Badly written book sells too


An Old Friend
excerpt from entry
It appears that this is a test of vanity publishers. Apearantly the book is so badly written it is amusing and is selling briskly at non-vanity publishing tool


Creative Writer
the downloadable first page from chapter one is BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!


Atlanta Nights
Travis Tea

Chapter 1

Whispering voices.
Pain. Pain. Pain.
Need pee—new pain—what are they sticking in me? . . .
Whispering voices.
“As you know, Nurse Eastman, the government spooks controlling this hospital will not permit me to give this patient the care I think he needs.”
“Yes, doctor.” The voice was breathy, sweet, so sweet and sexy.
“We will therefore just monitor his sign’s. Serious trauma like this patient suffered requires extra care, but the rich patsies controlling the hospital will make certain I cannot try any of my new treatments on him.”
“Yes, doctor.” That voice was soooo sexy!
Bruce didn’t care about treatments. He cared about pain, and he cared about that voice, because when he heard the voice, the pain went away, just for a few seconds, like.


Creative Writer
in a way the theme of writing reminds me of books i've read, comedy scifi. theres one that comes to mind i just called Starship Titanic, by Douglas Adams


with a script designed to mess with your mind, the characters all need shooting at one point or other