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Is there any way to track banned members by the IP address to prevent some of these spammers from returning?

King Kovifor

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Only moderators can see IPs so we will check if you believe someone was banned. So members can't track it unless you remember email address or messanger names. Or any other identifying mark.


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Just seems like there has been a rash recently and it could be one member over and over using different names...


Code Monkey
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skwirlinator said:
Just seems like there has been a rash recently and it could be one member over and over using different names...
For the good & the bad it looks like is just showing up on more radar blips. :)


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Hi RenderKing Fisk!

Your site is huge! I plugged that right into my History bookmark folder, Thank you

At the top of the page you will see a link to the home page, On there at the top left are the section of cool scifi and I think I remember seeing a banner statement somewhere. Kevin will direct you when he sees that you joined and reads this post anyway.

I like it here I hope you do too.

Ever heard of Stanislaw Lem?

Official Site

Just found the page: On the home page top left at the bottom of the list it says link to us- There is banner coded there
Alien Soup


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RenderKing Fisk, welcome to Cool SciFi! :welcome:

I'm glad that you found us.... :) Skwirlinator is right, your sight is great reading. Is the 'Fedora' in reference to the traditional style of reporters back in the day?

Renderking Fisk

Fedora Chronicles
KW802 said:
Skwirlinator is right, your sight is great reading. Is the 'Fedora' in reference to the traditional style of reporters back in the day?

Thanks to both of you...

Here's a long explanation... I hope it's worth reading.

The “Fedora” refrence is for a lot of things, It’s a salute to the era when style meant something different, it’s for the Spirit of Adventure during a time when the world was new and the promis of technolegy was endless… For better or worse - what ever the word “Fedora” implies, that’s what the website means.

“Chronicles” is about telling people’s stories - It’s about you having the chance and the place to tell YOUR story. Did you do that was so incredible, that you want to share with the world? Here’s where you can share what you did with everyone. Not just your stories… but what do you think about what’s going in in the world with your unique perspective.

There’s a side-culture of people like myself who are inammored with “The Golden Era…” some still wear fedora’s, some enjoy (read: obsesss) over movies made or about that era, and also love the style and the substance of that era. The idea of doing a news site for those people spilled into other areas...

When thinking back to my mind-set when I started The Fedora Chronicles, one word comes to mind… “Fustration.” And the website was a response to that fustration.

First there’s the fustration towards many of the forums (not this one, obviously) that’s very passive. “I just saw ‘Raiders Of The Lost Ark’ for the 20th time and I just made an observation…” type threads seem to get all the attenion, while someone who actually goes to a place like South America and excapes death while the villiage he was staying in errups in rebelion and writes about it on these forums gets ignored.

- There are a lot of real people who are going on “Indiana Jones” stlye of adventures… but they don’t get the attention they deserve… -

I also wanted to do something that captures the adventure of The Merucry – Gemni – Apollo – era. The era when Space Travel was litteraly about “Strange New Worlds” and survial and not make-believe geo-polical melodramatic soap-opera with people wearing impractical pajama’s.

- Dick Rutan’s Space-Ship-One wins the X-Prize, a science lab develps a Plasma Drive that would elimate the need for chemical rockets, Huygens lands on Titan, The Sprizer X-Ray Space Telescope captures the first light of an Extra Solar World while computer models indicate that The Galaxy might be plentiful of Earth like worlds, and there are some people are oblivious to all this because a TV show is going to go off the air because they don’t know about what’s really going on. The major news out-lets won’t cover this news, so I will.

The events of World War II and that era still effect us today, and yet 60% high school students don’t know who the allies fought in Europe and the Pacific Ocean. If we forget what happened, then we’re doomed to allow it to happen again. The Fedora Chronicles is a means of helping people remember what happened and as a way to honor the heroes who fought.

So, With all that said, that’s what that sites all about. I’ve always been fasiated with the media and from time to time I’ve wanted to start my own news-paper.

There are times I feel like I bit off more then I could chew… but I saw a huge need not being filled.