.”

~ * ~ * ~ * ~*

Kim hit the punching bag; she never thought that she would have to hear that name again. She couldn’t believe back then that he had played her, true she was still a rookie but she was a pretty good rookie at that.

She hated it, the one man that she had never got over. She had never let any man get that close ever again.

“It pisses you off doesn’t it?” Vaughn walked towards her.

“Yeah but then again you know how I feel, but then again it was worse you married the woman.”

“Doesn’t matter If your married to them, or if your just involved with them the betrayal hurts just as much.”

“It’s what is between you and Sydney, the fact that she can’t no matter how hard she tried understand right?”

Vaughn nodded his head, “Sydney had Noah betray her once she didn’t know the whole truth about him, but she knew that he wasn’t innocent. On some level I think that she does understand, but I was with Lauren lived with her and never saw it.”

“That’s the killer isn’t it that you can live with someone all those days and nights and not see what’s right in front of you,” Kim said.

“You never really talked about this before have you?” Vaughn handed her a bottle of water.

“Not really but then again neither have you right?”

“Nah but Gabs told me that we were a lot alike and that I would find out why soon, you were going to marry him weren’t you?”

Kim nodded her head, “Yeah he asked me to marry him and I said yes I was ready to settle down give up this life, and ever since then I’ve never let anyone that close again, don’t do what I did Michael treasure Sydney if she makes you happy.



Sydney sipped her wine and looked at Vaughn across the dinner table,” you’re able to talk to her like you aren’t able to talk to me?”

“Syd I am not hiding anything from you.”

“But it’s easier to talk to her because you both went through the same thing?”

Vaughn shock his head, “Syd we’ve all been tricked you even too, by your Father and by Noah, you tricked Will and Fran…..”

“But you were married to her and she’s still out there, the people I tricked were for there safety and Noah is dead because he tricked me, and my father we wont get into that.”

“Syd talking with her is good because she isn’t looking at me knowing that she was here all along while I was being played by Lauren, She has her stuff to deal with and I have mine and it’s good because while I talk about what happened with Lauren she told me one good things.”

“What did she tell you?”

Vaughn smiled, “she said that if you make me happy then to treasure you and not to end up like her not letting anyone get that close again, and she’s right you make me so happy and I am glad that I am with you.”

“Are you happy with me?”

“Syd Ofcourse I am happy with you, I’ve never been more happy than the day we started seeing each other again and true this time we have a little more to deal with than last time we were tougher but I want us to walk I want us to talk about things.”

“Are you going to be ok seeing my mother face to face again?” Sydney inquired as she went to move from the table.

Vaughn grabbed her hand and pulled her down onto his lap, “As much as I want to bring her in more than anything, I think that your mother can and will help us and I have to put my feelings aside for the time being for that to happen.”

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

“Julian leave them I am warning you that it isn’t safe for you,” Mel stood as he looked at her.

“This from the woman that left me after she told me that things weren’t working between us why come back now?” Sark inquired.

“Because above anything else I don’t want to see you dead, I never wanted that and if you leave them now it won’t happen.”

“Come with me, leave with me and I will go right now.”

“You know I can’t do that, I can’t leave Kim and Gabs along they need me.”

“And I need you too,” Sark framed her face.

“They are my family and have been for a very long time, I am taking a big risk coming here and telling you this.”

“Leave with me come away with me and I will leave I will get away from this life, your enough reason for me to walk away from this, Melanie tell me that you will come with me?” Sark asked.
“You’re asking me to leave my family leave my life and run away with you, and pretend to be something that I’m not. Julian I am not sure that I can do this,” Mel said.

~ * ~ * ~* ~ *

Kim walked into the warehouse Gabs at her side, Vaughn, Sydney and Eric were right behind them. They stopped and faced the two women in front of them.

Irina moved to hug Kim, while Katya hugged Gabs, then they swapped.

“Where is Mel why didn’t she come with you?” Irina questioned.

Gabs looked up, “Uh she’s a little busy at the moment taking care of some things.”

“She is with him; tell me she went to him didn’t she?” Irina demanded.

“We don’t know for sure that she’s with him…” Kim started.

Katya threw her arms in the air, “Ofcourse she is with him unlike you she can go back to him. You should not allow this to happen.”

Kim shock her head, “Mel makes her own descion I don’t control what she does on this. If she wanted to protect him then I can’t stop her.”

“That is not good enough as the oldest you are to make sure that she doesn’t make stupid mistakes…”Katya started.

“You say like I did then I will knock you down where you stand, we might now have made the choices that you both and Kendall wanted us to. But they were our mistakes to make not yours,” Kim said.

