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When my eyesight started to fade with age I shifted from book reading to watching movies and TV for science fiction. Well, I watch a lot of science fiction.

What are the most interesting concepts you have seen in movies or TV Shows?

Star Trek has many interesting concepts that inspire my thoughts.
A few examples:
> The ability to change the phase of a starship to pass thru matter
> Using the holodeck to create a FTL starship drive
> The whole concept of omnipotence
> A place in the Universe that is made up of thought
> Extending life in a transporter buffer
> Implications of time travel
Star Trek's flaw is that it usually doesn't expand on those concepts. They are usually one or two episodes and kinda limited in scope and detail. While there have been some unique alien designs most are bumpy heads.

Even Syfy Original Movies sometimes touches on unique concepts. The movies themselves are horrible works but some of the concepts have merit.

Granted, most of the movies and shows that have the best concepts are taken from the literary works of master writers. There is just something special about 'seeing' those concepts portrayed.

What are some of your favorite science fiction concepts you have seen in movies or shows? Even implied concepts that get you thinking about the possibilities.

What are some old concepts that are done to death but have a 'Best Reference' in a movie or show?

The use of Nanotechnology in Transcendence (2014).
Ancient Technology in Stargate.
Teleportation in Star Trek.
Power Generation in Star Wars.
Beings existing outside Time in Deep Space Nine or Arrival (2016).
Genetic Manipulation in Jurassic World (2015).
Multiple Realities in Sliders or Journey to the Far Side of the Sun (1969).

What are some of the best portrayal of Aliens that do not resemble humans or any Earth-like animals but are truly alien?

The aliens in Arrival (2016)
The Crystalline Entity is Star Trek TNG.
Sand Kings in The New Outer Limits (based on George RR Martin work of the same name).
Alien Queen from Aliens (1979).
Vorlons from Babylon 5 or The Q from Star Trek.

As we open new ways to visualize concepts on the screen we should see better depictions of science fiction concepts being portrayed in movies and television.
What are some of the concepts or aliens designs you would love to 'see' come to life?

The ecological invasion of the aliens in David Gerrold's Chtorr books.
The Moties from The Mote in God's Eye by Larry Niven & David Pournelle.

Imagine seeing a film or show based on advanced techno-mages. Babylon 5, its spin-off, Crusade, Star Trek and Star Wars hints at the techno-mage's abilities. Transcendence (2014) offers a scientific plausibility for fast generation nano construction with super fast intelligent control. A techno-mage that uses nano technology and an AI controller could turn any matter into just about anything he desires very quickly.
The ability now exists to create those kind of effects on-screen.

If anything you want could be made into a movie, what would you want to see?
Some movies that really sparked my imagination and had concepts that i never considered being something before were movies like Stalker (1979) where a man is hired to take 2 men to a location called 'The Zone', where they would find a room that would take any of their wishes and make them true. The path to the room is deadly and dangerous although its just a short distance from where they start. You never see an enemy, you never know anything of the dangers around The Zone except what the guide is claiming is truth about the journey and they question both the legitimacy of this trip and what the outcomes will do to their lives and the lives of others. I found it to be fascinating.


KinDzaDza Where 2 men find themselves accidentally in a whole new part of the universe when a man approaches asking them the number of their home planet and his location as he needs the information to get home with the push of a button. They think he's crazy and dont believe him, and the one man presses the button and they immediately get transported to a random location finding themselves lost elsewhere. Where matches themselves are like gold and a massive fuel source to the local technology. Where men with yellow pants are the highest most respected on the planet, and disrespecting anyone whose class is higher than you can get you jailed for extensive times.

Sphere (1998) was also pretty legit.
And actually one of my favorite ever transitions from mankind to another not man society came about thanks to the Matrix series, and specifically a part of The Animatrix - The Second Renaissance (parts I and II)
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As for stuff you can check out on Netflix that i consider watching Black Mirror (without question), Arq, The Call Up, EVA *high recommended*.

Syncronicity, and Paradox.. also found on netflix.. are time travel based dramas... worth watching for sure.

As for books. Arthur C. Clarke's. My favorite story he wrote is Bicentennial Man. It's mostly because i seriously love A.I.

Some of the shared are something that takes you out of the alien realm, and into the world of A.I. Disturbing mankind in an alien way because A.I. is NOT HUMAN.

Have fun guys. Hope you enjoy what you find out there.
I liked the concept from The Memory of Earth. Where an ancient oversoul computer can "distract" a genetically modified world that is a descendant of Earth in order to keep it from figuring out war based technologies, of which at the time of the story is successful for 40 million years. Eventually, the computer begins to break down at this time, people start coming up with ideas that put nations in positions over others, and the series begins with a few select characters being reached out to with visions by the ancient computer.
I like a few of OSC's works. Ender Saga was the most intense for me. The movie was a good reminder, could have been better tho.
There are 5 books in the Homecoming Saga of which I have read none...yet.

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Star Trek, Lost in Space, Forbidden Planet, Metropolis. I think those shows opened up the doors for new concepts in sci-fi, but also everyday life. Gene, your inventions are being used today. Good job!:einstein: