Battlefield 3

Firstly what awesome forums (Found you guys on the VBadvanced site showcase) a Sci-Fi site with a gaming section :D i think i am in heaven.

Any of you guys or gals interested in the Battlefield series ? i lost 4 years of my life to battlefield 2 lol, and getting set to do it all again when Battlefield 3 is released. Some are saying that Battlefield 3 will be set in the modern era and others are saying they might go down the sci-fi track with it, what ever the outcome i am sure its going to be awesome.

Well im going for a read around your forums this would have to be the coolest site i have ever seen.
I used to be in a small way involved with the Project Reality mod for Battlefield 2 actually. It turned a bland game into something quite exciting till a succession of builds changing things quite a bit removed the fun.

If BF3 comes out BF2 vanilla style, it'll need modding just to be played by those of us who aren't the masses! :)