Battlestar Galactica


Did anyone watch it last night, the pilot?

I only watched to see how badly NBC would butcher it and was so displeased with the way that it was edited by NBC from the original Sci-Fi channels showing.
I wasn't to thrilled when I first heard about it and that Starbuck was going to be female. But I was actually very impressed with the remake. I just hope Sci-Fi doesn't can the series like they did with Farscape in the middle of a season.

The following are details deleted from the original airing, and since I have it recorded on my Tivo, I checked it out:

  • the kissing sequence with Six & the officer aboard the space station at the beginning
  • all references to the tinhead Cylons (from the picture of one of TOS machines the officer views to a full-scale Cylon replica & a Cylon basestar in the Space Museum)
  • the walk through of the Galactica as Adama is going over his speech (anywhere from 4-5 minutes chopped right there)
  • Roslin finding out she has cancer
  • Roslin talking to Billy & then crying in the bathroom as their ship heads towards the Galactica
  • the baby killing sequence *this was such an influencial scene to show how merciless the cylons were!*
  • Billy getting lost aboard the Galactica
  • a watered down version of Six's glowing spine (but they did show her back)
  • Kara calling Lee a superior frackhead instead of superior [censored]
  • Adama's speech
  • The fried Cylon in Ragnar Anchorage implying that God no longer favors men and favors Cylons
  • They cut out Tigh's "It's been twenty-something years" bit.
  • They jumped straight from the "three days at best speed" to "Col. Tigh, please plot the jump."
  • Left out Adama's "taking command of the fleet" part.
And they cut out this line:
Adama "What do you hear Starbuck?"
Starbuck "Nothin but the rain"
Adama "Grab your gun and bring in the cat"


I'm pretty sure there is more considering the original is 3 hours long and they had 45 minutes of commercials. So 45 minutes of scenes cut.

BTW, from what i've heard, the DVD you can buy from Sci-Fi has about 20 minutes of additional footage. Hmmmm...


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[img2=left][/img2]I'm surprised at some of those edits. The references to religion being removed isn't surprising but some of the others don't make too much sense. My only guess is that there were done to help get the running time trimmed down (more room for commercials then). You've got me curious about picking up a copy of the DVD now -- according to Amazon there are deleted scenes on the disc. This Friday I'm really looking forward to the US series premier -- I didn't realize that the series premiered earlier in the UK and they are already up to episode 10 or so! Some early reviews of the episodes aired so far seem optimistic about the direction the show is taking.

Thanks for taking the time to write up the list of discrepancies that you found! Long term I wonder how much of an influence NBC (who owns Sci-Fi Channel) will have on the editing of the series. There is some speculation that Galactica episodes may end up on NBC.


God I hope not...

But since Vivendi owns NBC and Sci-Fi, you never know.

And I am very stoked about the series...


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I had BG playing but I was gaming and I lost interest in it. Didn't see the scifi channel one, I'm not to into series anymore since i got dsl. I have the tv on in the background but i dont watch much more than 2 or 3 scenes at a time.


Censorship is increadibly weak. Especialy in this case. Granted full penetration porn probably shouldn't be aired on cartoon network, but show me an 11 year old who hasn't uttered the word '****' and doesn't know what it means and I'll show you a bubble boy. Censorship protects no one, from anything. Its a blatent attempt at controling language, and consequently ideas. A very dangerous precident. :(