Batwoman (The CW, 2019-)


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Mar 20, 2004
Well, this is a bit of a surprise. Actress/model Ruby Rose will be leaving CW's Batwoman after just one season. She was originally cast in the character during the 2018 CW 'cross-over' episodes and was later given her own show as the title character. The show has been a bit divisive among 'Bat' fans and while Rose released an announcement saying that it was her choice to leave the show it wouldn't be surprising if it wasn't a "mutual" decision. The role will be recast for S2 which is bit of good news/bad news in that if you like the show it means there's a S2 but it won't be the same.

Personally I'm a bit neutral about it. The premise was good and having Batman and the 'Bat family' officially in the CW Arrowverse opened the door for a lot of possibilities story wise but... the entire first season of Batwoman was one drawn-out slow burn of a story about Alice. The show could have just easily have been called "Alice in Wonderland" with Batwoman as a recurring character and it would've been the same watching it. Most episodes had nothing to do with "Batwoman" and, if the violence was drawn back, could've been a Lifetime channel show about a woman with a tragic background whose mental instability is permanently damaged when she realizes that reconciliation with her extremely dysfunctional family is impossible. If S2 happens it'll be interesting if nothing else to see what direction the show takes with a reboot.

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