Sci-Fi Battlestar Fan-Fiction-Short(Cylon Scenes)

Randal R.

Hello everyone,

Stopped by for a reply and realized I have not added this update, but the wip thread is getting crowded
and this kind of stands on it's own.Most of this is in the last update,but this has the Special Effect...:D
Using Cinem4D R13 Studio and Sony Movie Studio Plat.13 and After Effects.

The cylon scenes from the personal project Battlestar 2015 The Arrival.
Created for personal enjoyment and expression.

Chariots of the Gods.Adam's Ark.Saga of a Star World.Battlestar Galactica.

Raider_Basestar.png Raider_Cylons.png Cylon-Raider-Basestar-Approach.png
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Hello Alien Soup People......:D

Am thinking of adding a Plug for the site in the video credits when done....Check out Alien Soup.
--Thought I would update this post today with some video--

Currently-WIP CLIPS

Project Video (currently uploaded)

Many many hours have went into and are going into enjoy if you can.

..And my thanks for Topics/Discussions and replies,they have been insightful.
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