Battle Of The Warriors


An Old Friend

Dragon Dynasty has announced that it will be releasing Jacob’s Cheung’s 2006 period war epic A Battle Of Wits on DVD September 8th under the name Battle Of The Warriors. The film, starring Andy Lau (Infernal Affairs, House Of Flying Daggers) and Fan Bingbing (Lost In Beijing, Shinjuku Incident) is based on a popular Japanese manga about China during the Warring States Period. Andy Lau plays Ge Li, a warrior defending the people of a small city-state from the army of a nation. The film also features Korean actors Ahn Sung Ki and Choi Si Won, Taiwanese singer Nicky Wu and boasts stunt choreography by veteran Wei Tung, also responsible for choreographing action in films like Zhang Yimou’s Hero, Tsui Hark’s Seven Swords and Gordon Chan’s Painted Skin.
The DVD includes a making of featurette and commentary by Hong Kong film expert Bey Logan. It’s unclear what, exactly, was Dragon Dynasty’s problem with the original title, but given their history it’s no surprise that they’d give it such a bland one that sounds like every other Asian war epic. Still, it's great to see this movie finally get a U.S. release.
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