Fantasy Big Fish

i long to see this movie! i wish i could see it immediatly tomorrow but i cant! :( i love tim burton films(all amazing, eccentric, full of meaning and emotion...all soo beautifully expressed) i always think he displays true meanings of reality through fantasy and love panged with sorrow and grief. Beautiful yet terrifying and startling at the same time.

That is why i can not wait for this movie, i have seen the previews and every time am moved by either excitement, sorrow or love(i love when he cries out "i love you and i will marry you" from the field of yellow flowers)

as soon as i see it i will post! ;)
I saw it and loved it. It reaffirmed my total love and respect for Ewan McGregor. And I thought Jessica Lange acted so well in it. The "scenery" was so beautiful and the whole movie just captivated me. It drew me in and didn't let go until the credits rolled.


Have fun, and no matter what you do, don't expect a serious show, it is directed by Tim Burton for goodness sakes, it is just crazy and weird and fun to watch
Great movie totally worth a watch....Helena Bonham Carter does an amazing job the movie doesnt dissapoint where imagination is concerned Tim Burton is the MAN!!
and Danny Elfman whose done all of Tim Burton scores manages to do a great job once again
I can't even describe how good this movie is. I saw it last week, and I am trying to figure out when I can go see it again. Everyone must watch this movie, or else... ;)
I just saw it!!!!!!!! I HIGHLY reccommend this movie! Not many movies make me cry (for joy), but this one did. The cast is amazing. I couldn't believe that one of my favorite actors (Steve Buscemi) even had a role in it! I give it (y) (y)

Did anyone else get a sorta "Forrest Gump" type feeling while watching it? I know they're 2 ENTIRELY different movies, but I'm talking about the overall feel/vibe to the movie reminded me a bit of Forrest Gump.


ya kinda, I guess. I just thought it was a great "fish tale" please pardon the expression. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
OMG!!!! i gotta see this movie!!!!
but i don't think it's out here yet!!!
ewan mcgregor is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo FIT!!!!!