Bad news !!

SpongeBobSquarePants said:
nance said:
kay said:
nance said:
Maggie Gyllenhal?? Ewwww. :mellow:
sorry...but who is maggie gyllenhal? :thinking:
well i saw her in "Mona Lisa Smile" and baaah she's terrible

Maggie's a great actress who's recieved critical praise.
I saw her on a few talk shows and she's cool :cool:

ok..i haven't really seen the monalisa smile can't really tell how she is, at least, to me... :D
anyways, thanks!
Varya said:
That sucks! I was looking forward to seeing Jen expand her acting skills and do a film that is a little darker. Oh well.
ditto...i was looking forward to this one.

I don't mind Maggie Gyllenhal either, Spongy...I enjoyed her in Mona Lisa Smile and Secretary (even though was probably the most messed up movie ever!)...but that's just me!! :rolleyes: