BF2 MP demo out now!


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535megs of zipped up file giving you the consumer a first look at the game.

Battlefield 2 reviews and screenshots here


all the public ftp servers are full to bursting and my usual public one, Ozfiles, has changed hands and is now an ISP and gaming server provider!!!

the test reviewers have said they were using P4 4ghz cpu's, over a gig of ramsticks, ati 9800pro's for high grqaphics options, so it looks like only really expensive topend pc's are going to see this one looking as it's meant to be (GF2 card owners be afraid!)

some of us JOTR gamers are waiting to see what BF2 will be like, whether it will trounce it, but the original BF needed a lot of patches to even get it to an acceptable level of gaming (which i couldn't get on with anyways)


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Guess my P4 1.8ghz machines are too slow for it. :(

I think it's time I hook up my PS2 and switch my gaming to that platform instead.


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well, it is at the point where all new good games coming out are going to require you to have a minimum barton 2500+, 1gig pc3200, ati 9800pro 128meg. admittedly a gaming console is a lot cheaper, especially if you can buy games that are playable online, but pc's are better graphically and a full qwerty keyboard and decent mouse soon shine over a twin joystick analogue controller with 8 buttons on it!!

pc's will change in about a year, so if you are going to upgrade your pc now, you are going to have to think about 64bit systems and pci-e graphics cards. it's a big investment for a gamer on a budget. however a pc does many, many things. play movies (tvout a big bonus) playing music (leads out to a decent hifi!) playing games (local and online), office work and writing, browsing the web, etc. a games console just cannot handle all those functions and isn't upgradeable. when the new generation of games consoles comes out, the cost of investment in one will probably be similar to upgrading your current pc!! if someone can afford a new console, they can probably afford to upgrade their pc and keep up with gaming.

the single MP map for BF2 is a bit too small and players are already starting to get used to it. maybe too many armoured vehicles in the game for now, graphically it is pretty, i am still trying to balance the pluses and negatives compared to Joint Operations Typhoon Rising (with the Reality Mod) and when a few patches are released tweaking the retail version of BF2 i think it will draw in a lot of online gamers, utterly dominating any online console gaming.


just found a really stupid exploit in BF2.

an anti tanker, seperated from an armoured unit by a wall, can aim in the direction of the armour, jump and see the armour over the top of the wall, fire the rocket and hit the armour!!!

such an annoying exploit ruins any respect you could have for the game. hopefully it will be fixed in the first patch when it goes retail, or even a patch for the demo.

and technically, since it is an exploit, so obviously, it shouldn't be used by any player. using an exploit is similar to cheating really