Behold My Heart

Taking things slow will be better.
Michael did move too fast with his declaration of love. He should have waited for more signs from Sydney that she returned the feelings.

I'm glad she went back and they were able to acknowledge their feelings.


Good thing Sydney came back and told Michael that she has feelings for him too, otherwise being best man and maid of honor at the wedding would be very awkard for the two of them.

Chapter 17

For the next four months, Sydney and Michael were able to keep their relationship with each other at a low level and they were able to enjoy each other's company without anyone else bothering them or asking them any questions.

Even Nadia and Eric didn't know that they were a couple and even though it was hard to maintain their act as just friends whenever they had to prepare the wedding together with them, they had succeeded so far in keeping their relationship a secret.

Almost five months into their relationship, Sydney got a call from her mother where she was asked to come to her mother's birthday party.

"Hey mom."
"Hey sweetie."
"So I was wondering if you were free this Saturday because I would like you to come to my birthday party."
"Yeah, I'm free."
"Oh good, so what about three o'clock?"
"I'm glad you can come because Nadia and Eric will be there too and it's nice to have the entire family together."
"Oh uhm mom, would it be okay for me to bring someone?"
"Sure, who will you be taking with you?"
"My boyfriend actually."
"Your..uhm, boyfriend?"
"I didn't know you were seeing someone."
"Well no one did actually."
"So who is he?"
"You'll see on Saturday mom."
"Oh okay then, I'll see you then."
"Bye mom."
"Bye sweetie."

Needless to say that when the doorbell rang that Saturday afternoon in the Bristow household, everyone was curious as to who she had brought.

So when the doorbell rang, Laura almost ran to the door and when she opened the door and saw Michael and Sydney standing in front of her, she was a bit puzzled.

"Sweetie, hi."
"Hey mom."
"Hey Mrs. Bristow."
"Michael, it's nice to see you again."
"Sydney I thought you said you were bringing your boyfriend."
"That's right."
"So wasn't he able to come?"
"No actually, he's standing right next to me. Mom, I'd like you to meet my boyfriend, Michael."
"Thank God your boyfriend is actually someone we know and like. Welcome to the family Michael."

And when they walked inside the living room and met up with the others, they saw surprised faces but as soon as they got over that, each one congratulated them and said that they were perfect for each other.

By the end of the evening, Sydney announced that she would be making a statement later on that week that she would no longer be an actress but that she wanted to live a normal life together with Michael and that it was time for her to do something else.

Her parents were a bit surprised at the beginning but in the end everyone understood that this was what she wanted and that there was nothing more they could do than to support her.


great chap. I'm glad that syd's family accepted micheal. and she's quitting acting for him, that is so sweet


Everything is falling into place with Sydney. She now has a normal boyfriend and soon she'll have a normal life. Then we can hope she and Michael will have a normal family.

They had a chance to let their relationship grow without interferance from family, friends, or paparazzi.

Sydney's family was a good place to announce their relationship first. Same goes for Sydney announcing to the pubic that she was getting out of the acting business.

Now, all they need to do is get Nadia and Eric married so they can begin planning another wedding.
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It's all working out for Sydney... now we need them to get married... have a very fulfilling honeymoon and maybe (hopefully) nine months later as well as the upcoming years many Vaughn 👶

You know how much I love those kiddoes :lol: :P

Sweet! Great update hun! :hug: cookie