Best/Worst Guest Star

Please do not say Lena Olin-yes, she was technically a guest, but come on. ;)

I loved Faye Dunway-no, I HATED her so much, she was perfect. I also really liked both Caplans-Mr. and Mrs.

As for the ones I didn't like, for some reason this girl who had a tiny part in Season 2 stands out in my mind as pointless and annoying. The one with the blond hair in the Ethan Hawke episode? She was crying in the bathroom after the whole "pop goes the weasel" thing.

I guess it is an indication of how great the casting is that I can only think of one, and she was onscreen for maybe 5 minutes. :smiley:

What do you think?
Yeah, what was the deal with that girl, anyway? They made it seem like she was going to be a recurring character, and then we never saw her again. Weird.

I COULD NOT stand the guy who played Noah in Season one. I don't know what it was about him, it just seemed so ubelievable that Sydney would have slept with that guy. No offense to the actor, but did it seem like he had some kind of weird speech impediment? What possessed them to cast him, anwyay?
Fave has to be Tarantino - i love him soooooooooo much.
Isabella Rossalina was cool as Katya too and John Hannah in Colourblind

Worst - agree with you guys - Faye Dunaway yup she was horrid to watch - and i also hated Noah - he sucked. oh Senator Reed - he talked like a robot!!!- bad actor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -_-
Yeah really what was with that girl. also thought she would turn out to be a reccurring character but alas no. she was very annoying. Also with the hating of the guy who played Noah. He was just wrong. i cannot believe that syd ever went out with himlet alone sleep with him again. :angry: urrgghh!!

as for favourite , i don't know too many good ones. i loved ricky gervais and john hannah was cool but that's a biased view cos i'm british. ^_^ Djimon Hounsou was good too. as for tarantino, loved the fact that he was in the show and he was cool but he can't actually act that well. in fact he is notoriously known for felgercarb acting bless him. OOh that reminds me kill Bill Vol 2 is out this friday...

Isabella Rosselini (Katya)
Mr./Mrs. Caplan
John Hannah


Reed (pick one...any one) (esp. Senator Reed)
Noah (What was Sydney thinking! He was just plain annoying!)

Sorry if I didn't put the actors names...I just couldn't remember them all.
ooh yeah christian slater and ethan hawke were goooooooooooooooood!!!!! i forgot em!!! :woot:
jems said:
Joyie said:
The worst.... I don't like Peggy Lipton. Uh-uh.
who?? :thinking:
The cow's mother. Mrs. Cow. :lol:

I forgot to list my favorite! Definitely Ethan Hawke, but I'm probably just biased because I think Ethan Hawke is one of the most gorgeous men on the planet.
Christian Slater was a surprice, I hadn't seen him on a screen since I was a teenager :D

I thought Etan Hawk was good, and still cute :P

Othervwise, I love Peggy Lipton, but I'm a huge Twin Peaks fan, so that's probably the reason.
I always like seeing Ric Young. ^_^

Of course, Isabella Rossellini was a good choice as Katya.
I enjoy watching Dr. Judy Barnett... I think she plays a very convincing psychiatrist!

The person I dislike the most would have to be Olivia Reed... ugh... hurry up and disappear with your daughter! :lol:
FAVE...mckenas cole, anna espinosa...hmmm actually most of them, its easier to list the ones i didnt like

BAD: vivca a fox, peggy lipton aka mrs. reed, right? ummm....EW NOAH HICKS SO ANNOYING! cant think of anyone else right now.
Azalea said:
jems said:
Joyie said:
The worst.... I don't like Peggy Lipton. Uh-uh.
who?? :thinking:
The cow's mother. Mrs. Cow. :lol:

Least-Favourites: Peggy Lipton (or Mrs. Cow :lol: ), Vivica A Fox, Senator Reed (Don't know his name), and Noah Hicks (whatever his name is ;) )

Favourites: I'd have to say that Quentin Tarantino! He's so good as Cole, so funny :lol: I also really liked Ethan Hawke, Isabella Rossellini and Faye Dunaway.
Oh, Tarantino!! Of course!! He just plain rocks. I also really enjoyed Gina Torres-she oozes cool. And the guy from Coloblind was excellent, as you guys keep reminding me.

Nick? Yeah-VERY ANNOYING. I agree with all of you-I just don't buy Sydney sleeping with him.
Justin Thereoux and Ethan Hawke (just cause they're hot)
Isabella Rosselini (she kicked ass)
John Hannah (those episodes are some of my favorite ever)
Quentin Tarantino (need I say more?)
Gina Torres (I wish we had more Anna...she kicked ass too)

Peggy Lipton (gah! another evil Reed woman...:o_O:)
Peter Berg (I liked the idea of Noah...just not the voice...a little superficial, I know...)