Battlestar Galactica Props Hit Auction Block


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Battlestar Galactica Props Hit Auction Block

Wired said:

Break out your frakkin' credit card if you want a piece of Battlestar Galactica.

Thousands of props, costumes and set pieces from the intense sci-fi show will be auctioned off in January as the series heads into its final chapter.

Serious BSG fans can purchase the little red dress (pictured above, middle) made famous by Tricia Helfer as sexy Cylon "Caprica Six" (pictured, right).

Write the right check and you can strut into the office wearing Katee "Starbuck" Sackhoff's flight suit (above, right). Or how about a full-size Viper fighter plane (below)? It could be yours, for a price.

All this and more will be sold to the highest bidder in January, when the Sci Fi Channel auctions off thousands of pieces of memorabilia from the show that's earned critical acclaim, thanks to creator Ron Moore's gritty, topical "re-imagining" of the original Battlestar Galactica TV show from the '70s.

Since the Sci Fi series has wrapped production on its final half-season -- the last batch of episodes launches in 10 weeks -- costumes and props can be divvied up among the show's most avid followers.

A two-day live auction takes place Jan. 17 and 18 at the Pasadena Convention Center in California, with online bids being taken at the Battlestar Galactica Props & Costumes website.

On Jan. 20, another 200 items will be offered on eBay. Additionally, beginning Jan. 23, each remaining Battlestar Galactica show will include a weekly eBay auction featuring props from that episode.

Some proceeds from the auctions, handled by, will be directed to the United Way charity.

Among the other BSG collectibles up for sale:

  • Admiral Adama's painting of the first Cylon war
  • Admiral Adama's uniform (pictured top, left)
  • President Laura Roslin's desk
  • Col. Saul Tigh's eye patch and liquor bottle
  • Production sketches and set plans
  • Viper helmet (pictured, below right)
  • Consoles from the CIC
  • The Arrow of Apollo
NBC Universal Television exec Stacey Ward says: "We are also really excited to be able to offer both fans and collectors this incredible opportunity to own a piece of science fiction televisionhistory as the series concludes."

BSG fans: What Galactica souvenir do you most covet? Comment below.

Photos courtesy Sci Fi Channel

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