“Enough both of you this isn’t something to discuss now, if you wish to talk about this later then do so Katya now tell us why you are here Kim and Gab,” Irina said.

“The CIA want Bendritti and they are aware that you can help them get him, they aren’t going to take you into custody they just want him, they seem to feel that he can be of some help to them,” Gab explained.

“Kim how do you feel about this?” Irina asked.

“My feelings don’t matter on this I am doing a job just as always and something that I do well is my job as your very well aware,” Kim said.

“Ofcourse your feelings matter this is the man that betrayed you that broke your trust your feeling do matter,” Irina said.

“This is what I am trained to do and yes I might rather that I see him dead than alive but I will do what I am paid to do,” Kim walked off.

“She’ll be ok with this, she might want him dead but if she can uses him like he used her then all the better,” Gab voiced.

“His working in Rome, his been in contact with both Katya and myself requesting to work with us again, he even asked after her too in the messages. One which I’ve chosen to ignore till now,” Irina explained.

Katya stood, “but one which I will take great pleasure in answering now, how are we to work this?”
“Kim will be in the van with Agent Vaughn and Sydney and I will be with the both of you,” Gabs said.

“Ofcourse him seeing her isn’t a good idea at all, she should be as far away from him as possible. I won’t allow her to be hurt again,” Katya said.

Sydney looked up, “When does this happen?”

Irina meets the eyes of her daughter,” As soon as Katya contacts Carlo.”



Gab stood over looking the ocean below, “I am ok she is ok.”

“Which she are we talking about?” Katya questioned.

“We don’t need to be treated like Rookies this is our job and I might add something that we are very good at.”

“But at what cost, you’re good at your jobs both you and Kim more before you’ve cut yourself’s off from everything else.”

Gab turned around, “Yes we are cut off from everything but it’s not like we need much we’ve managed quite fine till now.”

“You can’t cut yourself off all the time you can’t go for revenge all the time either, no one is worth that Gabriella.”

“And you’re telling me that isn’t the motive for you and Irina that revenge doesn’t come into play here?” Gab demanded.

“Nothing will bring him back, I can’t change that for you but I can try and help you get over this as I should’ve many years ago, help you both get over it.”

Gabs and Katya looked out at the ocean both knowing that this was going to be hard.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

“You trust them don’t you?” Eric walked up behind Gabs.

“With my life, as I’ve done many a time before this.”

“Why trust them, you know what they’ve done.”

Gabs turned around, “Yes They’ve killed people, broke apart family, but then again isn’t that what we do every day in our lives Eric isn’t it our Job too do that?”

“It’s not the same thing, this is our job they do this against us,” Eric said.

“I can’t believe you, what you think because they aren’t working to your way that their evil, what about if I said that I once thought like them Eric what then?”

“But your different than them, your not like them.”

“Does the name Alexander Carlo’s mean anything to you?” Gabs asked.

Eric looked up, “Yeah he worked for Irina some years ago.”
“I was involved with him, we lived tougher and it sure as hell wasn’t any part of any cover. I was doing what I wanted. What they wouldn’t allow me to do.”

“Why tell me this?”

“Because Eric I am every single bit like them, and if you can’t accept them for who they are then I guess you can’t accept me,” Gabs walked off.

Eric turned and looked at the ocean.

“She is what you would call hot headed once she calms down things will be ok,” Irina said.

“I won’t trust you, you betrayed my friends Trust and I will never trust you like she does,” Eric said.

“Agent Weiss you do not need trust me, Gabriella knows the truth and yet she does. But what you need to is trust in a woman that in a short time have come to Love,” Irina said.

“What makes you say that.”

Irina smiled, “Because you Agent Weiss look at Gabriella as Agent Vaughn look at my daughter.”

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Gabs stormed into the warehouse and over to the box of supplies that had been placed on the table top.

“Want to tell me what’s got you worked up about?” Kim asked.

“Who the hell does he think he is, we don’t all get happy lives like he did.”

“Let me guess Eric doesn’t like you trusting Irina that much?”

“You know I am falling for this guy like I’ve never fallen before, but he can’t ask me to do this to give away things that are of great importance to me. What if they found out about Mel and her past would he not want her around because of that?”

“Gabs look maybe it’s time that you gave this all away, settled down.”

“Would you settle down, would you let everything that you’ve worked for go?”

“Gabs we are two different people, what I want and what you want are two different things. I’ve got no reason to give this us but you do, you’ve got a chance to be happy the one thing that you’ve always wanted.”